Freddie Gibbs - Breakin' Necks Lyrics

My, My, My
My paint dripping wet
Bass banging out the deck
Blaze chopping through your set
Breakin' necks

[Verse 1:]
My Cutlass was on 20's then I moved up and I got them deuces
When I'm at the dealership I hit 'em with a few chips, now a nigga pulling off the lot with the new shit
Benz s550, sitting pretty, see me whipping that
Got dough so you know when I come up on the 650 I might get rid of that
I'm a pop that trunk on an old school dump, get beat up the street
Turn up that bump and blaze that blunt man motherfuck the police
They know I smoke, I drink, when I ride I stay high
I got my town on lock, niggas know that I'm that guy in G.I
That's why my, my, my paint dripping wet
Bumping Midwest shit in my deck
Better keep a clip in the tech and a vest on your chest, never know when a nigga might test
Ain't no slacking on my ends, I want big cream and nothing less
I ain't in the rap shit to make no friends, you want 16 then cut the check
Once I get it we gon' kick it, we gon' ball and make a lot of bread
Roll drop that beat that make 'em brawl, make 'em bobblehead
Hoes break they neck when I'm passing 'em by
Don't trip, your bitch wanna roll with a pimp, I'm so fly, she say my


[Verse 2:]
My Chevy on blades man, I'm clocking these hoes man
Lay that game on they brain, get my change with no shame
I was running these dames way before I could flow man
Easily separate me from the lames and no-names
It's Gibbs ho
Now you want it but you wasn't on it a year ago
Let a nigga hit that from the back, matter fact I'm a bring my friend ho
This shit right here ain't no lie
I deceive 'em and leave 'em wondering why
They say my, my jewels and chrome shoes got 'em breaking they neck
I don't feud with y'all dudes, I got pay to collect
I refuse to lose, lose, and will never accept
That's to the death, money, power, respect
This for them niggas out there rocking and chopping o's
Cocking and popping 4's
Straight pimping and macking hoes
In the back of the fat 'lac on 4's
They coming out they clothes when I'm passing 'em by
Don't trip, your bitch wanna roll with a pimp, I'm so fly, she say my


[Verse 3:]
My Chevy on 4's man, I'm clocking these hoes man
I got 'em breakin' they neck
My Caddy on 4's man, I'm clocking these hoes
I got 'em breakin' they neck


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Freddie Gibbs Breakin' Necks Comments
  1. VenomousStare

    I didnt know I was gonna get insulted from the dude from VIKING QUEST!

  2. ChapterzMC


  3. Paul Graly

    This shit is so undeniably hard

  4. Dylan Zapf

    bro oh my fucking god this slap harder than a bad bitch when u cheat on her 🙊🙊🙊

  5. Dashawn Mitchell

    I love his voice (no homo). It's like everything he says in his music you already know he do that shit

  6. Mario Filizzola

    tapa o ouvido dos seus ovo jhow, esse som é gangsta demais prs eles hahahahaahahahahaba

  7. Vincent Clark

    That flow tho

  8. Ryan Doherty


  9. bobmoore20


  10. Crise Infinita Mc ́s

    Freddie Gibbs true thug é nois Infinite Crisis mc's Brazil

  11. The JBK

    Why do I love this rapper? Because I feel like I am listening to Real rap again!

  12. Gerrit Farley

    This shit is sick freddie gibbs is the coldest rapper doin it right now nobody can touch his flow not even jeezy thats why he kept him on the shelf at corporate thugs he doesnt need to sell out for a major label but I know this is an old mixtape but its def one of his best he just dropped esgn though and that shit is bangin too gangsta gibbs is here to stay!

  13. cedric tata

    dis ni**a da truth!! freddie g da king. fuck da haterz. gary indiana to south auckland.. Baddest.clique. E$GN


    E$GN Forever love from that Ktown Salk lake city utah Beehive gangstat shit

    Andrew Nelson

    Christchurch, New Zealand!!

  14. Alex Ramirez

    Don't listen to doze haterz dis a good song

    Matt Smith

    +Alex Ramirez (El Cucuy710) 412 approved

  15. extremehardcoreboi22


  16. michael campbell

    sound like ludacris?

  17. Lorenzo Reed

    Westside of the G 36/37 219 we in hur!!!

  18. extremehardcoreboi22


  19. TheBlackSuper Saiyan

    Fuck gibbs go hard af

  20. TheMwk420

    mannn after 3 or 4 years of listening to this its still the best out there. gangsta gibbs is the best alive

  21. extremehardcoreboi22

    gangsta gibbs !!!

