Franks, Michael - The Chemistry Of Love Lyrics

Why can't we free the love inside us?
Those inhibitions which divide us
Is it naive of me to seek such ecstasy?
I crave the chemistry of love

Let's build the Taj Mahal of pleasure
Follow the blue print to those treasures
A formula aside should help us
Crystallize into the chemistry of love

Please don't recite me poetry
I rather feel you close to me
And listen to the rhythm of your heart
Now here we are woman and man
And like those statues by Rodin
I can't tell you for me
Inside the chemistry of love

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Franks, Michael The Chemistry Of Love Comments
  1. Donald Cook

    Unbelievable song by an incredible artist/ songwriter.. mf is off the charts amazing.

  2. judy wright

    The lyrics are phenomenal as is the singer Micheal Franks. I love his music ❤️

  3. D Pl

    There is one movie I watched a few years ago and during the ending scene this song was sung in the background. But it wasn't this singer. Anybody know who that singer was?

  4. Cheryl Polk


  5. Sovereign Principal

    Beautiful music I must say 💖

  6. Josie Centeno

    Awesome 🎶❤️🎶

  7. Janice Zeno

    Very nice music.😘😋😍

  8. Valerie Campbell

    Golly, at 50 I just discovered this gem of a songwriter. What a waste. Oh, well, time to make up for lost time!

  9. Corinna Life

    just amazing!!!

  10. Irene Kim

    одна из самых-самых любимых композиций. слушаю каждый день!!! жаль запись не совершенна, не настроен эквалайзер

  11. Greg Pruitt

    Smooth, Timeless, Music of Life. I've been a fan of Michael Franks since the early 70s as a teen and musician.

  12. marie laveau

    love, love love this record!

  13. talli sayang

    nice jazz all the time n forever

  14. Saddiq Odariko

    this man is a genius. just wonder if he knows it.

    Michelle Mcdonald


  15. Jazziz Café

    Siempre es un placer disfrutar escuchando a Michael Franks, en esta ocasión es "The Chemistry Of Love", un tema que era parte de su decimosexto álbum de estudio, "Rendezvous in Rio" publicado en 2006. Tan buen músico como persona, Franks nos tiene esperando un nuevo trabajo desde que en 2011 publicó "Time Together", su primer álbum con Shanachie Records (@ShanachieEnt). Un grande! #SmoothJazzVocals

  16. Lady DI .Williams

    Doesn't matter how humid the weather may get in Florida....Michael can always bring a cool breeze in the room...Love this man!!!

  17. Gerald More

    The master of lyrics!

  18. Joe Jones

    I'm so in love with this song...This song will be added to my playlist.

  19. ana castillo

    One smooth and seductive man,he's a gem!

  20. John Kolias

    Franks is a master song writer. Bravo.....

  21. Joshua Olin

    Me like Singapore now...

  22. Arief s wardhana

    love michael F, i'am likeLike

  23. Lilie Vardanyan



    I've found gold. Sky.Fm never fails me.

  25. Sergei Anatolyvich

    Another gem disc-overy, thank you!

  26. Lorenzo Garza

    Lisa, I am so blessed to have found you & that I was smart enough to see that you were the best thing that ever came into my life.  Thank you for loving me Baby, and I promise to love you for the rest of my life with all that I am!!!!

    Mhfnfogejng gkggfgb

    I wish someone said that to me lol

  27. Flynn Taylor

    damn fine music and I still reach for it Especially ART OF TEA!!

  28. Flynn Taylor

    No wonder this guys been off the market such a long long time- sorry Ladies he is taken- lmao!!!

  29. Deborah Steele

    "MY HEART MUSIC" - DJS - 10/16/13

  30. For God's Glory!

    Exceptionally mellow. Enjoyed him then; enjoy him now.

  31. jeanne berry

    I agree with Al and James, nobody better than Michael Franks.

  32. dbwilljr68

    I proposed to my wife with this song playing in the background.. Nice memories... :)

  33. Joey Sangalang

    ''as usual, michael is always at his best....

  34. Mirriam David - Balubal

    MF at his best like ever. Love your music Michael F since the 80's. M

  35. ralfir zo

    such great song!

  36. patrik sivak

    mine favorite song i love it


    the coolest singer of all times!!

  38. 79steelymatt

    The very best smooth & mellow sounds ever created

  39. Kathy20102010

    Beautiful song! : )

  40. Naomi Wright

    I love this man's music !

  41. lesatz4

    Realmente preciosa. Me gusta como fusiona el jazz y la bosa!!

  42. biboingka


  43. Erfansah Darmawan

    very love this song

  44. wajobu

    This is an incredible song--beautifully recorded and produced by Jeff Lorber.

    Tshibase Dlova

    The master him self