Franks, Michael - Tiger In The Rain Lyrics

Most of the time
He's the lord of the jungle
Everyone grins while he gripes
Usually he's found just
Lounging around in his stripes

His tiger lady's
A superfine feline
Just what his highness deserves
A sweet purring pussycat
Proud of her pussycat curves

He's a tiger in the rain
It's the thunder and lightnin'
He can't explain
A tiger in the rain
Who's frightened

Caught in the storm he came
Searching for shelter
Right up to me and my spouse
Both stroked his chin and
Invited him into the house

He's a tiger in the rain
It's the thunder and lightnin'
He can't explain
A tiger in the rain
Who's frightened

He's a tiger in the rain
It's the thunder and lightnin'
He can't explain
A tiger in the rain
Who's frightened

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Franks, Michael Tiger In The Rain Comments
  1. henry johnson

    2020: michael your music is still great , so many memories man


    Michael Franks' music is the perfect music that violent offenders should be forced to listen to all day, every day. Violent crimes would decline by at least 80%... I'm sure of it.

  3. Alexis Araneta

    My absolute favourite Franks song ! From those first sublime brass notes, I'm hooked. Franks just has a way with lyrics (not a surprise. He has an MA in literature.), and this one shows it. The imagery !! Add that delicious bass, and you have a musical gem ;

  4. Donald Cook

    Beautiful lllll song!!!

  5. Donald Cook

    One awesome artist.. overlooked by the music industry big time!! Probably the most creative songwriter ever...

  6. FavesWorld

    So soothing.. ease my soul music. I'm thankful for him and how he delivers his style.. organic and smooth. I love this track

  7. Chananchaida Singchai

    Good song. For old long time so good

  8. Auburn Orange and Blues

    Anyone listening in 2019?

  9. wolfbabe

    Is the narrator (singer) supposed to be God and his spouse is Mother Nature?

  10. Bmblackqueen Jesus

    Listening to my favorite music going to see him Friday

  11. Renée Matte

    Thanks "Ram Kyo" 🌺 for this 1979 sweetie gentle jazzy "Tiger in the Rain"
    💜🌺🙋‍🎼! 🎼

  12. deitriche washington

    This white boy was the coolest in the 70's. I remember when i first heard this song ..I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I just got a job working as swtich board operator in the Sheraton hotel and the St Francis Drake hotel..Working a 555 board this was before consoles were invented..Swtich Board school were big in the 1970's PBX

    Good morning Hotel operator how may I direct your call.? Or good morning Sir this is the hotel operator this is your first wake- up call..( in my sultry voice? it would drive the pilots bananas. Tee Hee! The best days of my life...With Mr.Frank's playing the lobby..I love this dude even in the 21st century..

  13. Thelma Davis

    I am a 🐅 in the rain. Mr. Franks, I have possession of the majority of your albums(vinyl). I have a pet chimp, and a baby tiger, their names r Biscuit and Lunchbox, I love them dearly🐅🐒🎼🎶🧚🎭💕🍾

  14. Thelma Davis

    💎🎡🤸‍♀️💓💓such charm🍾🍾💕🎭🧚🎶🎼🗼📯🎻🎸🎺

  15. Jerry Haynes

    Wow this song has taken me back to the time of simple love songs told in a parable. Michael Franks is an unappreciated genius. Love this song and yes I still remember Lambsy.

  16. Cindy Jones

    I really like don’t how I missed him beautiful voice

  17. p craig

    Always wished the violin solo at the end lasted longer. Not disappointed though.

  18. Rick Bales

    Thank you to the girl whose mother painted the album cover for me. Forgot your name and sorry for cheating on you!!

  19. Spencer Nicks

    I'm 31 going on 32 and I listen to a LOT of good music like this.

    Thelma Davis

    🥂🥂🎈🤸‍♂-🎷azz is everlasting, it is "INTERNATIONALLY MAGICAL and SOPHISTICATED". 🎩's off to u Mr. Spencer. 🎷azz is overwhelming.🎸🎺🎷🤸‍♂️🎈🥂🥂🗿🔮🃏

    Alexis Araneta

    Same actually ! Will be 32 in a few days (as of writing)

  20. M Smith

    I have loved Michael Franks since I can remember. He and I are the same age and I used to go to all of his concerts when he was in the So Cal area. He's still perfuming and has up and coming concerts scheduled in 2019

  21. Priscilla Cruz

    My ...time, my youthful day

  22. kevin lane


  23. blueeyesol

    Man, that outro vibe solo has got to be one of the most beautiful solos I've ever heard!!! Talk about touch my heart and damn pretty!!!

  24. Bruce Laudenberger

    One of my favorite!

