Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out Lyrics

So if you're lonely
You know I'm here waiting for you
I'm just a crosshair
I'm just a shot away from you
And if you leave here
You leave me broken, shattered, I lie
I'm just a crosshair
I'm just a shot, then we can die

I know I won't be leaving here with you

I say don't you know
You say you don't know
I say... take me out!

I say you don't show
Don't move, time is slow
I say... take me out!

I say you don't know
You say you don't know
I say... take me out!

If I move this could die
If eyes move this could die
I want take me out!

I know I won't be leaving here (with you)
I know I won't be leaving here
I know I won't be leaving here (with you)
I know I won't be leaving here with you

I say don't you know?
You say you don't know
I say take me out

If I wane, this could die
I wait, this could die
I want you to take me out

If I move, this could die
Eyes move, this can die
Come on, take me out

I know I won't be leaving here (with you)
I know I won't be leaving here
I know I won't be leaving here (with you)
I know I won't be leaving here with you

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Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out Comments
  1. Melvyn Kiro

    2020 playlist ❤

  2. Rafael Heras

    Much people are here for the WWIII or a videogame but i here from the band

  3. Gaël Le Devendec

    yeah !!!!!

  4. DiarrheaChain

    I'm here for WW3

  5. Francoise El mahi

    Fou fou les f.f.

  6. Cameron Law

    First 50 seconds are best

    Rafael Heras

    Every part is good

    Cameron Law

    @Rafael Heras i disagree i dont mind it but its not my kind

    Rafael Heras

    @Cameron Law ok

  7. Amora Carolina


  8. kananmunakastike

    Who's here from NHL 2005?

  9. C0d3nam3 An0nym0u5

    I heard a band called Qasem Soleimani is doing a cover of this

  10. yokartik

    who is here after trump's iran atack? because the strike remind me a new franz ferdinand thing of WWI.

  11. Jon Harper

    Who here after WWIII?

  12. Skeptic

    why is it in swedish in the beginning? xD

  13. TransgingerVintage

    Be careful what you ask for wether it’s Serbia or Iran

  14. Levent Bozdağ

    2020 and still listening this ❤

  15. John Johnson

    welp we're on the verge of ww3 and this band name couldn't be more relevant.

  16. antjuric

    except now its a general from iran

  17. tokionovaloid

    very relevant song rn

  18. Veer K

    this band should change their name to Qasem Soleimani

  19. O Anônimo Greg

    Qassem Soleimani-strike me down



  20. ChloeTheCat

    like if youre listening right before ww3 starts

    Nathan Plunkett

    We'll be fine man, 2 countries beefing won't result in a world war, especially when Iran has almost no allies. If WW3 did occur, it'd be Iran vs pretty much everyone else.

    Jake T

    @Nathan Plunkett Except the other two of the three most powerful nations in the world?


    World War 3 funny

    Алек Саша

    I want this song to be a Battlefield 6 theme

  21. Charlie

    One of the sexsiest songs ever written

  22. TotallyNotAliens

    It’s 2020

    But no one cares

  23. Миралем Пьянич

    This music more good for hockey ice👌🏻

  24. ilkin

    0:53 this part is like anatolian rock. very nice

  25. David Wilkes

    Still cant believe this song is 15 years many good memories of much simpler times

  26. Perch Pro

    This is a legendary song for me

  27. Dolores Garris

    Taking Franz Ferdinand out is a bad idea...

  28. Dolores Garris

    Taking Franz Ferdinand out is a bad idea...

  29. m c

    It’s absolutely a drunk song 🥴

  30. SOUl in AGAINST 1986

    Any one listening and Roxking in 2019 and 2020 and continues listening for ever young and Roxk song....!

  31. nicholas ng sing kwong

    I was 21 that year of release.i learnt I am schizotypal after a near lethal suicide attempt

  32. enriqueBS1

    temazo de esta gran banda me sube las ganas de saltar correr a primera hora de la mañana yeaaah!!

  33. Rosario Agro


  34. claudia werner charpilloz


  35. Ad Soyad

    Its best video music clip ever

  36. vtt355

    NHL 2005 anyone?

  37. Agiuh huiedzhi

    saw them in Ecausysteme festival in France. They got me jumping for the whole show.

  38. Trackmania NF

    The video = inside of my head

  39. Konrad Pająk


  40. Ihor Tkachenko

    my finger starts to hurt from rewinding the song to the beginning after the intro is end

  41. Vlad Ponoran

  42. Christian Phoenix

    *FRANZ FERDINAND (c)2004

  43. MephistoK 06

    Franz Ferdinand "Take me out!"

    The black hand gang: "gotcha"

  44. Nina Nebo

    Best of Rock listen here :

  45. Nicole Haines

    unpopular opinion but the intro is better than when it gets into the actual song 🤷‍♀️

  46. Spc X

    good nhl 2005 days...

