Freddie Gibbs - Alexys Lyrics

Kane, Nigga
On the blade
I think, I think niggas forgot who you know who gave who gave these niggas this flow you know what I'm saying?
Baby Scarface

I first taste cocaine in 10th grade (Yah)
Homie at the table chopping Rick James
Sent the package off from Texas it's been six days
Keep sweating like a pig until that bitch came
Nigga had to keep a job living off in my momma's spot
Fuck it I'm a bust a fucking jugg I'm a juggernaut
Choppers on chop it off in that water we was cooking in (Yah)
Loud packs and molly powder all these niggas pushing out
Feds looking because I peddled pain to these poor folks
The realest nigga that I know ain't never sold dope (Yah)
The hardest nigga that I know ain't never served time
Soon as I got me thirty thousand I hit the burner (Woo)
And I brought that dog back to the set nigga you know me for that
Shout out to my niggas from D.C. with them scorpion backs
Keep this strictly business you can't mix up your homie with that
One day you might have to clap a nigga no glory in that
Feel like I'm outgrowing all my friends, niggas thinking small (Yah)
Gon' have to write them all a check, just to get shit was all (Yah)
Turn right back around and write them another one when they trick it off (Yah)
Get successful and watch how quickly niggas get in their feelings dog (Bitch)
Get successful and watch how you immediately become their competition
Niggas worse than a side bitch, they can't quite stay in a position
Don't know what niggas crave more, money or a-fuckin-ttention
And these the niggas I'm cool with
My enemies I have yet to mention Fuck 'em

I got cake bitch can't everyday be my birthday (Yah)
You can't take me off first place on my worst day (Yah)
Streets dry niggas thirsty
So I pray that when they come and take me that this mini draco make the earth shake
Have a nigga on some underneath-the-earth shit
My nigga Shermie caught a murder on his first lick
These animalistic instincts that we was born with
Felt so pimpish when Alexys put me in the foreign whip (Woo)
Black as hell but rap got me thinking I need a foreign bitch (Woo)
Take my black queens for granted got me ignoring them

Names I be calling her nigga I know you be dogging her
What kind of man is you that your hood, niece and yo daughter nem. (Yah)
I'm posted at the stove with that yola, that soda lockin' in (Woo)
Ving Rhames guns, butter niggas get margarine (Yah)
Pussy niggas can't play they part we dearly departed them
Crip like OJ Simpson you Bart, Homer, and Marge and 'em
I rap but I keep weight
And I know the streets take
Niggas out the game my baby momma told me be safe (Why)
Turned around and said fuck safe I stay dangerous (Yah)
In the set with Sodi no chopper my chain dangling (Word Up)
In the set with deuce I be blood and we gang ganging 'em
My nigga Corleone and Diego they smash craniums (Yah)
Living life on high speed nigga that's just the lane we in
About to cop a Porsche from that the packet that Freddie Kane gettin'

I got cake bitch can't everyday be my birthday (Yah)
You can't take me off first place on my worst day (Yah)
Streets dry niggas thirsty
So I pray that when they come and take me that this mini draco make the earth shake
Have a nigga on some underneath-the-earth shit
My nigga Shermie caught a murder on his first lick
These animalistic instincts that we was born with
Felt so pimpish when Alexys put me in the foreign whip (Woo)
Black as hell but rap got me thinking I need a foreign bitch (Woo)
Take my black queens for granted got me ignoring them

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Freddie Gibbs Alexys Comments
  1. Fanta666

    this goes harder than Bandana IMO

  2. pablo rodriguez

    Maxo cream x Freddie gibbs gots to happen soon🔥

  3. Jovany De La Flamé

    Haddest rap song peorid.

  4. Next to forever ministries

    Jesus Christ.. Tribe of Judah

  5. DetSomGömsIsnö

    is this some Perfect Planet shit?
    I think thats where the samples are from

  6. Scott Langhough

    Anybody can feel how they feel about this rapper Freddie Gibbs, good or terrible, that's your opinion and I respect it. But I feel whether it's good or bad or both, this dude is very creative in the way he vents his pain thru music. Whether I'm a fan or not I got respect for his creativity and word play as an artist. Real talk

  7. Lavish BaStard

    Imagine this featuring Schoolboy Q.

  8. Escu

    Who is Alexys tho???

