Freddie Gibbs - Colors Lyrics

Some of the Crips and the Bloods
Two of LA counties most vicious gangs
LA police are getting their orders as they prepare for another assault on street gangs

Yah. What is that? OG On The Blade, you know what I mean Yah
Often times a Nigga had to trip on Bloods and Crips Yah League of Starz Yah
Gary nigga blowing doja, switched it over westcoast
Used to meet my dope plug on 65th and Figueroa
Nigga was an old school IVC
Fred come flip these pies with me
Living that California dream
Delivering dope in that limousine
And nigga was like my pops out here
Put me on when I dropped out here
Back home I know you Vice Lord but them red cars get you popped out here
Out with an all burgundy Monte Carlo SS with the T tops out here
All the fuck boys stay hating out here but these LA hoes on my jock out here
Got a plug bitch fresh out of Inglewood, smoke real good
Lit my doobie with a Jamaican fool
I'm off Crenshaw but don't trip though cause he a '60
And I can still move through St. Andrews
With Eight Tray's like it ain't shit though
I know Hoover niggas I mean Groover niggas that have been down for they kick-door money
I ain't fuck around since I touched down on that westcoast with this shit
Knowin I'm an out of town claim sets I'd had seen death [?] for this shit
You might need a day and get ate tomorrow like leftovers and shit
Bitch often times a nigga had to trip on Bloods and Crips

Color of my dollars they proper that's what I claim bitch
Mobbing in my old school Impala can't eat the frame seat
Niggas on that "Yo where you from and what you bang shit"
Often times a nigga had to trip on Bloods and Crips
Color of my dollars they proper that's what I claim bitch
Mobbing in my old school Impala can't eat the frame seat

Thugs, gang-bangers, and and drug slangers I hang with Yah, G
Often times a nigga took a trip on Bloods and Crips

You must not know no better
Boy this shit is so aggressive
Gang bangers pop out that's how we send a message
Get up close and then you stretch from doing all that flexing
One down now we looking for the next one
Boy I'm balling and banging from Monte Carlos to Rangers in your set
Bang a bitch with a car full of gangsters
It's active out here, it ain't just the summer
This shit be cracking all year boy
And it be Blood on Blood, Crip on Crip
Fucking with it niggas that cut, get you chipped
Them politics real from the streets to the pen
Sex, money, violence that's what make my world spin
If I gotta trip on anybody, for any problems
We gonna get anybody and keep getting dollars
Tell me do you bang nigga? What set you claim nigga?
It's all the same when that.9 go bang

Color of my dollars they proper that's what I claim bitch
Mobbing in my old school Impala can't eat the frame seat
Niggas on that "Yo where you from and what you bang shit"
Often times a nigga had to trip on Bloods and Crips
Color of my dollars they proper that's what I claim bitch
Mobbing in my old school Impala can't eat the frame seat

Four Finger banging
These niggas know I'm a gangster ma
Cap guns prepare me for funk and I like to thank you ma
Your baby boy a fella, these niggas been trying to spank me ma
Gotta catch a body that's how you climb up the rankings ma
Red rag flame game
Head-shot will paint the pavement
Gang related state of mind
I refuse to make a statement
You ain't hanging, gang banging, killers in my affidavit
Tattoos on all they faces, resumes consist of [?]
They cutting from a different blanket, different quilt, different cloth
On the B I got some kiways I could call to pick you off
Free my brother from the clanker, keep your nigga lit its law
We got different point of views because of all the gangster shit I saw

Color of my dollars they proper that's what I claim bitch
Mobbing in my old school Impala can't eat the frame seat
Niggas on that "Yo where you from and what you bang shit"
Often times a nigga had to trip on Bloods and Crips
Color of my dollars they proper that's what I claim bitch
Mobbing in my old school Impala can't eat the frame seat

I'm down for it because I'm a true nigga, a true nigga. I come from the heart
Why Be in a gang, what's in it for you
What's in it?
I mean you get killed right? Yah
You mean some of your friends been killed? Yah
Simple cause
What's this simple cause?
Being a nigga
Going down with the niggas
That's how we feel
We die, it's like we go kill one of them
Till one of them die, because they down for it, they had get took out
They come back and then its a feud till they don't want no more
Til everybody just drop it, but ain't nobody gonna drop it
Bloods and Crips

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Freddie Gibbs Colors Comments
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    His legs are long as shit

  2. Σπύρος Μ.

