Frankmusik - Closer Lyrics

I can feel closer now
I can feel you closer now
I can feel you closer now
I can feel you closer now

Closer now
Closer now
Closer now
Closer now

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Frankmusik Closer Comments
  1. Rin Kimire

    First movie that make me cry

  2. MoriMoriDoriDori

    Fucking Lopez

  3. denim last


    Bruno Fettucini


    Bruno Fettucini


    Bruno Fettucini


    denim last

    @Bruno Fettucini Bruna the keyboard warrior korrekting bad spelling :D

  4. TheJOHN833

    What's the name of this movie ? emotional

  5. Black Emerald Group

    One of my fav songs!!!👌🏼

  6. Jiten Kumar

    Movie name?

  7. Levi

    This video is phenomenal. Thanks for bringing these songs to life. Great job man

  8. Mightywings

    Kalax is Cool.... great remix

  9. AndiBoy80

    Patrick , we will miss you......

  10. Andrew D’Arcy

    What a powerful song 🥰

  11. Лев Белоусов

    Это круто

  12. Lacrie Mogène

    Amazing !!!

  13. Logan Miller

    Guys, listen to this on soundcloud, it sounds wayyyy better. Youtubes audio compression sucks.

  14. meg

    Back when movies still had emotional stakes... Not just unexplained worlds and Universes at stake.

  15. kiyonexus

    God that penny scene is so brilliant... always gets me..

  16. kiyonexus

    man... what happened to movies these days... so sad.

  17. Chernika

    Очень чувственно .

  18. Richard Qin

    I cried

  19. Bruno Fettucini

    i don't understand how the dude gets LAUNCHED at 4:00 and not crushed....hilarious 90s movie making, probably something about a rating

    Ricardo Rangel-Reyes

    He did get crushed in reality (the movie's reality) his spirit, or soul was thrown. That's the way it worked in the movie. You can see his dead body in a shot soon after.

    Bruno Fettucini

    @Ricardo Rangel-Reyes nice! thank you!

  20. Waliul The 'Wall·E'

    Damn!!!Such a beautiful song with beautiful scenes!

  21. Chota Nagpur Entertainment

    Movie clips with amazing keeps me glued..super


    Guys can someone tell me the lyrics plzzzz TY so much!

  23. Aisha S

    I got a lil teary eyed watching this like the video and song goes together so well and is so freakin touching omg

  24. Manny B.

    Man this gotta be the saddest movie ever

  25. gabe derry

    Being so far from my girlfriend now this song really pulls on my heart

  26. antwango

    This song has surprisingly turned into a great song to workout to.... spent 2 hours at the park with this on repeat... it got me in the zone! Recommend me another DG :) Im just trying to find out if its his vocals or the moody beat and synths that get me.... Im actually really loving this recommendation, I might actually prefer this to "Calling", though "Calling" has great lyrics and is heart breaking because of your video.... Though I dont want to be bauling my eyes out while working out... not a good look! I recently discovered The Midnight and their Endless Summer album and Nina.... and I really love the sensual sax in "Crockett's revenge" and "Jason".... Haven't tried out any of their other albums yet, nothings got their hook into me like those catchy tunes..... make me feel again DG! :) Also rewatched Ghost because of this! also teared up again because its such a sweet and funny movie in parts...

    Digital Gravity

    I have so many recommendations haha. Kalax's main favourite of mine is "ride(into the midnight)"
    Neon nox - twisted getaway.
    The midnight- vampires is a good one off the album the songs you mentioned are on


    @Digital Gravity Knew you wouldn't let me down! :) You having recommendations is good.... I can keep coming back for more lol, This is soooo good... The moodiness and its simple lyrics make for a good workout song.... Now im intrigued! How do you choose what video to make? I mean what movie to what song? Are all your videos you create your favourite songs is that how it is. Because I'm thinking that you have to feel for the song to be able to put the right images to it, like "Calling" Did you erm really get into it and cry while making it? Or am I overthinking it.... Thanks I'm going to see if you've made videos to the above recommendations to answer my own questions lol...

    avinash gunti

    Some music is really dig deep into our ears.

  27. Shirley Rollin


  28. antwango

    Digital Gravity is torturing me! She sent me here.... His vocals are haunting, his crying out is hitting me in waves in time with the synth beat.... pretty apt with Ghost a 100% feels movie.... This just made me realise how good DG is pairing the lyrics to the movie or am I over thinking :)...

    sometimes good people get taken from us to teach us to miss and then search for what we took for granted.... sigh.....

    Just discovered he's a Brit as well, pretty sure he sounds American lol... Anybody who liked this and wants to get weepy by accident also look for Kalax "Calling" on this channel ofc :) listen to it without watching the vid, then listen to it with the vid get ready for a huge emotional shove to that thing beating within you.... then ask DG for tissues! and blame the dust in the room....

    Thanks DG for the recommend, shes my personalised DJ now lol... Seriously he's really emotive!

    Digital Gravity

    Thanks so much! And yes its amusing most English accents sound very American when they sing !


    @Digital Gravity No lol, Thank you DG! I've had a fun few days wiping away tears! lol

    Thanks to you and your latest upload I've discovered Kalax and Frankmusik....

    Spent yesterday adding to my spotify plist while on repeat!... This is also such a good moody track.... He really reminds me of Sam Smith

  29. Baker News

    Amazing nonstop-playing 😍😍😍

  30. jnr1989

    I like the way you edit videos, you match emotional scenes perfectly with the music.

  31. Mehdi Khadem

    Shit... why i found this track soooo late?. masterpiece <3

  32. Bruno Fettucini

    I can feel....

  33. ZER0 13420

    Makes me... Feel so much it hurts.

  34. Bruno

    Perfect music for the video

  35. mouaddib usul

    Great song !!!

  36. Pelinal Whitestrake

    Your damn right no dislikes,this is deeply touchly

    Bruno Fettucini

    a good touchy...not like the friend being creepy touchy to Demi

  37. Noel Namska

    Beautiful video. Swayze's acting was deep and true!!!

  38. Valiant Loony

    The Ghost scenes worked so beautifully for this emotional and awesome song.

    Digital Gravity

    Thank you:)

    Valiant Loony

    Your welcome :)

    Bruno Fettucini

    @Valiant Loony The correct spelling in this use is "you're"
    *I am a bot*

  39. Jason Wilson

    Damn Demi was about to hook up with that guy???

  40. Bruno Fettucini

    Just perfect. Absolute synthesis with music and visuals. No shot/cut/sound/beat clashes with any other. Great editing DG, you are fucking brilliant. I can't imagine the amount of work you put into these gems to get each second on point. xoxo

  41. Akolyte Art

    This is class!


    Frontfoot ollie impossible to this channel all day!!!! Loving it!!!

    Aisha S

    I see youre using owseys album cover if im not mistaken

  43. Ben Lloyd Fitness

    Great tune and vid to match

  44. Sensi-One Resistance

    So much emotion. Ghost movie is so sad

    Digital Gravity

    It really is:(

    Sensi-One Resistance

    Digital Gravity great video

    sandipan banerjee

    RIP Patrick Swayze..

  45. Exodus1337

    Epic song for an epic movie