Freddie Dredd - Heavy Lyrics

[Freddie Dredd:]
Freddie comin' heavy with the big ting
Better cock it back and let it back and hear it ring
Gonna knock you out and put you in a little ditch
Dead hoe in the trunk ridin' real slow
Bitch [?] lookin' motherfucker piece of shit
Ain't no testing Freddie Dredd I'm gonna slap a bitch
Do not stand in my way or you gonna die today
You ain't a threat you a pussy put down a fuckin' gat
Imma let it bust down at your fucking feet
Gonna watch a dumbass run across the street
Lookin' scared I can tell it in your fucking eyes
You a young motherfucker bout to meet demise
I don't wanna get it wrong I gotta get it going
Gonna cock it back and let you walk [?] motion
Sippin' syrup make me feel like I been [?] a potion
Leanin' heavy there's no way that I could be so steady

Ain't no affiliation with these little dirty hoes
Imma smack a motherfucker if he violatin'
[?] you know how it goes
Yung a lil pharmacist boy I got no patients
But I ain't got no patience muhfucka I ain't waiting
This shit is right in front of me It's my move to take it
You fuckas underestimating and you [?]
And I can tell from looking at yo face that you be faking
Waitin' for my [?] with a gat in my hand
I gotta [?]
I do what the fuck I want and you do what you can
Boy I'm on a [?] come and get your pack
Y'all can feel it hopping out the fuckin
We gon' crack a muhfucka boy tell me is you ready
Its a bust a pinata and you can't see the confetti
I ain't fuckin with you buddy I ain't ever did
How the fuck you with a trapa

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Freddie Dredd Heavy Comments
  1. volop

    Had to take a break from these tiktoks kids

  2. volop

    Who the second verse?

  3. Benjamin Cairns

    Ok am I the only one that hears the start of the Golf Fashion show at the start?

  4. Илья Смирнов

    Фоне сила, рэп могила


    Real talk in the beginning of the song that sounds like a Legends of dragoon sample...


    why 1 dislike ???????????????????????????????

  7. J-F Bradley



    Jay purp on the beat nigga

  9. Mark Hernandez

    Listen to this Hella High , DOPE


    Dam Freddie

  11. bl3cktree

    939 100%

  12. D Twist

    Freddie with that killa

  13. niklasvfx

    Genshin would be nice!


    duddddeee, jay purp! what a fucking collab

  15. Slam


  16. Teak Forest

    Is this some new Freddie? oh hell yeah :)