Franks, Michael - Innuendo Lyrics

No one here
Venus and Mars
And a skyful of stars
It's been a slo-mo year
A few stolen kisses
And several near misses

I wait, wish my mission was clearer
For the cherub's arrow
Hesitate, one last look in the mirror
My lappels are narrow
Down the stairs and hit the street
The bravado's just pretend though
And the chic spot where we met
Is called Innuendo

You and I
Birds of a feather
We ought to know better
We're cool and shy
Love is outrageous
But highly contagious

We wait, while our salads are dressing
For the cherub's arrow
You look great, cappuccino compressing
To Ravel's Bolero
It would surely be a shame
If the evening had to end though
We're both masters of the game
Known as Innuendo

If you believe in love
Prepare for stormy weather
Guess I should heed my own advice
I can't believe that love
Would bring us back together
'Cause lighting never strikes the same place twice

And saying "I've missed you"
Confuses the issue
This summer night
The cabdriver chuckles
We smell honeysuckle

Too late, guess the poison got stronger
It's the cherub's arrow
We can't wait, to make love any longer
Guess it's now or never
And this happiness we feel
As we move to the crescendo
Makes the dialogue all real
Not just Innuendo
No more Innuendo

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Franks, Michael Innuendo Comments
  1. Rony Lucas

    One of my favorites
    songs. Thanks you mr. Franks. 👍😅

  2. Tracey Lloyd

    My favorite high school teacher played this song for us when we read Ernest Hemingway (no, I don’t remember why), and she played Ravel’s “Bolero” as well. Just thought of it this morning in the shower. Can’t believe I remember it from 30 years ago!

  3. mofun834

    Takes Me back to Korea 1987....on every mix tape I made....and I do mean "tape" hahaha 😂🤣👍

  4. Patrick Clayton

    Love the crisp style and sound of Michael Franks music. His vocals are soft and warm.

  5. Frank Feldman

    if that's jazz, kenny g is charlie parker

    Adam Thomas

    The music, slow samba is definitely Latin, Latin jazz

  6. Ding Silverio

    masterpiece timeless! golden voice

  7. Frédéric Jacquet

    I like Earl Klug s guitar on this song !

  8. Arnold Ramson

    earl klugh sounds so right at the ending

    dave rogers

    ...and at the start and in the middle...

  9. patcharisma

    Holy Ghost, this Song is just about hidden and desired Sex...
    Veiled in elegant words like "Innuendo", "Compression", "Crescendo", "Provado" etc. :D
    O my God, my Virginity got now killed... Haha!
    (Pat, Switzerland)

  10. Ron Scroggin

    I too like Michael Franks, yet another wonderful song.

  11. stephanie stoner

    This or Samba Blue-I don't know which is my top favorite. I love this-those cute lyrics and relaxing music.

  12. adriana lay

    I love the song if i believe in love i have to prepare for the storm . i have a dream with these song riding a horse by the beach and the sunrise . just innuendo no more innuendo. .Michael franks voice is soft mellow easy listening make me feel calm and happier

  13. Lynne

    down the stairs, and hit the street, the bravado's just pretendo...........the poison got stronger..........the best / You and i, birds of a feather, we oughtta know better.........really

  14. PLATOON72

    looks like Freddie Mercury haha! what a coincidence


    +PLATOON72 not quite a compliment.


    +sundevilification why not?


    Sorry. My statement was one of those "guess you have to be there" type. I hate those. 

  15. Catlover tea4

    My very favorite of Michael's. Exquisitely superb match of poetry and music - intoxicating.

    Cucu Aniati

    I like his songs so much

    Beverly Rinkovsky

    Catlover tea4 Togo, amik

    dave rogers

    my fave too--been a fan since 1988-89.

  16. Monica Napieralski

    This song is classic in EVERT way!!!!   Thanks, Michael.....

  17. Robin Newell

    I had this album in high school. It sounded sweet then and still sounds lovely now. Thanks Bill for the memories. sincerely, alice the rose.....

  18. tclemmmca

    Smooth and Mellow! What more could one ask for? I am a big fan of his music!

  19. Electone Player

    This is absolutely the outmost beautiful song from Michael Franks. Love this song permanently!