Franks, Michael - Why Spring Ain't Here Lyrics

Never knew the point of No Return till I crossed it
Never knew there could be Love Supreme till I lost it
Playing solo seemed ultra-cool - now it's clear
Our mid-winter goodbye must be why
Spring ain't here

Buds unopening refuse to bloom in low pressure
I feel like the man who lost the map to his treasure
Will the notes that I sing ever stop turning blue?
I'm unsprung like the Spring I the absence of you

Increasingly, I start to see
Why Spring ain't here
A wiser man, I understand
Why Spring ain't here

Wintertime just won't break, like the calendar's rusted
Where is April and May, is the equinox busted?
My mistakes was in letting you disappear
Our French film - like goodbye must be why
Spring ain't here

Increasingly, I start to see why
Spring ain't here
I can't demote my overcoat cause
Spring Ain't here
I still am seem in L.L. Bean cause
Spring ain't here
Turn up the song and don't be long...
Make Spring be here

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Franks, Michael Why Spring Ain't Here Comments
  1. Anita Berlanga

    Jimmy Haslip is BUMPIN' that bass!!!!

  2. Sarah Longo

    I think this my new favorite of his! Great tune!

  3. dimoteau

    so many years trying to know who is the singer of this amazing song !!!

    thanks for sharing !!!!

    Walid Khalaf

    +titusdeluxe Michael Franks, if you listen to his music and lyrics, you go there but never comeback! <3

  4. galetaable

    Ах Валид!! Какая прелесть .Спасибо!

    Walid Khalaf

    Действительно красиво :)