Frans - Do It Like You Mean It Lyrics

(Do it like you mean it)

Fingers movin' cross your face
Lookin' for that special place, yeah
Open eyelids leave no trace
Caught into that final chase

You gotta do it like you mean it
(Do it like you mean it)
Yeah, do it like you mean it
(Do it like you mean it)

Do it like you mean it
Do it like you mean it

Close the door with open arms
Taste the luck in all the charms, yeah
Tired and true ain't always so
Step it up it's time to go

You gotta do it like you mean it
(Do it like you mean it)
Yeah, do it like you mean it
(Do it like you mean it)

El tiempo no para
Mi mente tampoco
La tierra se mueve y el mundo esta loco
Hago lo que quiero pero sin perser el foco
Viajo por el mundo sin avión y sin piloto
Sufre un poco menos vive un poco mas
Llora solo de alegria o de felicidad
Ama con el corazón y amaras de verdad
Dale puro pa lante y nunca pa atrás

La vida es una sola do you like it, mean it
Por que no se si mañana voy a morirme
Lo que tengo que hacer nadie puede decirme
Hago como quiero yo

La vida es una sola do you like it, mean it
Por que no se si mañana voy a morirme
Lo que tengo que hacer nadie puede decirme

Do it like you mean it
Out of breath and full of air
La vida es una sola do you like it, mean it
Do it like you mean it
The sign of you is everywhere
La vida es una sola do you like it, mean it

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  1. Max 19315

    *I Love Song **#FRANS** :D*
    *#HIT** LATA :D*
    *RadioZET **#RMF** :D*

  2. Nejc

    I love ur music it's so happy and stands out of all those sad songs! omg!!!!!

  3. Alejandro

    So good.

  4. Anna Ståler

    Kör Frans kör

  5. Škoda Felicia

    První českej koment kámo.😂

  6. Anna

    Few minuts ago remember you in eurovision 2016, your song was my favorite there. Now I see you want to find your style in music. I think that you great when you natural, ther so little natural in the world, maybe I wrong. good luck!

  7. Error Free

    Frans ma zajebisty styl i jest mega uroczy❤️🇵🇱

  8. Rasa Sagaitiene

    I miss uu

  9. celia espinosasanchez

    Símplemente MARAVILLOSO❤

  10. Nora M.

    He's about to release his new song called Amsterdam, and it's the best hit yet, just heard it in a concert, ahhh, gonna be in the video!!! 😆😆😆

    Miglė Paškevičiūtė

    where was the concert

    Nora M.

    @Miglė Paškevičiūtė Vilnius, katedros aikštė 😁

  11. Milda Radvanskyte

    Kisses from Lithuania 💛💚❤️

  12. Julia López García


  13. Wiktoria Strzelczyk

    Cool👍🏻 from Poland🇵🇱😊

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  15. Julia Pikor

    Kisses from Poland from Rzeszów ❤️💕❤️💕

    Magdalena Frączek

    Rzeszów była moc ❤

  16. 陶Ruby



    Sopot 2019

  18. Aleksandra Nm

    Polacy cały czas zaskakujecie! 🇵🇱🥰 Awesome song, we love you Frans!

  19. Invissible ™

    Next awesome song <3

  20. Zuza Andrus

    Kiedy słyszałeś tę piosenkę już o wiele wcześniej, ale dopiero miesiąc po wydaniu teledysku dowiadujesz się, że to głos Fransa 🤭😻😘 Buźki dla Polaków.

    Anna Drążek

    Również uwielbiam ten głos :D już jutro usłyszymy tę piosenkę w Rzeszowie <3


    Ej ile ona ma lat wie ktos

  21. Diiaanaa

    Love it, greetings from the netherlands❣️

  22. Max 19315

    *Kocham tą piosenkę :D*
    *#RadioZET** Wakacje!!!!*

  23. jefke69

    nice song, inspired by vaya con dios.....hey nanana

  24. Rodrigo Cesc

    Bolivia 🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴

  25. BR1 E

    OMG thanks for the recomendation YT😍😍👌👌

  26. CherryBerry

    Germany here :)

  27. Mariam Rashed

    Which other song has this song gotten inspired from? The chorus sounds similar to it

  28. Amber van Vaardegem

    Like itt❣ greetzz from the netherlands

  29. Ope Qritical

    los santos right?

