Freddie Gibbs - Bandana Lyrics

[Freddie Gibbs & Assassin:]
Mmm, I'm with it, uh
Motherfucker, I'm with it, uh
Motherfucker, I'm with it, uh
Nigga, and I ain't bullshittin', yeah
I'm in the game, fuckin' with the 'caine (Man some)
I'm in the game, fuckin' with the 'caine (Imagine now)
I'm in the game, fuckin' with the 'caine (Every 'dana)
I'm in the game, fuckin' with the 'caine (Is bandana, bandana)

[Freddie Gibbs:]
Draped in all designer, draped in all designer
Kickin' off the powder, kickin' off the powder
Stuffed a half a birdie up in a piñata
And I had to ask my wifey out 'cause she a rider
Born a pebble, left the hospital, I was a whole brick
Passed the package off to Diego, he moved the whole shit
You can't claim no gang in my hood if you ain't had known it
Fuck the local police, my nigga, they can't control this
Yeah, I throw my set up, fly my bandana
I give a hater a handicap with this hand cannon
My Brooklyn bitch drove in kilos from New York to Atlanta
Everyone was 98 Foxy, I turn you white like venom (White like venom)
Geekers buyin' vowels, I was mixin' down
Pushing faders like Mike Dean, whippin' that light cream (Cream)
Cleaner than your Gardi white jeans, my brand new hammer
Once I used it, it was dirty like the blood stain on my bandana

[Freddie Gibbs & Assassin:]
Once I used it, it was dirty like the blood stain on my bandana
Said, once I used it, it was dirty like the blood stain on my bandana
Once I used it, it was dirty like the blood stain on my bandana
(Bandana, bandana)
Geekers buyin' vowels, I was mixin' down
(Uh, bad manner, bad manner)
Geekers buyin' vowels, I was mixin' down
Geekers buyin' vowels, I was mixin' down
Geekers buyin' vowels, I was mixin' down (A-roger now)

[Freddie Gibbs:]
Yeah, batty boy with the bloodclaat
I be on the Vice Lord, 4 Crip and Blood block
Catch him while he comin' from work and go take the judge out
Richest nigga in the prison, million dollar mugshot (Mugshot)
Buckshot, buckin' out my 12 gauge
You can't kill what's already dead, boy, look what Hell made
Never let them crackers refer to me by a slave name
Black Caesar, Young Gangsta G, yeah, I make the game change
Uh, I throw my set up, fly my bandana
Hard still sellin' so the crack glass matter
Ghetto beamin' up the Scotty through the car antennae
Give a nigga 30 years for the cell phone chatter
If you kill another nigga, you might get manslaughter
If you watch, you gon' get life and murder, won't beat the charges
Do it right, it ain't no witness, ain't no weapon, ain't no evidence
Wipin' off the motherfuckin' fingerprints with my bandana

[Freddie Gibbs & Assassin:]
(Ayy, bandana, bandana)
Said, I be wipin' off the motherfuckin' fingerprints
With my bandana
(Ayy, bandana, bandana)
And I be wipin' off the motherfuckin' fingerprints
With my bandana, yeah
Yeah, bandana, bandana, bad manner, bad manner
Me no care 'bout no other, yeah (Yeah)
Bandana, imagine now, they singin' out

I say the system got you living in a free mansion
Original yard, this our weedman sale
And hear what? We no care if informer see
Yo, I am no dealer, I'm a pharmacy
That medical marijuana, get it if you wanna
But try nuh start no drama 'less you wanna be a gonner
Fo' banana, you need fi run up on pon me corner
You run up at the coroner, it's yo' favorite charmer, you're a...
Remember me armor pon me lawn, me nah go storma
Full stop the brake, I couldn't come, remember I'ma
Real gyalis, razor sharp like a katana
So you know after we gone, we a-smash ya baby mama, uh-huh
Material girl like Madonna
What she wouldn't do for Donna, Dolce & Gabbana
Yes, she love the balla ting, make me a Maradona
Seh she waan me blindfold and rip me bandana

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Freddie Gibbs Bandana Comments
  1. Ali Laghrim

    Madlibu ando Freddie Gibbzu

  2. TaMar Patton

    does anyone know where that guitar sample is from? it original?

  3. Jace Runs Against

    I need a longer version of this

  4. Jace Runs Against

    Damn this shit hits

  5. Yamcha95

    So desu ka !

