Freddie Gibbs - Crushed Glass Lyrics

Diego, roll me one up, my nigga

The future started yesterday, nigga
Every minute feelin' different, I am not the same nigga

I admit that I was timid at a younger age, nigga
Daddy asked me what I wanna be, I said "A paid nigga"
With connections out the pot, I gave myself a raise, nigga
Heaven sent I can't remember the last time I prayed, nigga
So the Devil introduced me to cookin' cocaine, nigga
On the blade, seven days, ain't bathe or shave, nigga
I was thuggin' with my trey eight
Motherfuck a president, I got a Presidential Day-Date
I run a check up like a Chase bank
The police open up the package if your shipment come a day late
I just beat a rape case, groupie bitch I never fucked
Trying to give me ten for some pussy that I never touched
At a certain level, system tried to test a nigga's nuts
Nigga hire like eleven lawyers, had to level up

Living this life, just me myself and I
Level up, you know a nigga had to level up
If I gotta be by myself, I'm a be alright
Level up, you know a nigga had to level up
Living this life, just me myself and I
Level up, you know a nigga had to level up
And if I gotta be by myself, I'm a be alright
Level up, you know a nigga had to level up

The future started yesterday nigga
Every minute feelin' different, I am not the same nigga

Had a baby, now my daughter getting up in age, nigga
When I die I bet she say, "My daddy was a paid nigga"
'Round the world jail system like a slave trade, nigga
Got me in this foreign prison, monkey in a cage, nigga
Bail paid, locked me up for an extra 30 days, nigga
Barely let us use the shower ain't bathed or shaved nigga
I was sittin' in a cell missin' show dates
Commissary late, I'm postin' pictures with the toothpaste
Barely eat the food, stress'll make a nigga lose weight
Enter the mental of a nigga that wish he knew his fate
Shit these bitches do to try to get your cash
Erica visit, can't wipe her tears from behind the glass
Choppin' the porcelain up for years, said I'm suckin' glass
I beat the DEA and the task, now I'm on my ass

Future started yesterday nigga
Every minute feelin' different, I am not the same nigga

Donald Trump gon' chain us up and turn back to slaves, nigga
Got the recipe for dope, my reparations paid, nigga
Feel like that at some point, really I should feel ashamed, nigga
They kill us, we killin' us, but that is not the way, nigga
Money tree up in the stripper club, I'm throwin' shade, nigga
Did destruction on your flow when I paved the lane, nigga
Chest to chopper, blow your chest out where your heart at, nigga
Black Tony, Babyface, better scar that nigga
Sent the hit out, I'm just waitin' on the call back, nigga
Shoot them pussies, burn it up, don't bring the car back, nigga
Gangsta G, I fucked the industry, them crackers say I'm too aggressive
I turned myself into a boss without a fuckin' question
Six whips, ghetto nigga gotta be excessive
I came up on fried bologna, boy what you expected?
What you expected?

Living this life, just me myself and I
Level up, you know a nigga had to level up
If I gotta be by myself, I'm a be alright
Level up, you know a nigga had to level up
Living this life, just me myself and I
Level up, you know a nigga had to level up
And if I gotta be by myself, I'm a be alright
Level up, you know a nigga had to level up

Ooh, I will be alright
Ooh, I will live my life
Ooh, I will be alright
Ooh, I will live my life

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Freddie Gibbs Crushed Glass Comments
  1. Aleckni Rodriguez

    I got this as my alarm clock for every morning, this motivates me 💯

  2. Scimpix Karuzo

    this made me cry

  3. Nexztrah

    Someone said he got the cleanest bald head dood I’m ded

  4. Skully

    Fuck the groupie bitch he never fucked that got him locked for pussy he never touched ⛓ 🚔 ⛓

  5. Tay Mosley

    That beat alone sealed the deal..crazy!!!