  22. ojanio

    It's Gibbs, Ho!!! 1:55

  23. Brian Langdon

    He left CTE thank god. recover gangsta gibbs

  24. Greg Jones

    gibbs got a southern flare im digging....real nigga spit

  25. Eyesstaylow

    he should have atleaassst joined TDE

  26. Eyesstaylow

    forealll i knew he would stop flowin like this once he got signed

  27. Clayton Blair

    Always will be my fav Gibbs song.... since he went with jeezy his shit has went down hill

  28. TOPsWaggENt

    This shit fire damn im not usually and to gangsta music but this shit cray fareal

  29. Sara Olara

    wanna hear this screwed up...smokin and sippin

  30. Sara Olara

    same ol gansta shit, but he sound it

  31. SxHxOxRxT

    dont hope that, hope that when he blows he stays true to himself. he deserves to get paid, hes talented as a muafucka

  32. GomezTheGreat40

    Freddie Gibbs should make a movie, that shit would be cray

  33. Ben Jerry

    he looks dangerous lol

  34. tRapdontRap

    .......this guy is amazing...

  35. YourBoy Hernandez

    Whats the intsrumental? thks

  36. ddawg210

    @dajudgementday u must listen to lil b go somewhere

  37. Pawlotscha

    Freddie its my personal music hero from hip-hop artist XXI century.

  38. Brendan Bell

    he's a musical genious

  39. Warwick Davis

    Gangsta Gibbs is that dude!

  40. IplayTRASH

    Entourage brought me here years ago,,,,but i keep coming back for Gibbs.. Glad to see Jeezy recognizes real man you two killkin this shit

  41. scose

    h-town influence

  42. johnny cash

    @Blasfuhmee agreed man

  43. Oscar Gaytan

    curren$y,kendrick lamar, and Freddie Gibbs most underated rappers.

  44. drumm3r66

    This is the rapper that I've been lookin for for years, hands down the best new rapper in the game, he is lyrically gifted. amazing.

  45. badgrl141

    Bout time somebody from Gary came out on some real shit. G.I. till the day I die.

  46. Waleed Khalidi

    Best (alive).

  47. Vic S

    damnnnn flow for fuckin dayssssssss

  48. han jackson

    Gary, IN all day to bad i live in PI

  49. kareem rasahd

    he from GI but this sound so TEXAS i love it we fuckin w you the long way

    Matt Baytron

    Central Time Zone.. Country Rap Tunes..

  50. Nick Hamburger


    Pshh. Tyler and Earl are just a poor man's early Eminem (Slim Shady LP). Gibbs combines hardcore gangsta rap w/ real lyrical talent. Reminds me a lot of Tupac in that way actually.

  51. aap aaps

    this beat is awesome the lyrics are awesome the flow is awesome this song is awesome:D

  52. Kris Jordan


  53. The Real Hardest Hitting 145lber

    Freddie Gibbs ALWAYS goes hard... always...

  54. Gamble

    this guy is one of my fav rappers now.. too sick

  55. ayron walls

    this nigga is reppin my state.. i know those streets.
    im down with this shit

  56. Rickthomas7

    @BlazinBroz freddie and entourage? what's the connection?

  57. Marco M

    isnt it funny how the cover of this mixtape looks EXACTLY like the cover of boosie's STREETZ IS MINE mixtape hahahaha two of tha realest niggas out right now FREE BOOSIE

  58. smoll1124

    @randomactsofviolence his flow is unmatched by anyone tho plus his lyrics arent generic at all

  59. droburna219

    @randomactsofviolence generic gangsta?nigga if you went to the G you would see everythings 100% authentic gangsta shit

  60. 0194D


    Freddie is better than tyler and earl. The stuff I like by Tyler is shit like inglorious, his shit like yonkers is whack(IMO).

  61. 0194D


    His lyrics are about the normal gangsta stuff, but there is a sense of honesty back the lyrics up and the way he words its is more poetic than the other gangsta rap. Truely poetic in a way.

  62. Ameen Massarwe

    @sharpshoota21 dont even mention that bitch bro

  63. Ameen Massarwe

    @randomactsofviolence why u say hes a generic gangsta ?

  64. Elec Hoffman

    @randomactsofviolence if you think his lyrics are typical anything you need to check ALL of his shit out. itsss niiccceeeeee

  65. Brian Burton

    4 people must be gucci fans

  66. cc vera

    @bigron8705 but everybody does that its actually jus word play and its used alot so yeh...