  25. YahboySoda

    My teacher used to play this whole album in my 9th grade class.


    just beautiful

  27. last time

    Reminds of when I was young and beautiful living in NYC everything was exciting and magical and I fell in love.
    We are both very much older now...
    He lives in Nashville and I live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
    But this album brings me back to
    That lovely time of my life.

    Lawton Floor Covering

    last time ,
    There is a dynamic about life ... it moves .... and it will take you with it, whether you are willing to go or not. It leaves within its wake fond memories to those that can still be a child. I too, remember when things were ‘magical’ ...... and I’m simple enough to believe they still can be.

    Ron Robbins

    Beautiful comment, sounds like a whole other song lyric in itself!

  28. Samuel Pajoa

    Great Song!🎵👍😎🦁🐯60s 70s 80s and early 90s music is cool enjoy all kinds of music. 👍

  29. vegeta 17

    Nice song..

  30. Tj Taylor

    My ex hipped me to him!!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. Brian Broussard

    Reminds me of the times in my 280z

  32. akwowkwok .mp4

    A e s t h e t i c

  33. T Mac

    Nights We all remember with friends we'll never forget. Saw him perform this song at Chastain Park Atlanta, Georgia in a driviing rain with my buddy Sam. Our dates had long since walked back to the car to escape the weather and we had a blast. Two buds, great music and a lifetime moemory. Thanks Michael.

  34. Patrita Blackston

    Such a beautiful song.!!!

  35. Brian Broussard

    Make me think of a beautiful girl I was dating who passed along

  36. cris supleo

    Awesome song👏🤩 beautiful Tiger😍

  37. Samuel Pajoa

    So relaxing, on a rainy day. Love Michael Frank's music.

  38. Sonin Sod

    So pleasing and this song

  39. Marzena Christ

  40. Brock Nichols

    Damn, im glad I found this on a little jazz station traveling. I was in Colombia Missouri for the week. Never changed the dial all week and found this gem along the trip. Love it.

  41. Bouneville Castaneda

    Nice Song😄😄😄😘

  42. Sunny Hollister

    Makes me reminisce those beautiful moments in the past!

  43. ShikataGaNai100

    Only Michael could write like this about a stray cat. Brilliance.

  44. Josephine Pino

    Just the perfect song (as we speak in toronto) it's" ice stormy" and just lounging around in my jammies.

  45. Cool C

    Michael Franks is the man 4 this one facts

  46. sam juliano

    Eyes closed, breathing slows.

  47. JuliansFlightdotcom

    Thanks to Henri Rousseau's Painting: "Tropical Storm With A Tiger" or "Surprised" (Cover Art)
    Michael got inspired and made "an imaginary song story" about "the tiger" and his super fine feline ... but the one thing ... the very one thing he's frightened of and can't explain is that "Thunder and lightning" (as portrayed in the painting). The track unfolds like some surreal lullaby with Michael's Song Whisperer voice floating over a full orchestra of strings and vibe ... a once upon a time song that can never be replicated.

    Patrita Blackston

    Thanks for that bit of history.

    Joe Juarez

    Great voice love his music.

  48. Anna Luks

    Have no favorites with Michael Franks....... there are so uniquely awesome masterpieces to me!!

  49. Vin L

    Does anyone know the story behind this song?

    Hung Lo

    Stray cat was scared of lightning and came up to there door which led to him being a pet. Believe this cat also died and there's a second song about him.

  50. Leandro Alessandrini

    I love this song :-)

  51. Chell Mendoza

    love this song...😍

  52. Dennis Eudela

    ●Michael Franks - The original MR. MELLOW!
    ☆Whether John Mayer will accept it or not...He got his vocal style from this original. ..No Doubt(!) in my mind!
    Thanks for all 'mellow moments, Michael!'

    L. Roi Boyd

    I hear ya. And I think it's interesting because I view John Mayer as the James Taylor of the Millenials. Yet, if one thinks about it, there's not much distance between James Taylor and Michael my opinon

  53. Yulia Siswati

    so much Michael 💕

  54. Dave Martinez

    Even during my high school days, 'til kind of music.

  55. Josephine Pino

    A very relaxing song.

  56. wait4meto

    Is this contemporary jazz? Beautiful!!

    The Survivor

    wait4meto No

  57. Tone Poblete

    Storming this week SF bay with lightning & thunder, always brings me back to tiger & pussycat curves T*Y Michael ☆

  58. Glenn Shaw

    Very Jazzy!

  59. tall32guy

    I think this is about how Michael got one of his cats. :)

  60. Josie Centeno

    Love this track ❤️

  61. Serena Lee

    Love this 💚

  62. Oleg Abidor

    It's all only Michael!!!