  6. Alyssa

    the kinda track to hold you down and get you thru some real shit.. love you Freddie. Thank you ✨🙏🏾

  7. Rxquan N.


  8. Dank Man

    You a real g if you know this original beat by mobb deep where your heart at

  9. Brodii2Raw !

    One of your best songs/videos ever man!!!
    'Freddie is our new PAC!

  10. Jason Moses

    Man i cant figure out who did it best!
    All props!!
    Sade "Fear"
    Mobb Deep . "where your heart at"
    Freddie Gibbs " Crushed Glass"

  11. Jason Escobar


  12. chevy p


  13. Mujaah Balogun

    heart felt song and it's dope as fuck..

  14. Bbonerboy94

    what is that word he uses so often,can somebody explain?

  15. LM ENT

    Relatable this why your music gets me through it all always 10 toes down much love - CALI

  16. Happy Chasers HD

    Is this white sands missile range in New Mexico ?

  17. Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77

    Freddie Gibbs - Crushed Glass (remix) feat. Big Boi of Outkast.

  18. Joaquin Aguirre

    My shit

  19. руслан омаров

    one of my favorite songs

  20. Максим Орехов

    stiell 2pac, Cool!

  21. CoastalGeorgiaScents325 on IG

    Been underrated then, still underrated now.

  22. Level1up Chi_town420

    Fuck wit the lyrics that's how u 🎵🎶🔥🔥🔥🍺💯level up shit

  23. Gavr

    whats this beat from sounds too familiar

  24. Ahzek Ahriman

    Trump will chain us up and turn us back to slaves? Punk ass. Little homie slept through the ninties. Forgot that the prison was filled by Clinton policies more than Reagan's. You crazy.

  25. damperaura

    i have woken up in jail like that at the end of the video and its a feeling that slowly creeps on you that you never want to feel again in your life like how i did i end up here?

  26. max krause

    bruh that first verse tho

  27. Brendan Doyle

    The end clip real af

    Brendan Doyle

    Xcept he'd b drippin orange

  28. David Simmonds

    Still Bangin

  29. Gustavo Escobedo

    Eminem and freddie collab would be too crazy... Both flowing to freddie gibbs flow/style of rapping

  30. hangtime 7190

    This why the meetoo movement not taken seriously

  31. Theodore Cruz

    ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ FREDDIE GIBBS comin hard and real on tha 🎤 mic. ♠

  32. COLD FIRE08


  33. Nick Fern

    Police open up ya package just to ship it come a day late. Y'all just don't understand 😂😂😂 Freddie is so underrated it's ridiculous . One of the realest frfr

  34. George Witt

    Drop me off in the middle of the desert... I’m gone be alright.

  35. Christopher Pennie

    He fr

  36. Aleckni Rodriguez

    The future started yesterday man...If i have to be by myself, I'll be alright....

  37. Cora Lewis

    You Only Live 2wice

  38. Jermaine Coleman

    "The police opened up your package if the shipments comes a day late"

  39. Matthew1981

    have you ever lost a loved one, you'll never understand love til you lost one

    Stan Wogg

    Matthew1981 where ya heart at #mobbdeep4ever

  40. Fjfkfkf Wkekdfkf

    Like 2pac .fredy is a bigg artist

  41. michael jordan

    Firmament sky Glass?

  42. Lucid Jackson

    freddie casuals be like: BANDANA IS HIS BEST WORK DUDE LMFAOOOOOOOOO fuck you niggas

  43. qwertykevin1

    This shit so fucking real makes me wanna cry dam near , just you can feel how much dudes going through and what it took to make a track like this. Real hiphop with never die. "Made myself into a fucking boss without a fucking question."

  44. Lucid Jackson

    this album shits on bandana

  45. Steve Owens


  46. Jesus Christ with a Jheri Curl

    i noticed that Sade sample as soon as the beat dropped. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Umirin1

    im glad freddies status is as underrated as it is. artists tend to lose their originality when they blow up. this is hip hop in one of its purest form. this is raw hip hop!!

