Franks, Michael - Without Your Love Lyrics

Love's so convincing when it begins
Righteous and real, but it soon deserts you
Before you know it you've reached the end
Honestly, I never meant to hurt you

The moment that I found you
I built my world around you
You changed your name and you became my home
And I called you my own
Our happiness seemed haunted
But you were all I wanted
No clouds could fade the love we made sublime
We were stronger than time

Time won in the end
Our love was too precious to pretend
Somehow I lost you

Without your love, will I ever be the same?
Will the spring arrive?
Will the rainbows chase the rain?
Without your love

We sailed through life together
Survived the raging weather
And then one day you came to say "good-bye"
And I never knew why
I prayed my heart could hide you
From all the storms inside you
The compass forced us way off-course somehow
And I never knew how

Wind won in the end
It wanted to break us, not to bend
And now I've lost you

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Franks, Michael Without Your Love Comments
  1. captainautumn1

    That pause at 00:49 though......

  2. jazzy


  3. Rick Burns

    Rare talent and a majestic gift of lifting our hearts with beautiful and haunting melodies. Michael has an unparalleled way of communicating emotion and tenderness that touch us in a way that few can !!!! Just love everything that he creates.

    Walid Khalaf

    True, brother!

  4. salvatore trovato

    Un pur moment de bonheur

  5. angelica pol

    I like so much!

  6. Carolina Martucci

    such beautiful...a rare moment of pure poetry made music.

    Walid Khalaf

    Carolina Martucci 😍

  7. Kendell Manning

    Michael Franks is on of the most powerful Artist that I have ever none.

    Walid Khalaf

    I agree, thanks Kendell :)