    Kyle Arson

    One of the girls he used to prostitute if I'm not mistaken, on the album after this he says some shit like "used to smoke a stogie with alexys in my beamer, I miss my Miami ho she was a dick pleaser"

  9. RobBeenHood

    This album is straight heat. Been listening to it since I bought it last year. #greatmusic

  10. Michael Dodson

    This beat tho sheesh

  11. Daniel Smith

    o shit this is fire

  12. drogariasneptuno

    amo essa capa de um jeito

  13. Long Live NIP

    Disrespectful this shit don’t have more views

  14. Datrian Hunter


  15. Alex MHz

    I feel like this should've been added to GTA V along with his others songs that was added, Still Livin' and Sellin' Dope.

  16. Jobe Jacobs

    Freddie Gibbs >>>>>>>

  17. MnGambit89

    Do the uploader speak a different language or something?! This mfer got the lyrics All Wrong!

  18. Benz Boy


  19. Neverstar-X

    This shit sounds like 90s hip-hop song. Wish today rappers sound like this today

  20. Sil de man Toch

    I need this beaaat bruvv


    i wish he dropped a video for this

  22. Jovany De La Flamé

    Not enough views people rather listen to mediocrity.

  23. Based

    I'm pretty sure that stripper in pink is Cardi B

  24. VoicesSs

    beat tho

  25. Alexys Soriano

    Well hello there

  26. Roderick Chambliss

    Freddie tha only nigga i fw from the west dis caddy music🔥🔥🔥

  27. columbusohio72

    this is amazing

  28. GOD HOUR

    Fuck it Imma bust a fuckin jugg im a juggernaut ♨


    Where is this instrumental 😭

  30. DaGroundUnder

    realest shit

  31. Darktings

    Fuck it, Im boutta bust a fuckin jugg im a juggernaut

  32. T1rano09


  33. StreetMoneyPuzzles32

    This shit touched my heart

  34. Derrick Nice

    Gangsta GibbZ!

  35. Leonard Jacques

    kaytranada on a gibbs track ? love it

  36. Chris

    sent a package off from texas its been six days, kept me sweatin like a pig till the shit came... fax

  37. Tee Gotti

    Gangsta gibbs🔥

  38. Евана Лара

    Freddie Gibbs AND BBNG AND Kaytranada?????? Don't even need to hear this to know it's fire.

  39. Peter Dessaix

    Gibbs is so fucking raw, too real for this main stream industry. thats why he is overlooked by these youngins being influenced that migos, future and shit are what's considered too be " artists and musicians"

    leo villa

    Peter Dessaix listen to gibbs verse on own thing by 360 and jadakiss. He tells you why he ain't main stream. Exposes the game actually..

  40. Josiah Burns

    good song

  41. Alex Johns


  42. d_tiger

    all praise to gangsta gibbs

  43. andrej jablanovec

    Pinata vibes 👌

  44. lordmummie

    Such fire track, why didnt they re record gibbs' fuck up around 1:00 ?

    W Kiyani

    lordmummie probably spat awkwardly like that on purpose

  45. Arr El

    kayne west bottom left. Go look at a higher res version on google images

  46. BooDoo

    One thing is for sure, if you give gangsta Gibbs a fire beat he won't dissapoint. Flow and lyrics on point god damn this is some fucking fire. March 31st can't come any quicker

  47. Fraser Dazed

    My God. It's glorious.

  48. nate s

    freddie gibbs is the greatest rapper of all time.

    Jugg and Finesse

    nate s not my favorite but top 5 I respect you're opinion


    I used to comment the same thing on tupac videos for the lols

  49. Makaveli Hands on the bar Warrior

    Freddie Gibbs following Jesus

  50. That1Dewd

    Tupac = Pablo Escobar
    Freddie Gibbs = El Chapo


    more like

    Pusha T - El Chapo

    Freddie - Pablo

    none of your business

    best comment ever.

    Tonee Ochoa

    Issa given good comparison

    Arash Latifi

    Tonee Ochoa rr

  51. Kdri21


  52. garyto naptown

    it's like when hit dissed this nigga it just gave freddie more to rap about plus the other legal bs and he I ain't think it was possible but this nigga flowing tougher

  53. Teigon Rush

    Jesus Christ Gibbs is coming for blood.

  54. Cris Mike

    Best track I've heard so far this year. Jesus Christ! (besides Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Part 4 of course)

  55. melvinism

    Bruh I need this album already


    MH DOOM preorder it on iTunes

  56. T’s Life

    Gibbs is the shit !
    Take my money !

  57. john1120

    after being locked up got gibbs head right back to basics.

  58. Gwrightproductions1

    Most slept on

  59. deontae booker

    Freddie Cane!!

