Franks, Michael - Now Love Has No End Lyrics

As a kid my nose would be
Inside a book of poetry
I memorized the movies where
Into each other's eyes the lovers stare
I.e. Zhivago with his Lara in their cottage
In the snow

Ten below with only love to keep the warm
I soon discovered with alarm
Real life could not compete
With fiction or widescreen love, on the street
No face was shining there to meet me
In soft focus... guess my heart
Blew the part

Seemed like for me stormy weather
Would always hide the moon
I flew the wind like a feather
Into the wrong monsoon
Until the light of your smile
Guided me to this island

I lost my way
But now I'll never be lost again
I'm not ashamed to say
I know for sure now love have no end
It sounds so commonplace
That I'm reluctant to point my pen
When I behold your face
I know for sure now love has no end

I used to be amorously so cynical but now
I know for sure love has no end
The game of hearts was long false starts
Until you taught me how
To know for sure love has no end
Till I found you I never knew the joy of two
But now
I know fore sure love has no end
It's always better late than never
For forever now
I know for sure love has no end

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Franks, Michael Now Love Has No End Comments
  1. Annalisa Patete

    I love the songs and the melodies of Michael Franks

  2. Tyrone Brezell

    Music is medicine

  3. Mark Reynolds

    The Cat with the smoohnes Mr. Frank's.

  4. Burgundy Glam

    This song is so damn SMOOTH and satisfying.

  5. Love Angel Angel Of Love

    Lust has no home in love. Love and passion is real and has no end.

  6. Ben Stewart

    EVER SMOOTH....That's Michael Franks...Still listening!

  7. Dom Rider & the Fabulous Dogs Deluxe

    When Mr blue unfroze those popsicle toes I used to get in the Benz with lime and perrier like a tiger in the rain until the cookie jar was empty...

  8. ernesto jose fernandez estebes

    me fascina

  9. TheKierowniczka

    Michael , fantastyczna, pełen sexy kawałek Twojej wspaniałej muzyki, którą podobno masz w głowie, ściskam mocno. Dana

  10. Koe Van

    Michael Franks music always improves my mood.. 💛💚💛💚

  11. Barry Abrams

    I would have loved it if Michael Franks and Patti Austin had worked together on some beautiful music also. This song is great music.

  12. Rodion Ortiz

    Michael Frank is my idol ..great singer

  13. Janice Zeno

    Very good music to listen to. 😘😘😘

  14. Jerry Hoyt

    This guy's music is something else. Love it!

  15. Ken Murray

    No one in the World makes a white soul sound like Michael Franks.
    I could listen to him all day and night. Keep them coming Michael.

  16. Eric Miller

    I've been listening to Mr. Franks for over three months here at my office, he just gets better & better, his sound just doesn't get old...

  17. William Latson

    This composition is so relaxing.What a great song!

  18. William Latson

    This song just takes me to a place of pure bliiss spiritually.

  19. Vusumuzi Mkhanyisi Matiwane

    the game of love was long false started until u taught me how to know sure love has no end,, till I found u I never knew the game for two but now I know sure love has no end,,,, Mentally and Spiritually healing,, true & for sure & its always better late than never far forever more to know that love has no end..

  20. Vusumuzi Mkhanyisi Matiwane

    love has no end only death will so us apart

  21. live world

    sampıonum benımmm ......

  22. Victor Akinrnmad

    One of my favorites. I like to start my Saturday morning listening to this lyrics

  23. Fitzgerald Okonkwo


  24. Stenli Dany

    Great music, brilliant lyrics

  25. M Ariyananda W

    me and you .... naked in bathroom

  26. talli sayang

    nice jazz all the time...make it when i wanna sleep

  27. Stevie G

    lyrically clever and soothing !!!

  28. Flynn Taylor

    timeless perfect and very sensual in a word. only franks

  29. Flynn Taylor

    Mr blue

  30. Flynn Taylor

    ha he sorry ladies his taken like you couldnt guess???

  31. Ysmael Guantes

    timeless !!

  32. seotlo seotlo

    guess my heart blew the part

  33. Melvin Nugas

    always great music from mf...

