Frankmusik - It's Over Lyrics

Feeling down, feeling low
Hoping I never know
One day you'll know why I am this way
And tomorrow come [?]
No I won't, no I won't let go
Nothing for me here to hold on to now

It's over, we lost our way
All colors, they wash away
Going down in the end
Is that what we always planed?
You know we could've tried to fight
You know we could've stayed alive
Too soon
We lost it all to soon

Don't let it take you in
Come on and find my hand
I will always try to pull you back

But it's over, we lost our way
All colors just wash away
Giving up, giving in
Now we don't know what we've seen
You wouldn't let me walk away
I always wanted you to stay

Fate don't work that way
I think our time [?] today
Ooh, we tried

But it's over, I lost my way
Your colors just wash away
I'm going down in the end
Is that why I always planed
You know we could've been alright
If I just put up a fight

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Frankmusik It's Over Comments
  1. Zora Miljus - A&Z

    You are just amazing Vince.... <3 Never stop making music please :) :)


    I'm sad bro, because you a world star, 4000 views not true.....

    The travel of time

    @Frankmusik just found you recently thanks to the kalax- the calling song that featured you!

    Zora Miljus - A&Z

    @Frankmusik Will always listen to you Vince :) Said it 10 odd years ago, my grandkid will be listening to you when that time comes....amazing musician :)

  3. Francoise Installe

  4. Mary Mary

    Love your voice Vincent!! ❤... "Its over" my song!

  5. Jimi Barnes

    Good stuff Vince, Really nice track!! Still remember the remix of "Sweet Like Chocolate" you did on 'Music' for the Playstation... Certainly come a long way since then haha

  6. itsCharlie QP

    Nice song frank continu

  7. 2 mins motivation

    I love your songs ☺️

  8. 2 mins motivation

    awesome bro. I give u an advice pls take a trend of put feat of others singing in your song. this help your vids to gain more views on internet

  9. Alex Comnenus

    Very Nice!)

  10. Azan Chaudhry

    Still waiting for your album

  11. Azan Chaudhry

    Such an amazing song ❤️❤️

  12. Константин Л

    Не останавливайся!

  13. aaron Hazel

    This guy is so underrated his got right songs like better off as two

  14. Gaming Day

    Wow nice dude 😮😮😮

  15. Thomas Casey

    emotionally intense, to which we all can relate. real.

  16. Thispleasesbulba

    wow. What an artist. I was impressed when I heard you beatboxing and playing the piano and singing for the Far East Movement. Checked you out... you need five more zeroes at the end of this video count. Well done Frank

  17. Feryl Music

    Vincent, you sound incredible. It would be a dream to work with you sometime man. :)

  18. Vicky Nolan

    This is beautiful

  19. Mary Mary

    Awesome job putting all together Vincent! Love your voice, the lyrics and the video! <3 Excellent!!

  20. LauraDeane


  21. Simps Carmo


  22. tottilotti11

    Love from Slovakia😍😘💞

  23. Cory Blankenship

    Ace! Bravo, Vincent!!!

  24. musiccandles

    was waiting for a big chorus or something

  25. José Roberto

    amei, muito bom

  26. Merve

    I love his voice...

  27. Z E R O

    Amazing video. Right up there with 'Dear Nicole" for one of his best videos yet.

  28. MartinBellExperience

    Great Track Vince, love the production on this track. Great video and lighting by Jordan too

  29. Simon Persson

    Fucking nice!

  30. James Barrett

    I like the lighting in the video.

  31. Nguyên Đào Trung

    Niceeee !!! <3

  32. Oktem Smith


  33. ModeMan101

    Who'd have thought Cardiff could look so haunted...

  34. Nicolás Texeira

    Love from Argentina 💕

  35. Marcus SeymourNoodles

    💖💖💖💖💖💖yay new video