Frankmusik - Bases Lyrics

Why don't we look around
Take some time and settle down?
Just hold my hand and dip your head
Lean in closer to my chest
And listen to my heart beating
Let it show you love
I'll take you to the places
We're both dreaming of

I'll do it all, all again
Right to the very night
Where we first met
I'll do it all, all again
I'll take you back right to
Where we begin
Do it all, all again

I can't wait for your love
Want it now, don't give up
Just take a chance and let me in
Make me come back again
I'm standing right in front of you
Waiting on your words
Why you gotta fight this?
Tell me what you heard

I'll do it all, all again
Right to the very night
Where we first met
I'll do it all, all again
I'll take you back right to
Where we begin

I'll do it all, all again
Right to the very night
Where we first met
I'll do it all, all again
I'll take you back right to
Where we begin

I'll do it all, all again
Right to the very night
Where we first met
Do it all, all again
Do it all, do it all again

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Frankmusik Bases Comments
  1. Jared H

    Cute and new FRANKMUSIK! We stan.

  2. Progressive Mixtures

    Brilliant ! 👏🏻

  3. Ben Fletcher


  4. francesco slechta

    Well done. All the best.Cheers. :)

  5. Monica Mason

    Never a bad song. Was in the mood for something I hadn't heard yet.

  6. Константин Л

    Ты вернулся! Да! Добро пожаловать! )



  7. musiccandles

    Why didn’t you want to be in the video? :( great song x

  8. Tiago Lourenço

    I keep supporting and liking every work that you do! How amazing video. Thanks!
    Regards from Brasil.
    ‘Back to bases’

  9. Z E R O

    Great video by Danny Land and an amazing song (as always) by FRANKMUSIK. 'AW17' is a fantastic record.


    Z E R O god you like what we’re putting out. AW17 was a departure from my usual sound but I enjoyed making it.

  10. Peeenos

    Frankmusik, you're amazing - From Australia. I remember years ago that I went to a festival in Perth ( Western Australia ) on my Birthday because you were head lining then I found out you weren't coming after I arrived because you had an accident on your bike lol ( shouldn't laugh.. but such an unexpected thing to hear) Glad you're well and still pumping out sweet tunes!.


    THANK YOU! Yeah I ruined my back ; /


    @Frankmusik Ah, that's understandable!. I hope it's better now matey. Hopefully it wasn't, thpinal lol (soz).

  11. Sylwia i Rafał

    Frank, how is it that you have only 925 views? You are an amazing artist. We have been listening to you for years in Poland. I think that you are the most underestimated artist in the world !! Do your own. I hope you will get where you are going!

    Adam Grossman

    @Frankmusik why would you be shadow banned? good song btw.


    @Adam Grossman Just messing around. I am just old now. People want that new new : )

    Adam Grossman

    Frankmusik well I've been a fan since you worked with Erasure and you BOTH are still putting out amazing music. I saw you live in 2011 open for them and you did a cover that I really wish I could hear again.... it's been so long now I forgot what song it was.... but it was so good. I asked you at the time and you said you do have a studio version but never released it?!?!? What song was that now?

    Tiago Lourenço

    I do not think he needs to be in the top videos or thousands of views. His work is perfect the way it is, outside of the music industry and the media that really follows. This industry just wants to share waste stuff and disposable materials, with empty content that do not make us think and reflect. I have always loved his work, since I met his songs in 2009 and it has always been like that, his work without a big record company and outside the pop music industry.


    @Tiago Lourenço Merci

  12. Thomas Casey

    another gem! visuals and audio included.

  13. Nicolás Texeira

    Love from Argentina!

  14. Cassy Carrington

    nice one!!

  15. Stevie Wonder

    So fucking gooooood

  16. psymike

    You are highly talented and criminally underrated. Glad to enjoy and support your art since 2011.


    psymike much appreciated!

  17. XxWolfyWolfxX

    Can I use the song?


    XxWolfyWolfxX go for it. Just credit Frankmusik if you don’t mind

  18. BellyButton3004

    I'm guessing the beach is in South Wales if @DannyLand is in charge. Tips on which one it is, Danny? Pembrey? Gower?

    Danny Land

    Southerndown 😉


    Argh, fail on my part! Especially as I used to work in Bridgend! 😄
    Beautiful video though. Huge congratulations.

    Danny Land

    @BellyButton3004 haha no worries, thanks so much 😊

  19. BellyButton3004

    The melody... the lyrics... Vince's vocals.... the video... the dancer's moves.... second verse when she's reaching for the sunlight...!
    TOTAL package! Top form! Love love LOVE it!

  20. Futility's Forgotten Solider

    This is amazing and oddly very tranquil keep up the good work <3


    I thought the same! Totally at peace, which I imagine where Vince is possibly at right now

  21. Kolja von Meltzer

    Love the video and even more: the music ;)

  22. Dharma Shanti

    Love it!!!!

  23. Marcelo Lillo

    Beautiful video for a fantastic song!!


    Marcelo Lillo thank you :)

  24. Wild20099

    Love this song♥♥♥

  25. VRS 20VT

    Loving it mate, well done!!!!

  26. dzing74

    where can I download this?


    Hey you can search - Frankmusik Bases on itunes : )

  27. Lucas Machado

    Aí meu deus ♥️🇧🇷

  28. yeahiprotest

    I’m excited :)