Franz Ferdinand - Wine In The Afternoon Lyrics

So this is summer and the gallow gas is running low
But I don't mind, I'm doing things and I'm doing them with you

Well, you know he's gonna want his rent tonight
But we'll have to tell him how to swallow
All the rent this month

So summer stains the sky with inky swirls that bring the thunder low
But I don't mind, I'm doing things and doing them with you

And if you're smart you'll put that book back down
You'll drag me to the floor
Drag me down for more

Drinking wine
Drinking wine in the afternoon
Do-do do-dooo

Drinking wine
Drinking wine in the afternoon
Do-do do-dooo

Tomorrow's Thursday, that's my day of work
That's my day of walking up the merry hill road making up
Some lie about some job applied for

Well, I've been drinking wine
Well, I've been drinking wine in the afternoon

Do-do, do-dooo

Fifty little filters left their filthy buts behind
Left their blackened heads down
In the ashes that's the last before

I pulled apart and placed within the papers
For a drag of five deserves a second life
Deserves a second life

Don't we all, don't we all
Don't we all, don't we all, all

Love drinking wine
Love drinking wine in the afternoon
Do-do do-dooo

Love drinking wine
Love drinking wine in the afternoon
Do-do do-dooo

Bottle of wine, bottle of wine, bottle of wine, bottle of wine
Bottle of wine, bottle of wine, bottle of wine, bottle of wine
Bottle of wine, bottle of wine, bottle of wine, bottle of wine

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Franz Ferdinand Wine In The Afternoon Comments
  1. facuvaldez

    Every year I come to this videoclip. I interviewed Paul and ask about it, tomorrow I will interview Alex and will do the same. Such an amazing song, wanna listen to it live!

  2. Emanuel Lima

    🇧🇷 BRAZIL!

  3. DLeCo

    Boy, does this remind me of college....

  4. yo its astriival

    nine in the afternoon, more like wine in the afternoon

    ba dum tss

  5. El Dedón Terrible

    This should have been the A Side!

  6. Martin Varzj

    Esto me trae viejos recuerdos

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  8. Thomas Patrick Parker

    hey its Lyndsey Wells


    Oh yeah. I guess. Saskia Pomeroy.

  9. notrains

    Holy shit I just found this fucking amazing song

  10. Dulce Álvarez

    I know he sang you'll never walk alone
    But you'll never let him break your little heart.

  11. Abe Mrofchak

    Is this the movie Smashed?

  12. alberto vazquez ecobedo

    i want a story like this............. not have sons....... only wine

  13. CornFetishhh3

    FUCK I love this song

  14. Ben Skyes Spiegel

    How great is love culture back then.

  15. Thais Andrade

    quero um mozao pra dividir um cantinho das trevas

  16. Erik Phillips

    Let's drink wine and smoke'em total fuck up yeah

  17. Vik VLis

    This video is so nice and the song is great!! I wonder why it's so unknown, I also would like to watch this video in a higher quality

  18. facuvaldez

    i love this song so much

  19. RandomlyGenerated

    wine in the afternoonsong length 4:20i see what you did there

  20. Hapie Star

    Ya'll realize this song is about alcoholism right? That's why the end has such a strange and unsettling tone.... It's acting happy because the lie they tell themselves and the alcohol is what gets them through the shallowness of their existence... That's why theirs such an overdone filter, color is washed out, the end has them looking depressed, sometimes surrounded by their garbage and broken down car, etc..


    if you aware the song length is 4:20

    king catnip

    great interpretation, but being from the south myself dont say ya'll , your better then that

  21. Ben Davidson

    while in an altered state, I listed to this song 6 hours nonstop. tj obuadhaigh.

  22. Stinox

    I would my love story to be like this

  23. Controlled Chaos

    Nine in the afternoon any one,

    bored asheaven

    I see no connection.

    Controlled Chaos

    +boredasheaven n Wine , nine , come on


    Nope! That was totally later!


    At least Franz doesn't have one member left

  24. asdfgzxcn

    same girl in L. Wells !


    her name is saskia pomeroy

  25. Astrid Guerrero

    De las mejores de Franz. 👌

    Marco Daniel Cetina Xiu

    Astrid Guerrero yaaas!

  26. Luth Fee

    simply amazing song. dissapointed i'm not find any live version of this song

    Lucho Rodriguez

    same here!

  27. Miguel Palacios

    I thougt cooking meth was the reason to be alive

  28. Ana Bacana

    So sweet. How can I never have watched this before?

  29. James McDaniel

    this video is more like hipsters in the afternoon

  30. Fernando Alatorre


  31. Elmer

    That's the lindsey wells girl!


    Elmer Makkinga Saskia Pomeroy. What an absolute babe. I'd walk over broken glass just to take her out!

  32. Pietro Tarantelli

    Vinho Tinto Suave Sinuelo In The Afternoon

  33. Emily Knight

    For a quality underground band, check out THE BLUE COLLARS. Top, top band, trust me.

  34. creepy crepe

    inspiring video....

  35. marsed

    It's evening, not afternoon and I've got bottle, not glass, but meh. This is the way I like it.

  36. Denisse Aranda

    I want a glass of wine please...

  37. Claire Osborn

    The girl in this video is gorgeous.

    Dulce Álvarez

    she looks prettier in black and white
    or is it maybe cause i want to meet Linsey wells and be her friend? haha

  38. xLnHxBlo0dLusT

    I was thinking the real Franz for a second, that would have made that comment funny. But I agree.