  67. cc vera

    @bigron8705 Unless. When usay vocab umean the fact that they twist words in order to make it rhyme with the punchline coming up? Cuz if it is; then yes iagree ive never heard FG make one word sound like another to make it rhyme with the word coming up.

    Vincent Clark

    He don't have to cuz he chooses words perfectly

  68. cc vera

    Honestly its fuckin funny how much people have nothing but negative comments about rappers they dont like even though ther wher ther at fo4 a reason. Ifucking hate Wayne as uh person cuz hes FAKE AS FUCK AS WELL AS DRAKE but uknow what? Iaint uh hater that cant stand to see someone at a higher level of fame than their favorite rapper so iappreciate the music they make with the lyrics they got instead of baggin on em no matter how good the song er verse is. In reality there is no best rapper.

  69. cc vera

    @bigron8705 Haaa did ureally think ididnt know that? idid it on purpose jus so ugot the point & look you gettn all butt hurt copyn n pastin the def. ahahaha which jus further proves my point. Its a good metaphor is it not? Let me guess, No. It isnt but if FG er Wayne said it; it WOULD BE. Ive ran into alota people like you. For ex: this guys favorite rapper was Tech9 & cuz he was sooo much on his dick he wouldnt admit that Wayne was any good at all! In fact he said Tech9 was better hahahahaha

  70. 187DCAL187

    @MrDollarbill84 no fuckin doubt bro haha no words nessacry gang gang gangsta gibbs

  71. cc vera

    @bigron8705 lol quote "Ur probly one those haters that cant be convinced that they have any lyrical ability even tho they clearly do" unquote. You fall right into that category. Ilike FG cuz his style not his Vocab. it jus helps and Kanye might jus be to good for you to understand straight up hahahaha for Example: "Where im from, the dope boys is the rock stars,
    But they can't cop cars without seein' cop cars"-Kanye. Do uneed me to break that down for you?

  72. boligrapho

    this needs to be known by more people
    i cant believe i just out bout him now
    this is real hip hop
    why is it lil waynes shit gets big but his shit doesnt
    this guy needs more attention

  73. cc vera

    @MrDollarbill84 yall are triipen! how you gonna say kanye and wayne cant rhyme just cuz u like FG better. Ur probly one those haters that cant be convinced that they have any lyrical ability even tho they clearly to anyone that has somewht a good vocabulary...Orrr u might just not have ever listened to any of his non mainstream shit

  74. peterspud1

    haha i dont get why you guys are kanye haters... nothin wrong with kanye.. gibbs is good, but kanye got cuts too.. slow jamz, breath in breath out, get em high, drive slow, heard em say, all falls down.. the list goes on... no reason to disrespect kanye.. sure he's a douche, but he's a douche that makes some good ass music

  75. bob knight

    @rapaddict22 i want this dudes cd wsup

  76. Mike Griffen

    sounds kinda like Bun B

  77. xtremecyraxs

    Can anybody hook me up with the lyrics for this song? I can't find them anywhere.

  78. TheGreatRandyMoss84

    garbage ass video

  79. dylan mccallie

    Buy it Bitch!


    Hope you bought bandana 😎

  80. TheIcantbelievethis

    my power went out when i played this song gibbs your dangerous man, jk lol but your sick nigga look just like my boy marc

  81. NaSarGR

    Just Dope

  82. Zack Andrews

    @rapaddict22 it doesn't let me download it, you sure the link still works?

  83. Greg Holmes

    nyce shit

  84. Wondering Man Productions

    Taft Street. Roosevelt Street. Jackson Rib Shack. Averhart all day. Sonja Barnes where you at? Sqaully where you at? Roosevelt High School where you at? The Village where you at? Delaney Projects where you at?

  85. A1star

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN i rate this guy tooooo much big, but now he need sum producers to back him

  86. erfho8y

    GG always got those fat dark crushing beats, F*CKIN AWSOME!!!!!

  87. Mark Love

    i like diz shyt

  88. Bombshell Dale

    @rapaddict22 i need the mix tape that got this shit on it.

  89. Chuck S

    @streetsweper93 thats the chorus fool!

  90. a 6

    Hope to hear more of this dude. good shit.

  91. Zack Andrews

    @csandigcr ...what?

  92. NoRapName

    dude is actually dope lol no lie i really thought dude would be wack when my homie told me bout him, but Gibbs is raw as fuck

  93. UrBZzZzZ

    lol truu hell at least put gary on the map

  94. Chuck S

    break ya ne pah pah

  95. zAhLbeRG

    This nigga has everything on point imo, Flow,rhymes & all that shit, Real nigga too from that GARY!