  34. IMC41

    Approaching nearly 40 years of listening to his music and it still moves me to this very day - timeless indeed...

  35. Andre Williams

    I also Love Blue Pacific by Michael Franks

    Micheal Jerrod

    Andre Williams my favorite Michael Franks

  36. Andre Williams

    I first heard this song In Washington DC on WHUR radio and fell in love it. Every time I hear this song it reminds me so much of Washington DC like right now!!!!


    ha man, I was thinking the same thing, grew up listening to whur. Do you remember around what year you would hear this song? I ask because i'm looking for the name of a song but a person would have to be familiar with that station (like you) and more importantly the year i have in mind that I use to hear the song i'm looking for.

    Why do you want to know?

    corey84douglass 1997

    Why do you want to know?

    corey84douglass thankfully I have the app downloaded on my phone, so I can listen to WHUR


    Thats around the time I would hear this song AND the song i'm looking for lol

    Milepost 484

    I don't know if it was the same station, but living in SC I made a once a year trip to visit relatives in Maryland, 105.9 in DC was a smooth jazz station that was locked in when I got into range of it. Thank God for XM.

  37. Jack Waterman

    "i.e. Zhivago and his Lara" is the kind of lyric you don't hear everyday.

    seotlo seotlo


    Noe Berengena

    As per the Wiki, Franks discovered the poetry of Theodore Roethke with off-rhymes and hidden meter when he was still in high school. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA in comparative literature in 1966 and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Oregon in 1968. He did a teaching assistantship in a Ph.D. program in American literature at the University of Montreal. So, he's plumbing what are for him familiar waters.

    seotlo seotlo


  38. Dwight Moore

    Michael Franks is one of those artist who puts a tune and you know it's going to be a hit

  39. Ursula Cotton

    Brilliant job.

  40. Hector Gamez


  41. Edith van Loo

    absolutely superrrbeee...

  42. Beatriz Alvarez


  43. Anna aizic-meir

    getting better and better...

    Noe Berengena

    Michael Franks is the exception to the rule. Even after multiple plays his songs don't wear thin. Amazing.

  44. Joe Jones

    Michael Franks...Nuff said.

  45. Katrina Mckee

    I love Mike Franks relaxing music

    Debra White

    Katrina Mckee kool

  46. gfine2000

    Wow.  My first listen and it won't be my last... oh so nice...

  47. George Prosser

    beautiful duet with Valerie Simpson ,...


     a rich melodious voice play


  49. Vance Harrison

    Extraordinary,the mood is set whenever your reminiscing about the one you loved and the way were suddenly taken from you. Bittersweet,I miss you so much !

  50. Raymund Guillena

    Still in love w/ m.f song:)

  51. janicewash59

    Love his voice

  52. Joshua Olin

    Beauty like Rose, Sheila, Danielle, etc.

  53. Marvin Solomon

    Brilliant! the best! now thats music for the soul

  54. Michelle Hobman

    Beautiful - 

  55. John T. Rice


  56. Flynn Taylor

    tell me this is NOT perfect to bring in the romance?? this guys floors me EVERYTIME!!! this is my fav next to "everytime she whispers"

    Noe Berengena

    Yes, the truth. "everytime she whispers" sets a pretty high bar. Its smoothness belies its complex layering -- lots going on in that song.

  57. spectre56j

    This is a great collaboration!

    James Smith

    Valerie Simpson and Michael Franks is an unbeatable combination!

    Welfare Dad

    From the legendary Ashford and Simpson?

    James Smith

    @Welfare Dad Yes the very same Valerie Simpson who was married to the Late Nicholas Ashford.

  58. Flynn Taylor

    I could listen to Michael forever!!
    he is a daily for me!!

  59. cesare ricciarelli

    great valery e michael

  60. Alena Spirina

    спасибо за клип!

  61. SidLiza The Fitness Couple

    great song

  62. Cynthia Mina


  63. 13resi

    moje osudová píseň.....

  64. Jacques Ferret

    Pour ma vie, elle se reconnaitra

  65. Jocelyn Williams

    Oooooh man! listening to it right now on a warm, and all sooo beautiful evening in Portland!