  39. roggie2499

    You mean like all of their videos? Lol

  40. Jennifer Venkat

    That's what I thought too. :)

  41. Shmee13

    But I've been doing drugs, I've been doing drugs in the afternoooon (8) doo doo doo doo doo dooooo

  42. GDgatoman

    Marés vivas??

  43. OfMine

    this is everything i want to have in my life

  44. Jessica Bernal

    M fave. FF song ♥

  45. NarcoticDaisies

    i was hoping the guy in the bed was going to be alex :(

  46. sunshinelady1211

    Why would anyone think this has to do anything with panic at the disco's 9 in the afternoon!? Nothing close! Get your facts straight people.

  47. patrissification

    well, here's a good way to spend your summer holidays :)

  48. Saving grace

    @OMGitsmantequilla me to XD

  49. josephusmuris

    Just cannot believe I've never commented on this vid before. One of my all-time favorites - first sunny day of summer today after the rain, just had to listen to this.

    It's so happy and so sad, reminds me of so many easy summers. So many mixed emotions, sunny days, wine, old loves. The fleeting bliss of adolescence...

    Thanks Franz Ferdinand, we all love you too.

  50. Espion400

    Best part of song 4:08 - 4:21

  51. Christian Felipe Flores Castillo

    fucking hippies, GET A JOB!

  52. Kay Low

    i cant get over how hot this guy it.

  53. spackhollogay

    Unoriginal, unfunny comments made in a desperate attempt to get likes, we meet again.

  54. May Smith

    At first I thought this would be like P!ATD's Nine in the Afternoon... xD

  55. Automatic Diaphragm

    What's up with bluE?

  56. blablabla

    Franz is the reason to live

  57. AngieEnz84

    "And if you're smart, you'll put that book back down/And drag me to the floor"

    Well, if you insist, Alex.

    This song makes me so happy. Great lazy day tune.

  58. dudamonnerat

    Hey... This girl looks like the girl in the L. Wells video...

  59. Lewis Thompson

    @casmo12345 i cant remember which but its an extra on one of there single albums, i think its on either 'eleanor put your boots back on' or 'the fallen'


    the strokes=franz ferdinand

  61. kaputica

    This melody is like Strokes.

  62. kwbdwino

    Got my 5L. Box of bum wine right here! I kicked ass at work today now I'm gonna enjoy my reward. But even if I didn't kick ass I'd still get hammered.

  63. Emily Wade

    She puts like...ten layers on at :50

  64. AtomicVHPunk

    Ordinary afternoon..

  65. Katy Frisbie

    having a few cups of wine in the afternoon actually is quite relaxing

  66. robair9911

    I like this song. Because I occasionally like to get drunk in the afternoon

  67. German Apenca

    donde bajo este temaaaaaaa no me aparece en ninguna partee :O

  68. Macarena Andrada

    The sweetest song of my adolscence...♥

  69. George McFly

    I like this vid too. After watching it I was inspired to paint my nasty old hand-me-down dining room set, and now I love it!

  70. Kremyyable

    Favourite Franz Ferdinand song,it always makes me happy and reminds me of summer memories.

  71. alternative10000

    @aprilbloom1 For years I thought it was official!

  72. letsbeamazeing

    I always manage to start watching the video at the chair painting part.

  73. jp00w5941

    It's a long way from Drummore!

  74. Trim Crook

    this video is more like drugs in the afternoon

  75. Luis Moreno

    i love the final♥

  76. granadajoy

    is this the same girl as in the L. wells video?

  77. YiRu Lai

    who is the boy!!!?

  78. AtomicVHPunk

    this video makes me wanna do stupid things that make no sense

  79. poisin224

    @lambrettami You type like you already are, lol

  80. Alessio Toro

    i hear this song and i want to get me drunk.

  81. Alessio Toro

    i hear this song and i want to get me drunk.

  82. Tin Rex

    @chillyam I saw them too, in Argentina, and it was truly amazing!

  83. hcasperk

    wtf, no one said they'd be filming in my flat?!

  84. crno123

    i want my life to be like this...

  85. Chase Bates

    @BEASLAND000 no, just very drunk lol

  86. Billy Vesga

    I saw FF live and i can say, it was one of the best moments of my life !!! Pure energy !!

  87. beesland

    ...are-ar-are they high?

  88. Cachaça Brou

    bloody good tune ahead > > watch?v=3IC92eNkjYs

  89. 7FoX

    @SabrinaKristina1 I want to live in this video too

  90. mrbassman25


    probably just cause im Scottish. the accents are a bit more obvious to me, all i can hear is the English in their accents, although Alex has spent alot of his adult life in Glasgow, so the scottish twang is definately there.

    ur right though.... either way.... what a fantastic band....

    Bob's parents live just a few miles from me in a local village :)

  91. mrbassman25


    alex is 'yorkshire' born and bred i believe, the only birth place scot is the drummer who is a Glasweigan !!

    it's also obvious in their accents, so technically they are more of an English band than a scottish one! ;)

  92. mrbassman25


    hate to burst your bubble and fantasy's but only one scotsman is in the band, 3 of them are English :P

  93. Mazie Stine

    I would like your comment except:
    No you don't wish you're marriage was like this video because he was lying to her about the job he was applying for. Really, not matter WHAT end of the spectrum you're on, that's not a very brilliant idea.

  94. SabrinaKristina1

    I want to live in this video.

  95. SonohraFan4ever

    this song is very nice!!!
    I love Franz Ferdinand!