  47. Agustín

    reminds me the strokes

  48. Back Country Pastimes

    That moment when you finally find the song you couldn’t remember the name of after days of searching

  49. Harry Hedgehog Hunter

    Mmm nice sandwich oh I recognise that guy in that car over there

  50. Leyla Ozen

    ok but what the fuck

  51. Hellwyck

    Starts off wanting to be Joy Division then wants to be Talking heads but doesn't quite do either of them.

  52. Grateful Dead

    Respect the earth, you pleb. Dinosaurs were extinct because they couldn't understand this basic concept with their tiny brains.

  53. Luke Oliphant

    Keep coming back to this song. Glad to know the comment section has the same love!

  54. SS Kingdom

    2019 and still cool !!!!


    Nice song

  56. Scott Hunter

    This is a masterpiece on guitar.

  57. Israel Arias Fallas

    Recuerdo haberla tocado en Guitar Hero.
    Good times!

  58. Gael Barrere

    Fuck you England, not for a Marmitte.

  59. Jairo Bender Caneppelle

    Novo Hamburgo RS Brasil

  60. S N

    Still a banger

  61. Dasha

    Lyrics.. so stupid

    jason Blake

    Maybe you should stick with pop.

  62. Tony Kaluzny

    awesome song...

  63. Lalisa

    I remember always seeing this on MTV I’ve been trying to find it for soooooo long and they way I did was by playing just dance lmao

  64. Peter Gee

    What music category does it fall under? metal?

  65. Peter Gee


  66. A Aleron

    2019 oct

  67. NoHackJustDopage



    Mer si à twa ki lie se commentaires ! Mon num : 07.... Va boire de la javelle. 😂😂

  68. justin martinez

    This would be the best ufc walkout. song emerge from the tunnel right at 1:04 crowd bananas.

  69. scarfweather

    Damn never knew Cillian Murphy's younger brother was in a band

  70. Nills

    Oh shit.. I remember this song 😂 I love this song

    October 2019??

  71. A Person With a Name

    The last time you will kiss my lips so shut up and let me g- wait nvm wrong song. This one's better.

  72. Red stoong

    Top 10 songs tath i listen only when i have a crush

  73. Words of Heresy Official

    Why do I get the feeling this song spoke to a lot of basic white chicks?

    Godfrey Bouillon

    I don't speak nigger, so no idea what a "basic" white chick is.

  74. Jasper Hall

    First 30 seconds is all I’m here for ngl

  75. DANg1993 :

    Wasn’t obvious when it was big, but this song seriously is one of the greatest most iconic songs ever 👌🏻

  76. Anastasia Coulibaly Anastasia Coulibaly


  77. AwesomeOddy 360 Gaming

    442oons led me here

  78. Anonymous hack

    Quite possibly my most listened song of all time

  79. Joseph Cristales

    04 madden real niggas know

  80. Firminorsk

    Gavrilo Princip: Okay, hold my rakija good sir

  81. Garry Kitchin

    One of the greatest guitar riffs ever...

  82. RaiN LoveR

    🧐 2019

  83. Stephen Campbell

    My advice with this tune ::: turning down would be wrong.

  84. simonrobson48

    Is this another Brexit song to the Government... the north hated the romans then and we hate the eu now ...take us out 🇬🇧🇺🇸

  85. Владислав Мордовин

    ОКТЯБРЬ 2019

  86. Josipa Ključević

    Franz Ferdinand...simply awesome. I looooove them!!! 😍😍😍 they give me some thrills...

  87. ather shah

    fck! i ended up digging this after a decade!!! have'nt heard it since my teens.

  88. Myles Nutifafa

    OMG Wasnt this an Ipod commercial song!?!? I've been looking for this for YEARS

  89. virginia

    It look like witch world from Madoka Magica. Change my mind

  90. Mihael Stameni

    Franz Ferdinat: take me out
    Gavrilo Princim: well than, dont mind if i do

  91. FourFingeredFoot

    Who's listening to this in the 2020

  92. Bobistan Teh Uploader

    Is it just me or is the start of the song the best?

  93. Milan Smiljanic

    For those who really believe the war began because of his assassination please try to think once again and than again and again. I am sure the Nazis want to cover up their crimes but you don't need to be blind.

  94. Kacie Johnstone

    Only listened to this song cos my mum wanted me to put it on,absolutely hate it

  95. David Power

    2019 music is shit

  96. Cutie Puppy

    спасибо 2х2 что подарил мне этот тейк ми аут франца фердинанда 21 века



  98. Batenerel Kevin Carlander

    Gavrilo Princip has accepted your offer.

  99. Kievanbud B.B.C

    Gavrilo Princip accepted your offer.

  100. suhaib odat

    Gone girl anyone!