Franks, Michael - Barefoot On The Beach Lyrics

Barefoot on the beach
Warmed by the subtropic sun
Easily seduced - I'm in
Safely out of reach
From faxes and the telephone
I get happy when
A dolphin joins me for a swim

My Captiva Island hideaway
Isn't complete
Not without you - what about you?
You could jump a DC-8 and
Probably be here by eight
My Captiva Island bungalow's
Perfect for two
No attire is required
Just a toothbrush, dear
'Cause here we don't wear much

Barefoot on the beach
The Gulf invites me to get wet
Is it green or blue? I'm in
Perfect as a peach
Please send yourself to me by jet
Make me happy when
Your flight arrives and we dive in

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Franks, Michael Barefoot On The Beach Comments
  1. Viliam G

    Excelentní funk

  2. gcmacyman

    All I have to say is 'Oh yeah".

  3. Katheren Reizel

    OOOOOh Yeah! Great Monday home office smooth move.


    Love this song! It would've been perfect in a 90s neo-noir film full of romance and mystery, whilst being set in an exotic beach location... haha

  5. Alexander Laryea

    mama said i didn't know you were so stupid if i knew you were going to grow up to be so useless i would have aborted you way back in 1979. i mean how stupid and immoral do your father and i look. so embarrassing do you know how stupid you look?

    Cohiba Night

    My Dear Dear Alex....

  6. Кариева Айгерим

    Музыка, которая меня вдохновляет. Спасибо russocar

  7. Fabien Bourgeais

    ❤️❤️❤️ !!!!!!!!!! Good vibrations ;)

  8. blueseaev

    Beautiful song I close my eyes and I imagine myself in the Bahamas 🇧🇸😁

  9. Felisha Davis


  10. Sabra

    Yep. Heading to Jamaica in the morning. No attire is required...just a toothbrush here because we don't wear much! :D

  11. Fernando Castillo Pazos

    exquisito como todo lo que propone el maestro Franks....

  12. cox koala

    ....with my convertible bmw on venice with 3 beautiful girls

  13. Teri Ackles

    This is has been my little boys song since he was 3 months old and it still is and now he's 4 he falls asleep to it!

    Tom Osborne

    May he grow up to have the love and romance that he deserves...I predict he is going to!

  14. Alex et Jules

    ~ Jazz ~

  15. Vax Not

    Classyjazzlady: I agree. My other favorites are Burchfield Nines and Time Together.

  16. paul edwards

    good music

  17. s mae sease

    handsome guy, beautiful relaxing voice ; i can just melt in his arms!!!! love ya Michael Franks!!!

  18. The Music Seducer

    This is such sophisticated, clean, refreshing aaannd exciting soul warming music. Thanks for the post. This is one of his best albums.

    Brandon Breaker

    Classyjazzlady i like your music choice dang thats cool