    Omg Tupac s alive!!!

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    What’s the first beat?

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    The beat switch and the second beat in general are so addicting,

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    meechy darko?

  6. cool beans

    Real niggas dont wear shirts

  7. Sam MacDonald

    My favourite song on the album and beat switch of all time

  8. Jarvis Cooper

    I will never sleep on this man songs agian

  9. thefreshpope

    why he look airbrushed to hell


    I wonder if Freddie Gibbs is a fan of Freddy Briggs !?

  11. Tania Marie

    So underrated

  12. Maryam - Master of Movement

    Intro: depression
    1:36 : sounds like the sun finally emerged.

  13. Halit Gökçe

    Yokmu Kimse .

  14. Its Adin

    This was fire! That beat change and the control of his breath was insane! 10/10

  15. fallenwings25


  16. Tshepo Molane

    Niggas don't understand why I go crazy over this joint. It's just so perfect.

  17. Jhonny Test

    Resucito 2pac mi g

  18. Leo B. Stotch

    Mic check check check I needa check check check

  19. Mikalst

    Tupac Shakur - 2 Pac
    Freddie Gibbs - G Pac

  20. Zachery Santa

    this song is driving through Downtown LA during sunset vibe

  21. Blast 7000

    This is the most horrible bullshit I've ever heard in my life!!!! WTF has hip hop gone too!!!!! Get the fuck outta here!!! Pure Garbage.... Where is my Nas CD. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕


    I just wish he was more popular🙃


    Pac Reincarnate.

  24. Виталик Баранов

    My favorite nigga

  25. xyoungwx

    That beat switch is seamless

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    How the he’ll am I just seeing he did this 🔥❤️

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    That madlib shit at the end

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    This man more prolific than pac

    Petty Pendergrass


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    sounds a bit like meechy darko

  30. Jeff Gorman

    I remember seeing him Live in Chicago at the House of Blues...Cried on stage, performed Pinata before it was released. What a moment, what a show. Love this guy, as real as real gets ...had his uncle up on stage with him

  31. Daryl D.

    Madlib forever

  32. Daulton Giesta

    Mahershala goin crazy on the mic

  33. Leo B. Stotch

    Btw these methods of spitting live in an actual mic sounds crispy as crisp. Concerts got dudes yelling though can’t hear all the quality

  34. Leo B. Stotch

    The greatest color videos tbh. Don’t know literally anyone else but Q. Q should’ve sung a different one though crash attention tales shit

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    If tupac and don cheadle had a baby

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    ¡¡es igual a tupac!!

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    Nigga got barssss mannn

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    Real rappin

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    That first beat is fuckin grimy like some old 90's hip hop shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    One of my favorites on the album

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    Meechy Darko from Flatbush Zombies should do an album collab. They sound so similar it would be Ill.

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    If anyone is looking for the instrumental for the first part click the link

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    Lyrics in spanish, pelease

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    Where can I find more beats like this


    Piñata or Bandana by Freddie and Madlib. Madlib has tons of projects with other rappers with excelent beats

    kook2zz boiii

    Thank you

  52. Cris2 Times

    bruh its so much love on this side for ya. .. still remember that one joint you did with curren$y on covert coup

  53. A. Marchesan

    K. I. N. G.

  54. Dee Vinci

    Tupac+DMX+Patrick Beverly= Freddie Gibbs

  55. Sunny Grimsrud

    Dats dat nigga ❤

  56. tyyahnna

    got a real tupac vibe

  57. In MY Zone

    Bandana is Album of the year for 2019!!

  58. Anthony Harris

    Had to come back to this video after watching his set on NPR Tiny Desk. NPR Tiny Desk and Colors Show are two of the best things to ever happen to youtube

  59. Synester Gates

    Bandana album of the year . Glad to see Gibbs and Madlib link up for another project . the culture needed it

  60. Xan Apex

    Lol that Beat Switch took the Soul out my fuckin body.😅

  61. Killa'


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    shreddie gibbs

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    it’s da lifestyle of da insane

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    Breath control insane

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    when the beat switch tho

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    MURDER. Freddie in his own lane.