  6. v o r

    best intro ever hahaha

  7. Shaad H

    Best album of 2019


    Best track on the album


    When I heard big time watts I knew this was gon b a classic album 🦓 🔥

  10. Léo

    Like the way he say bitch

  11. Cristian Rogozan


  12. FGVM

    okey masta, rets kir da ho

  13. zeta.

    let us go. beech.

  14. Ameen Alameri

    "origado, now presenting my nigga madlib and freddy gibbs, its time for bandana, bitch, so turn your speakers up, lets go, bitch" YOURE WELCOME YOURE WELCOME I KNOW

  15. Ben anker

    they went in with the Yamaha voice plugin

  16. Dappis

    "Obrigado, now presenting my niggas madlib and freddie gibbs, it's time for bandana bitch, so turn your speakers up, let's go bitch."
    Finally, watching anime and learning engrish paid off.

  17. LF Batista

    Why 'Obrigado' in Portuguese Freddie, if you dont mind me asking

  18. Buzzman182

    Let's goooo pinata was the best album of the last ten years certainly best album of 2014 ... I been waiting fivve years Bandana better exceed my expectations!!!

  19. ZANZA

    obrigado pelo album e pelos beats 5 estrelas📲📲📲 🇵🇹

    Rui Santo

    Tuga Power

  20. fairsirs

    Can someone tell me why he uses a sample of a Japanese person saying 'Obrigado' when it is a portuguese word? Is he really aware of the historical context of the word that the Japanese 'Arigato' is thought to have come from the Portuguese? Or is he just being dumb


    Because obrigado it's a Portuguese word that's related to Arigato ( japanese word)

  21. M Davis

    Thanks!!! Learned this from my south American good friend..

  22. Eddie Heredia

    Cant wait to hear what dehh is going to say about this album

    Papi Sarr

    The review's out

  23. soulpeanuts888

    I'm from Japan.
    Every Japanese knows someone Japanese must have spoken! lol.

  24. Edu BVB

    here we go!!

  25. Lincoln Fábio

    Deus Abençoa

  26. Money

    Foi nada 💯

  27. Namespy



    knee gassu.*

    Furious Styles


  28. Matheus Pasini

    Obrigado Padrinho

  29. Shiva

    Obrigado vocês amigos.

    K Johnson

    MC Shiva hola

  30. m Foom

    The guy speaking from 0:10 is definitely Japanese speaker lol


    its a computer generated voice with japanese accent.

    Ben anker

    @pgwwa2its one of those Yamaha generated voice plugin tings


    @Ben anker So that engrish speaking voice, is it a txt to speech bot? Can I find that software online?

  31. Diig

    Obrigado meus Manos

  32. Giovani Tomasi

    Valeu cupincha

  33. T k


  34. xwoodsyx

    Does anyone know why the Portuguese ? So random I wanna know the connection

    Miguel Prytoluk

    Probably because of Madlib's fixation/love with Brazilian music. Legend has it that Madlib bought tons of sealed boxes of discs from Brazil thrift shops on one of his trips here, yeah, the same one that Madvillainy demos got stolen and leaked (alledgegly by an American).


    @Miguel Prytoluk thank you

  35. Diogo Pimenta

    Obrigado Nós


    Trampo fino em amigo

  36. Kostas

    blessed day

  37. Harrison Glenn

    Obrigado is Portuguese for "Thank You"

    saved you a search ;)

    Mike Long

    @Jddel Ddel Well he's speaking three languages...I guess cause people can do that


    They say "arigato" which is japanese for thank you originated from the portuguese word "obrigado", from the time when portuguese ships arrived in japan. Probably that has something to do with it

    Jddel Ddel

    @Zen247 dope ass history lesson,i wondered why it sound like the japanese "thank you",arigato for the info


    thanks my nigazu


    @Zen247 That's actually a myth .. google it

  38. burp

    It’s on!

  39. LeBeautiful

    This is Pinata with a Senzu bean

  40. RVIDXR 209

    RIP Watts

    Stoned Jesus

    Are you talking about Reggie Watts by chance?

    RVIDXR 209

    @Stoned Jesus no lol, Big Time Watts, Freddies Uncle


    @Stoned Jesus lol you better recognize...

  41. Heisenberg

    De nada


    Essa era a minha ideia


    Brasil e nois

    Drake Marshall

    Say my name.

  42. galaxia


  43. bloody lovepuddle

    I honestly thought nothing could compare to piñata but damn this is something else

  44. Timotheit4

    This is the start of something great