Fred Hammond - Lord Of The Harvest Lyrics

You're Lord of the harvest
and we worship you, we worship you this day,
You're Lord of the harvest, and we worship you,
let me hear the people of God say!

You're Lord of the harvest,
and we worship you, we worship you this day
You're Lord of the harvest,
and we worship you, we worship you this day

Eternal Lord, remains the same, Age to Age
All our love, All our Praise, Night and Day
With this song, and our lives, now we prove
There's no one, to take your place, Lord you Rule
We worship You!

You are my daily, daily bread!
You are my living, living Word!
You are my present, present help!
You are, You are, You are!

You are, you are, you are, you are [Repeat]

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Fred Hammond Lord Of The Harvest Comments
  1. Coby Hooten

    I remember hearing this song when I was younger but I really like it and it is a energized song to my spirit🙌. May God 🙏 Bless Me.

  2. Mabayamban Marvin

    I love this song! God bless you ☝️

  3. criztu

    god I love me some occult music
    makes me wanna inflame myself with gods under every green tree

  4. Gillian Todd


  5. Katrina Wallace

    Love this song yes Lord

  6. freeman bako


  7. Will Tactix

    Dat bass tho..

  8. JazzyT226

    you are, you are, you are, you are, you areeee! you are my lord of the harvest you are!!

  9. Sovereign Brown

    Lord of the harvest. We worship you everyday. Eternal lord. Remains the same. Age to age. Satan can't take your place

  10. Sovereign Brown

    This is like one of my favorite songs. I cannot see anybody not liking song. This Worthy song is better than Beyoncé music.

  11. Janelle Da Breo

    cool I worship you Lord

  12. Dayasia Benion

    i been going through something every since i stop going to church so i had to involve god in my life some way so i just listen to some church music

  13. 316 Production

    This is an amazing song. I heard it for the first time during Watchnight service, and I can't get it out of my head and spirit. Thank you so much for posting this. It has ministered me in a dark time. God is the LORD of the harvest and my strong tower.

  14. keisha lewis

    Fred Hammond always had the best lyrics!!! Always full of true worship!!! Even though this person does not have them all correct. However thanks anyway.

  15. Rakeem Sellers

    This song is amazing

  16. Rakeem Sellers

    This song is amazing

  17. mikkel Jack

    praise God I love you God you Lord of the harvest

  18. 414MrMilwaukee

    I'm going to request this song when I walk through those gates into the kingdom of God

    Ashh and Los

    🙏 me too

  19. D A

    my favorite song of all time

  20. Chudy Ilozue

    I'm just here because my churches name is Bethesda World HARVEST International Church. They used to use it a lot because of that.

    Nakesha Draneth g

    You are the only God our only king

  21. Ivis Burris

    This song was ringing in my soul this morning.

  22. Darius Borens

    great song

  23. JazzyT226

    you are you are you are... 😀

  24. Brendon Anthony

    great is the lord that rules throu the age blessings and onour and pow

  25. Deja Sallis

    I love fred

  26. Jayme1979

    Living well not word!

  27. india miles

    Eternal Lord Remains the same, age to age.

    And with this song, and our lives, now we PROVE. But thanks for the lyrics


    Thanks for the CORRECT words!


    india miles thank you cause I was like that’s not right

    B_O_S_S FOLK

    @DrCharityTV Can you calm down?? The flip. Like OOOOOOH not the "correct" words!!!! Thank. God. for her😪!!!! Like can you🤐 give it a break?? It AIN'T that serious "Dr I Need Charity" Lmbo. Pretty sure the Lord said in so many words IN his word for us NOT to judge each other, that's HIS JOB but thanks anyway. Also Ms. Miles Already made the minor corrections. (No disrespect to you Ms. Miles! Be blessed in God!! 🙏 AMEN!

  28. Timothy Battle

    Sorry but your words are not right!

    win buy

    Best recording available online .I couldn't care if it had the words to the Pillsbury dough song printed onscreen. The music is what matters to me most. Hearing Fred Hammond sing it is amazing. Truly amazing.

  29. kimberly edzimbi

    love it its the best

  30. Jack Jeavons

    not to kean

  31. Kenneth Bogan

    Love this song GOD is good

  32. Elora Hunt

    Thank God for Fred Hammond.!!!!

  33. Raheim Burnett

    I love This song

  34. Henry Sparks

    I love the Bass guitar in the song


    Fred is a master Bassist, so I would not be surprised if it is his Thunder Thumbs thumpin' the bottom!

  35. lorita jackson

    "Remains the same age to age ", not king of saints . Some of the lyrics are a little wrong


    Minister Fred,always an inspiration.

  37. anthony coleman

    not all the words are right

    Alicisha Hill

    anthony coleman That's what it say don't due my god like that

    Blanch Hill

    Alicisha Hill that's right licisha

  38. Kimberly Mesowski

    I love it