Franklin, Aretha - It Only Happens (When I Look At You) Lyrics

It happens every time I look into your eyes
I can almost see in your heart
How can I explain, when time and time again, it starts?

It only happens when I look at you... oh, baby
Oh, it only happens, yeah, yeah, when I look at you, oh, oh

I wonder if you know things I'm going through
Can't you see my love depends on you?
Believe me when I say it gets stronger everyday - oh, heart is true

Oh, oh, it only happens, oh, baby, when I look at you
You're looking good to me, baby
It only happens, oh-ah, when I look at you, yeah

Play it pretty now... what you feelin'

Oh, oh, it only happens, ooh, baby, oh, baby, when I look at you
Ooh-wee, baby, ooh-wee, baby
It only happens, oh! when I look at you, yeah

Well! I guess you know the way that I feel about you now
I wonder if you feel the same way too
Oh, baby, now no matter what you say, let me get to you someday - oh, heart is true

Oh, oh, it only happens, oh, oh, when I look at you
Oh, baby, oh, oh, baby, it only happens, oh, oh, when I look at you
Ooh-wee, baby
It only happens, oh, baby, when I look at you, when I look at you, when I'm lookin' at you, ooh, baby it's true
It only happens, oh, oh, oh, when I look at you
What I mean is don't you be so doggone mean, I mean
It happens... oh! every time I look at you
Yeah, baby, oh, baby, ooh, baby
It happens... Oh! Oh! Oh
Oh! Oh! Oh
It only happens... Lord have mercy now - when I look at you, yeah
Would you lay it on me, baby?
It only happens... oh, baby, oh, baby, when I look at you, when I look at you, when I'm lookin' at you, don't you know it's true?
It only happens, every, every, every, every time I look at you
Oh, baby, oh, oh, baby
It only happens

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Franklin, Aretha It Only Happens (When I Look At You) Comments
  1. K.I.Visions

    De La Soul- Long Island Degree

  2. dwlr94

    A voice that makes it happen when you hear Aretha!!!!

  3. michael brookes

    I love this song, if you are missing someone,then this song makes you think about them , and in me brings me to tears ❤️ God bless you mum.

  4. Lakisha Holt

    🎼It happens every time I look in your eyes🎼 Ayyyee💃🏽 Sing Auntie Ree😢😘

  5. Gilster Bedubster

    How are you Robin? Love you brother! AF

  6. VLP


  7. Lisa Brooks

    Ya looking gooooddd to me baby!!! Sang Auntie!!!! Mommy's favorite Aretha album!

  8. Emaud_Will

    143 SDB... JEW

  9. Othello

    My favorite Aretha Franklin song.

  10. Francisco Raya Ruiz

    Fue y sera las más grande del Soul.

  11. Jodie Harvey

    Salute The Queen RIP Madam Franklin // peak... real real real Superstar // thank you xxx

    Elroy Ellis

    Peerless, she left a legacy

  12. Ewan Renton

    So many happy memories of dancing to this amazing tune at the Southport Soul Weekender......RIP Aretha x

  13. Escapism

    De La Long Island Degrees

  14. Kent Allen

    Where is the opening song to this album? ...Mr. D.J. (Five for the DJ)

  15. Ronny D' Mattos

    Maravilhosa como sempre

  16. chris pecot

    Her live version is better.

  17. Antonio Tony Newton

    This album is missing Mr. DJ

  18. colleen williams

    Cassidy Eaton

  19. Chris Blanco

    Long Island Degrees by De La Soul brought me here.

  20. Chris Blanco

    The chord progression & rhythm guitar reminds me of It's A Shame by The Spinners. Enjoying.

  21. Beast Coast ENT

    I Still Don’t Understand How This Album “YOU” Was A Commercial Flop This Was In My Opinion One Of Her Best Albums Of The 70’s (Behind Sparkle And Young Gifted And Black) Her Vocal Arrangement And Instrumentation Is Simply Divine On This Album (The Queen Of Soul At Her Best) May She Rest In Peace

    Edward Wheeler

    Beast Coast ENT - I can agree but then I don’t know. All of her 70s music was innnovative but Almighty Fire TO ME was the start of a whole new sound.

    The squalls
    The riffs and runs
    The range

    She did marvelous work in the 70s.