  48. peter zwegat

    only gangsta of today

  49. King James' Marj

    It blew my mind when I found out the singer on this track is a woman. The pitching of the vocals had me convinced

  50. Ichigo Uzumaki

    Gassin over tha old Mobb beat. Clean👍🏾

  51. feleque

    Chest to chopper, blow your chest out WHERE YA HEART AT, nigga


    Gibbs got that 1970s hairon flow



  54. John Brown

    Makin' Indiana proud with every bar. #317

  55. Bless


  56. david heiler

    at 0:44 that goddamn dune look like a dissapointed/sad face WTF

  57. edward arsiaga

    People wake up Freddie been in the building. But you gotta find him

  58. Dj Mack

    Still here in 2019 Gibbs that nigha #straightbars

  59. Music 4TheReal

    This is PAC’s brother he would be happy thank you For the truth and god watch and protect your soul your a soldier
    Also Rest In Peace to a brother an urban Legend Nippsy Hustle

  60. ccblingme


  61. S Kestrel

    shit ages like wine

  62. MrBlockett

    GI, stand up

  63. cherskobar skobar

    Imagine pac gonna rap this lyric too

  64. Sunset Vest

    Mobb Deep where ya heart at R.I.P Prodigy

  65. sincityblue03

    “Donald trump gonna chain us up and turn us back to slaves” - Dumbest shit I ever said

  66. Ed Jones

    this niga just done a song where every line ends in nigga


    I bet cant nan 1 of you square ass niggaz can tell me what sample this beat from 😉😉😉😉😉😉 blud a foo fa dis 🔥

  68. feleque


  69. Adir B

    This hook ruined the song

  70. Ben Murden

    Freddie Is The New Pac. Lets Argue.

  71. Constant Raven

    clutch fresh

  72. M D

    this dumb nigga got songs on gta but still that nigga isnt famous smh.

  73. CHIZZO P

    R.I.P. Prodigy

  74. blkspirit blkspirit

    Fav song always besides white diamonds

  75. Nicholas Olaisen

    where ya heart at

  76. Black Gaara









  77. jamhot6

    realest mf alive - straight waking up in the desert in timbs b

  78. Christopher Zegarac

    There isn't anything mainstream or foul about this mf, all hood all heart.

  79. George Platis

    Gary, IN. My families home town. They have a way of producing some bad ass musical artists.

  80. RapExtraDodge Gluten

    A badly One.

  81. Javin Yeager


  82. Masculine Principles

    Gibbs the man. 🎰💪💯

  83. Pinky Jackson

    Freddie just followed be back on insta.. I feel privallaged.. One of the 301 ppl he follows now 😝😂💖

  84. Chris Walton

    Motivation..... neighborhood

  85. Gregg Washington

    Been fuckin Gibbs heavy since a cold day in hell and 5 dead or alive for me

  86. ChapterzMC


  87. ChapterzMC

    Let's gooooooo

  88. Silver Comic/Reoks

    A rap song that is real life story this is real music 🎶 that’s what I’m rapping not those same same rapping about dumb shit or same stupid words new shit hustle words my niggas

  89. Hit The Gas

    He from my town rep 219 Gary, IN

  90. Roy Thompson III

    I hate I'm just catching his music but better late then nv

  91. Roy Thompson III

    This shit hard

  92. PixelPusha

    That's White Sands, New Mexico. Place is a trip, the quietest silence I've ever heard in my life.

  93. Xzavierct

    Im sooooo late just started listening to him

  94. MP13TV

    The midwest Tupac. Bringing G rap back



  96. algerian outlaw

    F Gibbs =réincarnation of tupac، i love him, dope song

  97. rosecrans rosecrans

    Damn Gibbs eased up on these wack rappers nah fuck that keep ur foot on their necks

  98. Piotr Szyda

    As usual great beat, respekt from Poland 💪💪