Franks, Michael - Lotus Blossom Lyrics

So empty like sky
Without any sun
Lotus Blossom, don't cry
You and I were meant to be one
And though we're apart
It won't be for long
I come to you
In my song

So happy we two
Like sparrows in spring
Lotus Blossom, it's true
Me and you like bow upon string
I live for the day
My journey will end
So I can touch you again

And in my dream
You are always there with me
A Tahitian fantasy...
But then the film just breaks
And I wake...

Lotus Blossom!

So empty like sky
Without any sun
Lotus Blossom, don't cry
You and I were meant to be one
And though we're apart
It won't be for long
I come to you
In my song

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Franks, Michael Lotus Blossom Comments
  1. david


  2. arthurthegreat

    dude fucking changed the key and tempo of the song! Shit upload

  3. jake odoherty

    Check the posture tho...

  4. Gerard Elias Hernández

    who s here because French Montana?

    lil beeters

    Gerard Elias Hernández nah I’m here cuz of carti

    lil beeters

    Gerard Elias Hernández

    Gerard Elias Hernández

    @lil beeters whaaaaaaaaat didn't know this one. Thanks man! love carti too btw <3

  5. James Cowans Productions

    The perfect music video for this would be a bunch of chaos in the background with this really peaceful song

  6. Marcus Sam

    This is why I love reading the comments...I found this listening to Curren$y/French Montana. Thank you world.

  7. Kayode Omoregie

    God....what can I say; I listen to this and others like it and long for those days when life seemed so simple and certain. Now I want to cry..........melancholy...

  8. iBrutality

    So empty like sky

  9. Conald Deronne

    Such a masterpiece❤

    VJ Shoegal

    A masterpiece...still!

  10. Kathy Miller

    I was a Marine stationed at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro when I first heard this. El Toro is now shut down. Semper Fi. 🇺🇸

    VJ Shoegal

    Thank you for your service.

  11. Daniel I

    Curren$y and French brought me here...and I’m here to stay.

  12. Fiber Wire


  13. Vincent

    In my dreams you’re always there with me

  14. Burgundy Glam

    How can I be a Michael Franks fan since 1989 and not know this song? Thank you Pandora.


    Yes that is strange

  15. Mrs Hanner


  16. Gerald V Woodall Jr

    I remember hearing this as a little boy, It brings tears to my eyes and I get a frog in my throat. So beautiful!

  17. marvin harms

    Sir Micheal Franks. I love you sir. A human being.

  18. KarDevaraj

    Song suggestions for after you’ve played this to the ground?

  19. Arianna Barlow

    My mum loves this!!

  20. Roly Rodriguez

    I found the fuckong sample

  21. joseph deanda

    Playboi carti - cry carti did a nice sample for his first song

  22. Shaaki Evans

    I cum to you ahhhhhhhhhh my dick I came

  23. Bryce Kayski

    Currency and French Montana used this shit in a song like 2010 soooo hard

  24. Anthony L Jefferson

    Thanx Scrappy Doo 4 Introducing Me 2 His Music In 1984 @ An HBCU In Houston, Texas...Go Texas Southern University!!!!

  25. Jacco

    Carrying this all my life....

  26. GotFlow5

    Mic Galper brought me here..I like this better than Mic Galpers rap

  27. David Bone

    Quien es el productor<'?

  28. love4lust7301

    Zzzzzzzzzz to infinity

  29. Julian Arellano

    So glad to come across such music

  30. J N

    such a great song, although he looks like the sort of guy to have a shit fetish

  31. KCJbomberFTW

    This sounds delicious at any playback speed

  32. OK3i


  33. Dave Strong

    Foner - 'So High' brought me here

  34. Ja'Vaughn Turner

    Always used ro smoke to this song back in middleschool, was fuckin years ago & it still mellows me out I friken love it

  35. supreme mikey


  36. C M

    I still go all crazy inside when I listen to Micheal Franks.

  37. Slick Fontaine and the Moonshiners

    so gediegen, so einfach, so perfekt! Michael Franks: one of a kind!

  38. Andrew Garrison

    macaroni with the cheese brought me here

  39. Banana_Muffens

    Hak from soundcloud brought me here

  40. Raymond Maxwell

    set the speed to 1.25.

    PinUp /RetardActual

    Ha I found a Q Boi

  41. Macintosh Robinson

    Rozz Dyliams

  42. InflatablePlane

    He almost has a hushed Jack Johnson sound in his voice in this song.

  43. Ffgould

    Purple Cloud - Lotus Blossom

  44. Akuboh joseph

    Check out the acoustic and wind instruments that introduce this song. Just awesome

  45. Dam Dami


  46. suprafly36

    You gotta roll up a nice white paper to this!!! Dammmmmnnnnn and I thought i quit till i heard this beautiful track

  47. Erika

    i keep coming back

    Ramondo Brown

    Come again!

  48. kalcongdon17

    low as possible, crackaine

  49. Yung Leyenda

    This is a pure gem, rare shit's the best shit

  50. Jean Joseph

    dre day - don't matter
    has a hook with this song you guys share

  51. Loegan

    Thank you for the recommendation Justin from BBOTT.

  52. R Kelly

    Camaro like Larry Flynt, block star, rock star, Montana Aerosmith

    Denise sheriff

    R Kelly Montana 💯💪

  53. Kelton Foster

    auspacious by igloo mane

  54. Regina West

    💁This man's music & this song in particular, left an indelible mark on me years ago. I have never forgotten this beautiful song! 💕💖💕

  55. Jordanielle The Random

    does anyone know any other songs like this one? if so can you name em???