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    *Tupac 2.0?*

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    Need a mill come on fam


    Freddie Gibbs needs more attention as a rapper



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    Man his vibe / flow is so attractive

    Cam Bee

    That’s Tyler the creator he’s wearing a hyper realistic mask

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    Love you for this song. Because I’m going through this shit right now.

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    Where the fuck are the Grammy nominations??

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    My G really straight raps for whole songs

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  78. Mike Lee



    Jheez. Where is that second beat sampled from? 🔥

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    this the best nigga on this channel..

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    this MF TOO DAMN HARD!!!!! freddie you got love in LONG BEACH <3

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  97. COLORS

    Yeah, yeah
    Yeah yeah
    Mic check check check
    Uh, yeah, yeah, uh
    Survival of the fittest, my nigga
    Check, check, check
    I need a check, check, check
    Bitch, uh, yeah, uh

    Shit's so real, gotta use fake names
    Every time I sleep, dead faces, they occupy my brain (My brain)
    Erica said I never changed (Never changed)
    Lifestyles of the insane

    [Verse 1]
    You was like a brother to me, no other to me
    Swear I would trade my life for yours, I knew you was fucking with me
    Found out some niggas fucked your wife and we put them bitches to sleep
    Ain't going to say your government, I'ma call him by Ricky G
    Now Ricky G, he had a cousin named Yella with bricks of yola
    Had a Mexican that came 'cross the border to Arizona
    They was getting shit for seventeen
    Tossin' shit to me for twenty-eight
    Bitch go for thirty-one, I barely ate
    Seen them niggas frown when I started breaking that shit down
    Said I need more time with them chickens, I'm out here making rounds
    Jealous niggas want they twenty-eight up front now
    I bought all the damn clientele, we could have ran the town
    But fuck it, you cut the price, then I fly to Phoenix
    Said if you ain't copping like twenty, then, cocksucker, beat it
    They put Yella Boy on the evening news
    Devil on my shoulder said, "Fuck friends 'cause cash rules"

    Shit's so real, gotta use fake names
    Every time I sleep, dead faces, they occupy my brain, uh
    Christina said I never changed (Never changed)
    Lifestyles of the insane

    [Verse 2]
    I done walked through hell in these size 12's
    Speak it from my own mouth before I let the time tell
    Dream team legal, I never take an L
    Courtroom, funeral fresh, Givenchy my lapel
    Pouring up, foreigned up, three bricks, I'm a hundred up
    Jack a pussy, blow his pack, that's how you fuck the summer up
    Fuck it up, bottled up, your hoes fuck for followers
    Vanessas, Carries, tiger lilies, bitch, I'm super modeled up
    Well pimp that
    My hoes twist it fat, she roll ten Backwoods out the zip, yeah
    Pasadena Rena, came to Vegas, it was lit, yeah
    Crystal Lynn came all the way to Denver for the dick, yeah
    Had to cancel my Miami trip, that bitch was sick, yeah
    Put me on, always put me on
    Then labor sixteen hours, need to put me on
    Drop a zone, dope ain't locking up, this shit done took too long
    Shout out to BO and Charlie Mack, man, bring them niggas home
    Most my dawgs got life in jail from conversations on the phone
    I bought my first mansion, told my mama leave that dope alone Forget that
    Used to get ten bricks Dominicano off the lip, yeah
    Put that on my nephew Luciano, we the shit, yeah (Lucci)
    Bitch, I put your pussy in the mail, I need to see it, yeah
    Abby used to follow me on tour, that shit was lit, yeah
    Put me on, Freddie, put me on (She was like)
    Put me on, Otis, put me on

    Oooo gg

    Berlin saaaa

    Katlego Diseko

    Freddie really got me rapping this at 8 am in my bathroom mirror

    Leo B. Stotch

    COLORS your best colors video. Freddie the best artist featured from what I’ve watched. You need more 360 angle shots

    Leo B. Stotch

    Katlego Diseko you’re a goat