  30. nothing but trash

    listening to this song like i mean it

  31. Holly White

    Wow! Go boy 😘♥️

  32. MrKylieM

    Vaya Con Dios shocked...😁

  33. Craig denton

    Nice bit of vaya con dios mix there #Awwwwwwsome

  34. MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Frans feat. Yoel905 - Do It Like You Mean It
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

    ❤️ *1.500 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  35. merida bertella

    greats from italyy:)

  36. Alejandro Hernández

    This needs to BLOW UP inmediately... Greets from Mexico.

  37. David Galán

    Where can I buy his outfit?

  38. Lexi 04

    This song is awesome❤😊

  39. Nicole

    Underbart Frans😀😀

  40. Tibor Balogh

    Hungary is here too :) i love This song

  41. Yiiser Pia

    El sonido de esta pieza, todo es tan único que provoca escucharla muchas veces.
    QUE BRUTAL TU ESTROFA YOEEEEEEEEL, la cereza del pastel. Proud of you, desde la 905.

  42. Flóra Vajasova

    I’m huge fan of you since If I were sorry.
    You were in Budapest few months ago and I recognized you at a night club, wasn’t sure thats you, but you’re smile helped me realized.
    Good luck in your career, such a talented man!✨🦋

  43. Topic YT

    Anyone expected this? Greetings from Sweden! :P keep the great music vibes Frans!

    Ela Lindgren

    Jola Sułkowska okey, i’m from sweden så not really😅 but i love this song ☺️

    Jola Sułkowska

    @Ela Lindgren okay sorry I thought everybody there is Polish

    Jola Sułkowska

    @Ela Lindgren have a nice day

    Ela Lindgren

    Jola Sułkowska it’s okey, Frans lives in sweden so 😄

    Ela Lindgren

    Jola Sułkowska you too :)

  44. Maciej Wawrzyniak

    Nice song, but - sorry - I don't like the clip...

  45. Gabrysia Frąk

    Love you frans and your music

  46. xniksx xniksx

    Love from Croatia 🇭🇷

  47. N Makar

    hello from russia♥ we love you)

  48. Cardiac Records


  49. Oliwia Sz

    Greetings from Poland ❤️

  50. Amelie Duvner

    0:25 that dance tho. Lol. Love the video btw

  51. Filtr Germany

    Love the Song 😍

  52. Adriano Bezerra

    Very Good

  53. Nadja Sommer

    This is so nice! I love it!

  54. Kosina pl

    Czemu wszystkie komentarze pod jego piosenkami są z Polski?❤️

    Iwka Sitek

    Nie mam pojęcia😂

    Ixi La

    Bo był na koncercie w Polsce

    Krystyna Khalidi

    Frans zdobyl Bursztynowego Slowika 2019 w Sopocie i sporo koncertowal po Polsce, a do tego jest utalentowany, zdolny i pracowity :)

  55. Ja na

    I'm so in love with this song😍❤️

  56. xxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxd

    🥰🥰😍 Nice

  57. xxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxd

    Poooooland :D

  58. Kira Anders

    I guess I won’t stop loving him 🥰😭

  59. DaOneFame

    Wow wow this is dopeeee! 🔥 🔥 Love from Serbia 🇷🇸 💙

  60. Veronika vinikovaite

    Wtf is this

  61. pia

    greetings from germany💫

  62. Epic League

    Cool👍🏻 greetings from Poland🇵🇱

  63. Hasan ELBER Taflan

    Super Greetings from Turkey pls see and like if you here for frans excellent voice

    Sude Alt.


  64. Dzoma Rosa

    What a change! 2016 and now... unrecognasible 😍


    He started in 2007

    Dzoma Rosa

    @Nicole I said that because I thought on song IF I WERE SORRY 😁


    Ok his first song is a Swedish song called Zlatan

    Dzoma Rosa

    @Nicole Yeah, Zlatan Ibrahimovic... that guy is superb football player 😊 Thanks for infos... i will check that song out 😁


    @Dzoma Rosa Yes it's about him :)

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  66. Sabrina 201012

    Still listen to it since months ❤️🥰

  67. FlorenceVideos [Wonderful_multifandom]

    no me esperaba esto,la parte en Español,tu cambio de me encanto,no me arrepiento de haberte conocido 👌😍

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    Kisses from Poland 😂

    Wiktoria Strzelczyk


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    Cool 💗😮

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    Poland is first😂❤️

    Alicia Gold

    Poland is everywhere