  66. Maximum Blue

    Perfect song to go with such lovely images.

  67. Man O'Neal

    Yes! I came here just to mention those wonderful lines.

  68. reginald reid

    Love the way he sing. Michael Franks. Buy some of his stuff you can'nt go wrong.

  69. Grettel Otz

    El mio finalizo...

  70. Kamel Hammouda

    h'is the best for ever

  71. Bobby Kincannon

    "No, my Love has no end, not for you and you know who you are-Love goes on and on-true Love-right kerry"? Leza S.

  72. Alan Eisenberg

    Man, this is just paradise watching this clip and listening to this perfect music which I love to pieces. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for its posting

  73. Melih Morgan

    You r absolutley right, I was listening local radio station in Norfolk,VA when DJ spinned his song "Tiger in the Rain" since then I was mesmarized his music.The year was 1977 while serving in the Navy.

  74. Melih Morgan

    who would'nt have falling love? song such as this!

  75. Melih Morgan

    There r songs it make us to seek, wonder off n even ask ourselfs about nature, God, love, weather, moods, time and space, our own existence in this wonderful but crazzy world that we live in. This song definetly bridges those thoughts closer, someways it makes perfect balance, Mike n Val certainly have taken upto that level players deserve well do reconation, Words only can reflect such to this song. And the days like this in Schertz, TX

  76. Abraham Jackson

    Mr Franks , have that San Diego vibe ....

  77. R.Kevin Pearson

    I KNEW.

  78. Matthew curry

    Seems like for me stormy weather would always hide the moon.......... love it!!! One of my fav artists.

  79. Cheryl Miller

    Micheal songs will make me fall in love over and over again! I absolutely adore him!

  80. 79steelymatt

    Boy are you right-I collect music and I keep them organized by category/genres on shelves.Michael Franks has his own category, because there is nobody else like him or anybody worthy of "sitting on the shelf" with him, so to speak.What are your favorite albums?It is very hard to top (1976)-The Art of Tea or(1980)- One Bad Habit for me personally

  81. Paul Campbell

    Valerie Sounds Great On this Song!!! Who Knew?

  82. Aneta Stojnic

    I know for sure love has no end
    The game of hearts was long false starts
    until you taught me how
    To know for sure love has no end
    Til I found you I never knew the joy of two
    but now
    I know fore sure love has no end
    It's always better late than never,
    for forever now
    I know for sure love has no end. <3 Beautiful <3

  83. Hendrik van Noort

    Great Song, Great lyrics and Great singers !

  84. Edmundo Silva

    The saxophone is making love with the sea.... Lovely!

  85. Edmundo Silva

    I love it!!!!

    This is may paradise!!!!!

  86. onlyjaz

    Freshman year at college in 82, my friend,TWB, hipped me onto Franks and I have been a fan ever since. Still as smooth as ever. Wow, I am aging...nicely and with Jazz..not bad! Val Simpson...I am speechless.

  87. MsViktor4

    .... Сколько гармонии и чувств... Майкл-гениальный музыкант!

  88. matthewdnorris

    This song has sex written on every line. This is good. Sex is positive. Passionate love

  89. musiclover2375

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    c de la affinité du génie de l'excellant


    ca me rappel alger plage,les ondine ,club 20,les belles soirées.
    en a tout perdu

  92. tubebitch12

    @MrTylermclean1 Nick Ashford, sadly, passed away August 2011. Nick and Valerie wrote a wonderful song with the the late Amy Winehouse, that had that Motown stamp all over it! One of many! Cherish these great,singers and song writers, while you can, they are leaving us fast! Mr Franks, here is legendary and so underrated! This song with Ms. Simpson, is timeless and the best of the best ! This generation is privileged to know them!

  93. leeshels


  94. brisa21music

    Thanks for posting one of my favorite Michael's song with so beautiful pictures.

  95. camerahh4

    @doublej59mvill I'm 53, man ..same here!

  96. tinkerbell 2018

    makes a person fall in love in again...nice song and duet...