  60. UpShottHipHop

    #IndianaHipHop is ALiVE!! ....Midwest Madness... check us out and see what's UP... SHOTT!!! #WhoUpShottYa @UpShottHipHop

  61. Patrick Brown

    Gibbs in my top 10!

  62. IMugMuggers

    Gibbs always sounds better on beats like this or beats by madlib than he does regular trap beats

    Aaron Nixon

    I think he knows that


    IMugMuggers Supreme facts.


    so f--kin' true

    Sunny Dee

    Couldn't like your comment any more then once...

    Eyes Jaded

    true he should just drop all them wack trap beats and stick to sampled beats. his story is always explained much better with a dope beat under him.

  63. Hassan aka damien

    wtf..that picture is so satanic

    none of your business

    Hassan Chagouani this album is about him almost losing his life.

    the album art work hints at it.

    you only live once = you only live 2wice.

    its about freddie gibbs almost losing his life.

  64. RDL S

    I needed this yes

  65. Two-G'z Up

    thank Jesus for Freddie Gibbs

  66. X thabarber


  67. Jaimenvtc

    Gangsta Gibbs!

  68. Charles C. Brown JR


  69. Andrés

    This is amazing

  70. Lamont Williams

    Gangsta Gibbs is bacccckkkk

  71. Play Thomas Beats

    The artwork is legendary 🔥🔥🔥

  72. Alex Swedock


  73. Dirtbag TheBear

    I've noticed weird distortion and sound problems in all the uploaded versions of this song. is that how it's supposed to sound or is this just pre-release-leak-quality shit?

  74. Santiago Barrios

    that cover art on another level

    Trevor Plummer

    I like the blue/white spizikes on the gibbs w the phone

  75. Julien Alexander

    man this shit goes so hard. feels good to hear some real shit

  76. ThatKid Raven

    that image is dope

  77. Nathanael J T.T

    Holy Kane

  78. JebaJebaJemeh

    BBNG x Gangsta Gibbs, I couldn't ask for any better. If either/both were to do another collab album, these 2 would be incredible. (Also would have Gibbs x Alchemist top of the list)


    BBNG puts out solid music alone. Their sour soul collab with ghostface was incredible in my opinion. They're so nice and i know gibbs would deliver (like always)..would be nice to see them produce more for the rap community


    JebaJebaJemeh Starlito X Freddie Gibbs enough said


    StreetMoneyPuzzles32 Gibbs x Alchemist, man. I'm telling you. Listen to his verse on Scottie Pippen, one of the best guest verses of the decade.


    @JebaJebaJemeh guess your gibbs x alchemist dream came true


    @Saisam99 Duuuuude you have no idea. Such a great surprise. Gibbs always delivers.

  79. Josh R

    Gibbs been dropin 🔥since beat the case


    Whoa...Maybe Gibbs IS Jesus. Slaying BOTH them Pussies without ever touching them.....

    Lamont Williams

    Josh R can't wait for this ep and the Bandana project with Madlib


    always man

    Benjamin Doherty

    Check out: da labels tryna kill me
    Came out like 10 years ago and some of those verses are murderous. Gibbs been my favorite rapper this last decade.

  80. themohcod

    Canadians on that production, represent!

    mario crown

    themohcod is this an Tory Lanez beat

  81. NBA XIV

    vocals are too quite


    I'm nutruel side in this convo fam. been a Gibbs fan since St8 Killa so any shit gibbs puts out is a blessing regardless of a mix. But on the contrary, engineering a hard ass job so I gotta gotta give my mans props for doing that. I peeped ur Cormega profile pic 2, thats watsup

    alex alecis

    According to wikipedia, madlib didn't do the mastering nor the mixing on Piñata,. He mainly produced it.

    This is a hold up

    This is a question of taste. Nowadays majority of vocals are on top of the mix. You can do what you want to do as long as the voice is intelligible. To me there is too much compression on this track. That's why the bass frequencies takes too much space in some moments of the track.


    Chantz Baudoux no they arent i have a lot of songs by Freddie Gibbs and the vocals in them are fine this one is too quite


    Alladin Fawakhiri I didn't mean all, but there are other songs that have been this way. just his preference of how his music is mixed

  82. Ian Cades

    this shit holy

  83. Kreativ Cence

    The real back!!

  84. EFT93

    quality music.

  85. Joe D

    the one and only goat

  86. J A

    Gibbs Hoe!!!!🎢

  87. Ethan May

    thats heat

  88. R A R E V A L U E O0

    fuckk . goin hard .

  89. Digital Admiral

    wow ft wow ft wow 1 love you all