    E.N.G Creation

    St elmos fire by the same guy

    Ramondo Brown

    Tiger in the Rain

  56. stoopkid42


  57. Chris Almonte

    Smoke fire to this 🔥


    mehhh smoke.. I want some hard as LSD or Mushrooms and than i wanna make music

  58. Kosio Varbenov

    ooooh the guitar solo though


    This songs makes me feel chilleddd

  60. Simon Saranpää

    play at 1.25 speed & thank me later

    Regina Nicholas

    i like to slow it down a bit

    Björn Pettersson

    I actually like to slow it down a bit

    Björn Pettersson

    So beautiful.

    Colin Davies



    Simon Saranpää .075 is where it’s at

  61. Malik king

    Beautiful one of the songs you relax with a glass of sweet wine in a hot bubble bath with your mind dreaming about him like he said in my deams i love his music his lyrics are amazing

  62. TaureanBlueSoul

    Yessss. This is gorgeous.

    Ramondo Brown

    just like you!

  63. David Bone


  64. SouthFlorida’96


    Curtis James



    Its also used in 20 joints

    Sterling Silver

    You already know!

  65. Colton Kelsey

    How could anyone give this song a dislike?

  66. yumiko kido

    It's deep,isn't it?

  67. Dillon Romero

    currency brought me here

    Timothy Infinite

    what song did he sample this one in?


    Timothy Infinite So High (In the Sun)

    Timothy Infinite

    I sampled it too. Check it out on my channel if you get a chance :)

    Landon Chase

    Me too lol

    Reuben Kozlov

    relax in the sun, low as possible

  68. Nkata Magalefa

    truly dope music

  69. Carroll middleton jr


  70. Tyler Hamilton

    This is the song Steve Jobs was smoking too in that field that's all that comes to my mind when hearing this lol

  71. logansrun80 parents were jammin' this CASSETTE when I was a kid. I was like.....5 years old and I knew all the lyrics. LOL...I didn't know what I was singing but I liked it! It always calmed me and made me feel like love was in the house, especially around holidays! I never forgot MF. This Saturday 8/23/14 he will be in Las Vegas and I will be seeing him for the first time in concert. Excited!

    Colton Kelsey

    Can I go with you lol. just joking

    I Don't Like That Shit

    Your parents were probably much cooler than you realized at the time.

  72. Morrisseyan

    This song really is good. Anyone know if theres a trip-hop version of this song?


    @Frank Valenti  Thanks for the reply, but that wasn't trip hop. It was kinda close tho, so thanks!


    foner-so high

    Ruthwik Rao

    +Morrisseyan Also Knxwledge - Hayrow. It's hip-hop but I'm sure you'll love it. This song was sampled in that beat.


    Don papa lotus blossom


    Flatbush Zombies mixtape DRUGS is pretty good?

  73. altologist

    wow! have only heard the David Sanborn version.  did not know there were vocals.  this is awesome!!!

  74. david banner

    My mom used to play michael franks everyday, when I was growing up. But' DAMN I AIN'T NEVA HEARD THIS BEFORE. thanx for posting!!!!

  75. It’s Lydz

    this gave me goosebumps!

    Zury Trillos

    word darling 

    Olmer Aguilar

    Ima sing you this song lol

    Mihai radulescu

    j gave all of us goosebumps :)))

    Kerron Fortune

    lydia Siramdane for real!!!! Incredible song!!!

    Burgundy Glam

    It’s Lydz Michael Franks will often do that.

  76. GuerreroDeLaInfo

    man, this makes the French Montana version seem lame as fuck. classic! how come I never heard of Michael Franks before?

  77. Nino Brown

    What is this song about?!?


    Love, bro. Love.

  78. DMellosoul


  79. Iciss Nightly

    My smoke song man hahah

    ariel ellis

    Iciss Nightly period

  80. l8Os

    Damn. This song puts me in the zone.

  81. K-STheWise

    Yall go check out my boys remix to this song it a sample, type in lotus blossom wiz khalifa type beat!!!!

  82. 420deftonestoner

    Wow...I just heard this for the first time right now..
    My panties need changing..
    This moved me like very few other songs is indeed orgasmic!

    Ramondo Brown

    Michael's music will keep the soiled. I've always said if I were a woman he would have mine as such.

  83. Nicolaisen100


  84. kiĐĐ Younge

    I'm black and i like this song


    That did sound "Young" & Uninformed, didn't it?


    Why does it even matter kidd? Your skin tone has no influence on what you like, culture does though. Like what you like regardless of what anyone labels your demographic as liking. Take care. Be above the influence- From a white guy. 


    I'm white and love Michael Franks. May I have a cookie, sir?


    Im white and I hate it

    Ju Ju

    All I heard was You like this song.... Well done KiDD Well done.

  85. Ja'Vaughn Turner

    Im thinkin about singing this to my girl (She loves this song alittle to much) . . .then purpose. What do yaw think?

    Ramondo Brown

    Pls don't fuck it up

  86. Gdinasty

    French Montana - So high

  87. John C. Griffin Jr.

    It's 1980,I've married my Lady Love life is bright,positive energy is flowing free,and this album is playing,"Oh what a time it was"

  88. Andrew Velasquez

    THat shit sucked ass

  89. E.N.G Creation

    currensy killed this deep sample

  90. b cyman

    hoping maggie would come back to me...... summer of 1985

  91. Jargon_SZN

    its called so high...


    Call Of Duty Videos Stay See

  92. George Goodrick

    lol i admit french is wack but slick isn't much better, curren$y holds it down best.

  93. Gio Quintos

    f*ck french montana.
    Slik D - Blown as Possible
    listen to it.

  94. WNxFaceless

    best smokin song ever

  95. simplyxhris

    U kidding? Michael Franks has been blowing up big time long before Curren$y/Montana were even born. - coming from a true MF fanatic!