Franz Ferdinand - Leaving My Old Life Behind Lyrics

I learned quite a lot
Shooting through my mind
Things I never guessed at before

And so I decided
To leave my old life behind
I don't need it anymore

I'm gonna learn to climb the clouds
I'm gonna learn to climb the wind
I wont stop til Ive understood the dark

I'm gonna learn to fly the clouds
I'm gonna understand the air
My mind will listen to the stars

To everyone else I appear quite the same
And I help them as much as I can

But they'll never know that my mind is in the air
O how could they ever understand

I'm gonna learn to climb the clouds
I'm gonna pull upon the rain
I'll learn what lies beneath the earth

I'm gonna learn to climb the clouds
I'm gonna understand the space
I'll even go back beyond birth

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Franz Ferdinand Leaving My Old Life Behind Comments
  1. Rivera

    I play this song right before I get wasted

  2. Stella Luise Smith

    who's the Lady in this video?

    c amila

    Stella Luise Smith it's in the description


    I didn't realise FF covered this - seems tailor-made for them as well! I only realised when I was hunting out a clip for Kenneth Anger's birthday - the old bastard is 90!


    Not personally, but I do admire his work - those films are proper psychedelic.


    Not personally, but I love his films - they're pure psychedelia!

  4. Valeria Sera

    a pearl

  5. charles carranza

    this is beautiful

  6. Nikolaii2571

    It's not every day that I hear an exceptional cover.  I think that the reason for this lies squarely on Franz's respect for Jonathan Halper's original style and artistic intent.

  7. Davide Imparato

    Nice,altough Halper's voice sounds little better.But this is not bad,and i think could be good in some movie or Tv series

  8. Sebastian suarez pandal

    el mejor cover de este tema

  9. Tania Llanas

    Never heard this song before, as a franz ferdinand fan, i'm in love with it <3

  10. Bob Judd

    GREAT interpretation! I'm SO glad you kept the backwards guitar. This is one of my most favorite songs!

  11. Gaston Teofilo Suarez Diaz

    que tal cover eh muy buena (y)!!!!!!!!

  12. Alex Olvera

    I hear Jim Morrison......

  13. Terry Lancer

    Ma questa cover è proprio una merda sexy boy è carina

  14. Terry Lancer

    Andatevi a vedere il video di Ulysses live on Letterman è da ridere in una maniera pazzesca si vede Kapranos che non riesce ad accordare la chitarra nuova e la cambia con quella vecchia ahahah musicista scadente ahahah

  15. Lethe Memnosyne

    Johnathan Halper is absolutely one of my favorite singers and hermits, so imagine my suprise at how much I adore this cover...brilliant <3 <3

  16. Carla Martinez

    It's a beautiful cover ♥


    @Carla Martinez I'm impressed!!

  17. New Chilean Gentry - Franz Ferdinand Chile

    What a great cover! Thank you Late Night Tales for this awesome compilation of our beloved guys' favourite songs :)
    Greetings from Chile!