  63. Tony Patryn

    My dad used to play this album for me when I was a kid. This whole record is filled with classics.

  64. Dejuan Barnett

    The easiest way to bring down high blood pressure. Listen to Michael franks

    Adenoid Hynkel

    Or you can watch an Eric Rohmer film.

    Mitch Salawine

    Couldn't have said it better. The world of 1979 was a much more laid back one than today.


    I'll always come here since u said that. Definitely a stress reliever

    kate davenporty

    @Mitch Salawine very true.

  65. Samuel Wesley

    Love this song. Takes on a new meaning now when our retriever jumps on our bed when the thunder and lightning 'she can't explain'!!

  66. Robert Terry

    This man is out cold with songs

  67. Marlon King

    Drifting gently into nostalgia . . thank you Michael Franks

    Brock Nichols

    Marlon King I heard that my guy

    last time

    This song and album was played over snd over again at a time in my life when I was young and beautiful living in NYC AND having a lovely magical life and I fell in love.

  68. khanya kakes

    what a song makes me think far away

  69. DJ Knight

    Probably the best outro I have heard in my life ! .... Sublime.

    Marvin Francis

    so true


    The outro is definitely one of the most beautiful Vibe solos I have ever heard...wish it went on longer, the guy could do no wrong with where he was in feeling that solo!!!

  70. tall32guy

    my favorite of Michael's, or at least one of them, and one of the first I ever heard of his, in the early to mid 80's. :)

  71. Linda Dixon

    I'm 59 yrs old now, still holds a special place in my heart.

    Marlon King

    +Linda Dixon Me too

    Rob Citizen

    There is something really cruisey about this song. The whole album is good.
    My brother was also a big influence on the music that I have listened to.

    T Mac

    Linda, I'm 55 and I coundn't agree more. He's my favorite artist

    Алексей Высоцкий

    i m 37 years old)))

  72. Linda Dixon

    I heard this song when I was only 16 yrs old, at that age it was introduce me to, my first jazz song, thanks to my brother Roger RIP.


    Linda, I remember groovin' to this album on vinyl in '79. Thank you Mr. Franks & Mr. Rousseau. The years will only go by more quickly from now. Peace & Love.

    Ike Gabon

    Linda Dixon same here I heard it from my big brother RIP

    navy mouse

    Love the jazz love diana always and forever.will never let u go.make me think about the the the music.

  73. iyaaank2nd

    tulus brought me here

  74. SecretGardenOwl

    made my lazy rainy even so special, thank you for posting this song. loving it

  75. Gee Love

    Anytime I'm down I just listen to this guy.  His music damn.... just so soul soothing you know?

  76. KATT. S


  77. Erik Wilson

    A very great song

  78. Ram Romero

    i like this song so much

  79. Momcy Perez

    Love all your music mihael!

    Alex Dacua

    so lovely music

    Danilo Corpuz

    you 're cute

    Danilo Corpuz

    you 're cute

    Nando Brodeth

    still d same after so many years.

  80. Joshua Olin

    Us tigers can only purr and growl...oh, and hunt all night.

  81. sam dorsalis

    Soothingly awsome.
    Thank you dearmy M.FRANKS.
    KEEP UP.

  82. Cris Ch


  83. พิสิฐ จันทรกุลกิจ


    Grit Sripaurya


  84. Jean-Louis Yguel

    Les Mas de Janas 1980...

  85. Fred Simmons

    Love this song right here.

    Philippians 4:8
    Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise, dwell on these things. 

  86. elbarto p

    For me it's the best song of the world !!!

  87. Burt472


  88. Rick SD

    real nice and cool music from one great artist.I just love it...thanks Michael....

  89. Eleazar Calano

    Such a cool song.. So surreal and so calm. One of those rainy day/stay at home music alone with your girl with a candle light dinner.

  90. Maria Rodriguez

    Great artist, and my favorite piece from Michael, so beautiful, sweet, sad and very lovely. I've seen him several times in concert over the years and with this one in particular, all he does is play the guitar & sing, with l or 2 guys shaking congas in the back, and it is ssooooooo beautiful!!!! Long live the great Michael Franks from La Jolla, CA


    Wow he's from my city San Diego.. the connection was destiny

  91. Pharaoh

    I know that but only as a example you stupid piece of shit. What I'm saying is you don't see me going around saying "Im only 16 and I dont listen to the same crap my generation does"

  92. 666Shorts

    you just did dumbass.

  93. Pharaoh

    Yea well I'm only 16 you don't see me commenting on my age? Music is timeless regardless of age

  94. Pharaoh

    Another dude with a king of the hill avatar :o

  95. The Bacon Crusader

    This song is killing me softly...

  96. The Bacon Crusader

    Spine chilling.... 0:00