    My motha in music and expression : Aretha Franklin

    Lou Kaye

    I also dig "Walk Softly" from this album. I guess the attention from Atlantic that she had into the early 70s (until "Let Me In Your Life" or thereabouts), just wasn't there. Her previous record "With Everything I Feel In Me" didn't perform to well. Pretty much the case throughout the later 70s barring "Sparkle" and a minor hit from "Sweet Passion".

  22. Clive Bailey

    never heard this track till Sunday 29th Oct 2017.What a Chooooooooooooone! where have you been all my!

  23. Marcus

    Best version ❤️

    Alan Watson

    might say Jackie Wilson's original is the best version, but all about opinion

    Paul Ross

    Both versions are great in their own way.

  24. Lee Boyall

    Was expecting a better version than this but I'm probably being unfair as you shouldn't compare anybody to Jackie Wilson as they finish second best. Not a version I want to hear again, her squealing ruins it.

    Kev Lawer

    Squealing? Umm readjust your hearing, its what you call giving it the full on!


    Nice, but simply not a patch on the Jackie Wilson version :-)


    Aretha is a gospel singer. What did you expect? She went for a less smoother version than Jackie's. And as far as comparisons go, Jackie was in a class by himself, but then so is Aretha. She's not called the Queen of Soul for nothing. What helps his version moreso is the arrangement. Don't necessarily care for the arrangement on Aretha's version but as far as voices go, it's the other way around. Aretha has always come out on top. Didn't get all the grammy's, and all the other accolades because she was 2nd best to anyone.

    j junior

    She squealed her way to the greatest female singer of all times . Jackie Wilson was great , but not great as ARETHA !!!!!!!!!

    Edward Wheeler

    mlw61 - Nobody Black would say this.

    Jackie is literally one of my favorites but his version had NOTHING on Aretha. It was cheesy and too pop.

    It’s called SQUALLING you buffoon.

  25. Randall Pope

    great song

  26. Deli Records

    Long Island Degrees

  27. lurch321

    What's with Aretha's yellowish goggles on this album cover?  Was that the 70s version of sunglasses?  (har-har)

    Randall Pope

    +lurch321 yes it was

    Stax of Funk

    That was glamour in 75, fosho

  28. bigmikecvn71

    I heard this song today and fell in love with it

  29. sonya kyle

    I fell in love and knew this album by heart, I mean word for word at 13 yrs old.  It was one of my Mom's favorites.  Now I play it with that same love in my heart  at 48yrs old for my MotorCityHusband that she had playing it for my Mississippi Daddy.  TRUE LOVE AND BEAUTIFUL MUSIC NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE!!!  #TheRealityPoet  

    Shirley Singleton


  30. Paul Warburton

    Neither this or Jackie Wilson's available on I-Tunes: criminal. There is a version by JW's son, but only for devotees.


    I know its sickening first heard this song and tried to buy it but no joy.

  31. J Eshun

    The woman dubbed the Queen of Soul Aretha franklin, still battling on after various health issues over these last few yrs, she's certainly come a long way since her early Gospel days singing Amazing Grace in her fathers church, then being the 1st woman to be inducted into the Rock & Roll hall of fame

  32. Soulman52

    This, the epitome of the soul sound of Atlantic records, I missed this version when it was released I went for the Brunswick sound, the words are to die for, in fact the shivers down spine are to die for. Thank you Aretha i'm glad to have been of the same era as you. xxxxxxxxxx

  33. abc ezas123

    Does anyone know where you can buy/download this in decent quality please?

  34. prof32

    I think she may have done it first though. I think his version came out a year later. To each his own though. I love both interpretations but have always been a bigger Aretha fan. Love the gospel fire she brings to everything she does.

  35. Bishop L

    One of my favorites songs

  36. Kendal Marie

    Why can't songs still b like this

  37. john myles

    a capable version , but just a shadow of Jackie Wilson 's original !!

    Maica Clarke

    john myles ,this is better than jacky's, go and learn to STEP' and you'll love it.

  38. Kevin Knighton

    I love this song, the promotion department must have been out to lunch on this one. The politics of the music industry. This song was ahead of it's time.

  39. DeliciousJay

    great great song

  40. GORBI601


  41. Barney Desmazery

    Love this

  42. Dean Smythe

    So Do I Ty Brother

  43. Dee's Loft

    Ms. Aretha knows how to deliver whatever!! Says it all in a few lyrics. Nice.

  44. Boblet233

    Love this tune.