Franklin, Kirk - Real Love Lyrics

Look in my eyes and you will see
The way real love used to be
When the flowers bloomed in the spring time
And happiness was all mine
It's hard to let my feelings show
But I've got to let somebody know
About the love that Jesus has given me
He loosed my shackles and set me free

Is this a dream or is it reality?
Have I finally found someone who loves me?
I just want to know

Have you ever loved somebody
Will you ever love somebody
The way that Jesus loves you


Over and over I ask myself
Could there ever be anyone else

Who can give me so much joy and peace
And make everyday oh so sweet
I searched all over couldn't find one
Til I met His only begotten Son
At first I didn't understand
Until I saw the nailprints in His hand

Is this a dream or is it reality?
Have I finally found someone who loves me?
I just want to know
I just want to know
I just want to know


He loves me [4x's]


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Franklin, Kirk Real Love Comments
  1. Trece C

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! 🤗It brings me to tears when I reminisce and think that I was in my early 20’s and my daughter was under the age of 10 when this became our mother-daughter duo song! ❤️ My husband loved hearing us sing it together around the house and we’ve sung it together at church as well. Boy...what a blessing!!! And where did the time go? It’s gone by so fast! I’m happy to say that I’m almost 49, and I am a thrilled and excited beautiful little girl is all grown up and she’s almost 29, and a WONDERFUL mother! 💝🌻 She’s everything I’d hope she’d be and so much more! AlI can say it that this song is TIMELESS!!! When I think back over my life and think about the goodness of the Lord and ALLLL that He’s done for me... and my family... I just want to say THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING!!! THANK YOU FOR LOVING US UNCONDITIONALLY!!! SO UNDESERVING...BUT YOU LOVED US IN SPITE OF... AND YOU STILL LOVE US!!! AND JESUS WE LOVE YOU!!!🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾❤️ GLORY BE TO GOD!!! HALLELUJAH!!!🕊Amen

  2. Aj Sherece

    Will always be one of my favs! I have to remind myself who loves me.

  3. Rochelle M

    33, still singing this. 👌🏾

  4. Cutty Cain

    Love this song

  5. CurlyPea

    Is Yolanda Adams the lead singer? And I know this has got to be a sample from another song 1:18


    No and its not a sample. The other song probably sampled this song.

  6. A.K. Shellz

    Beautiful song but...when will yall understand jesus is a damn lie?

    Cutty Cain

    A.K. Shellz what made you listen to this song?

    A.K. Shellz

    @Cutty Cain only nostalgic purposes

    Cutty Cain

    A.K. Shellz understandable

    A.K. Shellz

    @Cutty Cain and how understandable is jesus being a lie?

    Cutty Cain

    A.K. Shellz Bruh i agree with you, I was saying why you listen to the song was understandable because that’s I listen to it for the most part

  7. Natasha Clarke

    I love this song nobody could love me like Jesus Christ

  8. Jenni Janine Thompson

    Jammin on The 1, Ja Ja Jammin on The 1😆💥💣💥

  9. barry hampton

    It's the cut!!

  10. barry hampton

    Who listening to this in 2019!?!

  11. Aline Machado

    I cry ! #Br

  12. Erica J

    Best gospel album ever!!

  13. sunshine harris

    I love this song no-one can love you like Jesus can if we lean on him he want let us fall trust and believe obey him trust in his word Jesus will do the rest cause he knows what's best for us

  14. Rosalyn Hoskins

    Maaaaannnn this is the best song to restore strength within. When you feel like no one genuinely loves you this song will put a S on ya chest!!!!

    Cutty Cain

    Rosalyn Hoskins you ain’t lyin

  15. Pat tha weeknd

    Every time I hear this song I break down and cry...

  16. Annette Washington


  17. Dora Brown

    Listening to the old Kirk Franklin, make me, think about my fun youth days, how I first fall in love with God,

    LaKendra Williams

    Dora Brown I agree ...this was when you didnt want to leave church..


    Me too...I have to go back and listen to bring into rememberance of the pure love I had for Christ as a child.

  18. Isiah Forsythe

    pretty song 💓💕💖❤

  19. Byron Taylor

    Reminds me of being a kid 25 years ago

  20. Tashari Palmer

    He loves me!!!! I love this song. Thank you Jesus for ur unconditional LOVE

  21. trinityforever2

    I remember going to elementary school with my mom every morning with this on. The feeling I get now when I hear it is tremendous, I love this song.

  22. Gavin Zengeni

    Blessed song
    LOve Jesus for this Grace

  23. Patricia McClain

    She tore it up go girl

  24. lady foxx

    Love this song

  25. Jorjosjad Brooks

    This will never get old

  26. Courtney Miles

    thank you Jesus dealing with a heartbreak and knowing you love me priceless

  27. Melissa Scholfield

    I'm so excited I've been searching for this song and I found it!!!!!! I kept putting in the wrong title. Yes Jesus!!!!!!!

  28. B. Easzze

    i can't believe this song is 23 years old wow and it's still a amazing song. This song help me though trying times in 1994 and I'm going though trying times in 2017 HELP ME JESUS. i knw you will.....

