Freddie Gibbs - Dear Maria Lyrics

Yeah... Yeah
Tryna get my cash up (yeah)
Tryna get my cash up (ugh)

Livin' in the city, when your winnin'
In the city nigga wanna get your glass up
Coca got my cash up (yeah)
Heroine got my cash up (yeah)
Shittin' on the city, when your winnin' in the city
Nigga wanna get your glass up (yeah)

Dear Maria, I know it was like 2010 the last time I had seen ya
Back when I used to hang outside, Actavis in my two liter
40 Cali, [?] pimping gotta keep the 9 mm
Plus I, plus I traded in the black Cadillac for the Beamer
I was trapping out a dirty apartment on Little Caesar's
Damn Maria, can I purchase a brick of yay from your people?
Homie front me with like five
Paid twenty-three for the eagle
Boy I live illegal

See the game it gone never change
See the game, got me everything
See the game it gone never change
Cocaine, Mary Jane, got me everything

Dear Maria, you always kept a young nigga fed
When I wasn't eatin'
Like when you set me up for the lick on them Puerto Ricans
Always said that if I get rich off this shit that you'd be the reason
Always said that if I'm gone jump out this shit that you'd be the reason
Gotta have a type of all type of bitches I gotta feed them
On the late night, with the dick game
Drugs in me got me creeping
I know you love me, know you can't picture a nigga leavin'
I ain't never leavin'
Never No never never say never nigga
Say motherfuck love and stay on your cheddar nigga
I wish that it felt like I had forever with you
But I know one day your gone find a better nigga
They gone wife you up, settle you down, they gone have a wedding witch-ya
I'm just a thug, I'll buy bottles and get a section witch-ya
Maria flip if she found out I'm fuckin' on her sister
Freddie Cane, Dog unchained
I'm just that kinda nigga

Got the game running in my veins
Got the game running in my veins
Blood on my opponent
Don't give a fuck, I flaunt it
All I ever wanted was everything

Living in the city where your shittin' on the city and the city got me blast
I got chickens in the city
And a cousin shippin' with me
Told her ain't no future with me
I'm addicted to this cash
Dear Maria

See the game it gone never change
See the game, got me everything
See the game it gone never change
Cocaine, Mary Jane, got me everything

Never Change
Ooooo yeah
Never Change, yeah yeah
Cocaine got me everything
This shit it won't change shit
Mary Jane, Rick James, Cocaine
Ooooooo Yeah
Rick James, Rick James
Cocaine, Rick James
Ohhh Ohhh

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Freddie Gibbs Dear Maria Comments
  1. teneriffatane

    beat sounding like nipseys

  2. Kenneth

    I adore you - Ms. Wheeler

  3. D Sanders

    Can someone please remake this beat

  4. Timo GoHard

    2019! still here famz

  5. H Reyes

    This song grew on me. Took me a while to fully understand it

  6. Taurean Murray Sr.

    My man killed this beat. Caron’s ‘92 version goes in, but Freddie made it go hard!

  7. Django Fat

    This is quality music.

  8. Smash Diggins

    boi i live illegal

  9. Felix Martin

    Feddie Kane, dog unchained im just that kinda nigga.... best part of the song

  10. veroviewer

    sounds like ja rule lol


    veroviewer sounds more like dmx to me


    don't compare ja rules bitch ass to him

    mister nobody

    To me he sounds like Freddie gibbs

  11. Ashley Housley

    I'm loving this shit 2017

  12. Ash shams Allah

    History in the making!!!!! straight up fire!!!!

  13. Khiry Favors

    Caron Wheeler - I adore you....first heard and only heard this song on the movie Mo Money 1992, you guys probably remember it. Freddy Gibbs and the producers he works with are f***in geniuses. Fire!

  14. Ted Cruz

    Gibbs so underrated it's not even funny

    Harold Fowler

    Shame alot of people don't know of him or listen to him on each of his albums he makes knockers I'm a big Fan Myself

  15. Rehoboam Israel

    I then found another 1 from Gibbs to keep on repeat💯💯🔥🔥

  16. Vad Bond

    sickest song on the album of fire

  17. Jona Jeremy

    Rickk Jamesss,,, CoCaainne..

  18. bm717252

    Some futuristic trap stuff. 😎👍 I like the blend.

  19. Information Sniper

    whatta phucken Banger