    Ebony Middleton

    Brian Howard
    God's got you!

    B. Easzze

    Ebony Middleton Thank You

  29. Kathy Moss

    this is a beautiful song.

  30. Queen CC

    My song! Timeless!

  31. katrina lawson

    ive been singing this song since I was in high school ... Over 20 years ago ... I still love it!!!

    Eyvette Hughes

    katrina lawson yes me too in my high school gospel choir. Love ,Love ,Love this song brings back so many memories. 😍😇

    Cutty Cain

    Damn me too I was in the 9th grade

  32. Happey67

    Beautiful voice and harmonious back up.

  33. Geoffry McCormick

    Beautiful Song!

  34. Dallas Cowboyz

    Such a beautiful song..Praise Lord Jesus

  35. Patricia McClain

    That's right Dustin Nixon yes he always loves us even when we know we don't deserve it god is good all the time he loves me

  36. Patricia McClain

    this is my jam she is blowing this song

  37. Ryan Johnson

    props if u bump this Cd till this day

  38. tonnia worden-reyes


  39. Aj Sherece

    This song speaks to my soul....Often I feel so unloved that it breaks my heart. I just sit and listen to this song over and over until my tears of sadness turn into tears of joy. I am so thankful for the relationship I have with God without it I would be nothing.

  40. shakki mcclintock

    Jesus loves me

  41. Dustin Nixon

    I just shed tears every time. he loves me OMG he loves me

  42. Dustin Nixon

    I just shed tears every time. he loves me OMG he loves me

    Lenard Small

    Dustin Nixon I thought I was the only one..

  43. Leticia Smith

    i love this song

  44. Sheefrock da party 27

    this song was in my soul in ways I can't imagine .... reminds me of a tuff time in my life....long story short....we made it through with his blessings and I now understand praying was stronger than anything the devil himself can throw at my family. thank you Jesus thank you Jesus💯💯💯

    B. Easzze

    Kasheef Campbell Thanks for sharing....

  45. La-Coria Hucks


    Naki Alaiyo

    La-Coria Hucks I woke up aingung it too!!! Hadn't loatened to it in a while before today and it STILL ministers! That Kirk Franklin is a baddddddddd writer!!! Always delivers songs that pierce the heart and soul!! Annnd hw can gig! Love to see him dance too! There is liberty in God! Thank you, Cousin Kirk!!! Keep doing what you're doing!

  46. Mr. Brown

    I found this song early 90 ' s, when I was in High School! AMAZING

  47. vidhead85

    I found out about this song when I went on vacation to Virginia and I just fell in love with this song, it's been on my spirit lately. Glad Listened to it once again

  48. Hannibal Hendrix

    I just feel some type a way that just roars through my body feel so good to fill a spiritual in my body praise the Lord

  49. Brandy P954

    This was always my jam because loneliness that singles feel is real and sometimes leads us to make desperate decisions. But this song helps us realize that those are the times to lean on God even more even while being hopeful of finding a mate :-)


    +LaBranda Pope So true

    Ingrid Good

    Brandy P954 ,Amen

  50. EricVon bush

    AWESOME SONG OF Real Love Personified Christ's Love and then Love someone the way he Loves is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. SoulfulChaos


  52. Treasurewithinu

    One of faves!

  53. Uncle Tony


  54. Niaomi Thomas

    Omg I finally found it! Praise God 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻


    YES GIRL!!! I BEEN LOOKING TOO! LOLOL!!! It was never this version, always some other one and it was only a few of those!

  55. Darrel Andrew Green

    The bomb love song

  56. Eric Washington

    favorite gospel song

  57. Stephanie Ford

    One of my favorites from kirk

  58. Larissia Waller

    Thank You Jesus for Loving Me!!! <3

  59. Oleta Sapp

    Jesus love is so great that he die for my sins

  60. blaquesnob

    I've found the love I've searched my whole life Christ! I love Him and He first loved me

  61. Shelania Johnson

    I will be praying for your strength,sister.

  62. Melissa Sharp

    Never knew true love till i felt loved by Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. gBaby p


  64. Bryce Bryson

    Bless ur heart....I'll pray God's continued Grace and Mercy...and that the blessings begin to overflow in his love.

  65. Margarietia Deere

    I'm a single mom of 5 plus I'm raising 3 other children that's nit mine. I feel so used in my own home but listening to this sing everyday helps me to remember I am loved. I feel this song was made just for me. Thank you and may God continue bless everyone who had any part in putting thus sing together.

  66. deedeesnicks

    love this.......

  67. clara petty

    Love this song, haven't heard it in years. God's love is so powerful, no one can love you like he can.

  68. blessedinwi1979

    I have not found anyone that loves me that way Jesus loves me....Thank you Jesus....For your unconditional love for us!!!!

  69. yvonne ROBINSON


  70. Charrese Monique

    Aww this was my FAVORITE gospel song as a child! Still a favorite of mine! Thank you for posting this song! God bless you! :-D