Franklin, Aretha - I'm In Love Lyrics

(Love, love, love, love)
I’m in love, yes I am
I’m in love, yes I am, uh
I’m in love, hey baby, hey, you know I am
I’m in love, uh, huh, you know I am

Friends all wonder what’s come over me
I’m as happy as any girl could be
(Love, love, love) I’m in love
(Love, love, love) Believe me I am
(Love, love, love) I’m in love, oh
(Love, love, love) Yes sir I am, yes sir I am, yes sir I am
(Love, love, love) Hoo, whoa, whoa, whoa
(Love, love, love) I’m in love

And I’m so glad that it’s me who had to change
I’m sproutin’ and bloomin’ like the last summer rose
(Love, love, love) I’m in love
(Love, love, love) I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love
(Love, love, love) I’m in love, I’m in
(Love, love, love)

I’m in love
(Love, in love, in love)
In the mornin’
(In love, in love, in love, in love)
I wake up smilin’ and shinin’
(Love, in love, in love) I’m in love
(In love, in love, in love, in love)
Smilin’ like love I know where it’s at
(Love, in love, in love) I’m in love
(In love, in love, in love, in love)
I’m in love
(Love, in love, in love) I’m in love
(In love, in love, in love, in love) Yes I am
(Love, in love, in love) Um, I’m in love

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Franklin, Aretha I'm In Love Comments
  1. robert minkler

    Never heard it before now. Only listened to it because you stretched it and as always I love it. Thank you!

  2. Manic Beats

    Sampled this track to make a hip-hop beat. Check it out -

  3. Lloyd Norwood

    That heifer tears my heart out and I love the way she does it. 1st time hearing the extended vocals. She never disappoints. Much much love.

  4. Sandra L. Neely

    Love it and thanks for posting!

  5. Dj Lgv

    Great treat to this song ! Thx !

  6. Brenda Bradley

    Aretha Franklin was definitely feeling this song like all of her hits but this one is special she was in love

  7. Tracy Wishom

    I'm ashamed to admit that I had never heard this, until I watched the movie Sprung

  8. Anita Morris

    You know The Queen of Soul Anywhete RIP

  9. MsMe LoveU

    Such a Beautiful classic such as all of this Queen's music is. Thank You My Darling for Your Exquisite Sounds that live so deep in the hearts of many. I grew up on this soul music... Loving You is still a gift... Rest in God's Heavenly Arms.

  10. Benson Muthusi

    Music that stands the test of time... RIP Maam.🙏

  11. PJ Mills

    Great Song Epic Voice!!

  12. Felicia Tanimowo

    love love love I'm in love!!!!!❤

  13. Shirley Harrell

    What a good feeling, I'm in love💝kisses and be blessed.💝💝💝💝

  14. Shirley Harrell

    What a good feeling, I'm in love💝kisses and be blessed.💝💝💝💝

  15. J Font

    Thanks Bobby .

  16. damon waring

    Thank you so very much with tears and a snatched up stomach!

  17. Donnah SexciiSwaggah Callaway

    I remember when I first heard this song it was on the movie " Sprung " and I've been in love with it every sense... Every time I hear it I fall in love with it all over again!!!! Aretha Franklin you will be missed thank goodness we have your music to fall back on...

  18. moomoo hakim

    The original is cool. This a smooth ass song man. When she hit them notes near the end it damn near brings tears to my eyes. Detroit's finest. Northend baby.

    MsMe LoveU

    Such chills right????

  19. ladthom

    Love It. Thank You So Much For Your Hard Work. Appreciating All Of Your Extended Versions. Keep Them Coming.

  20. Major Boyce

    Beautiful rendition I wonder how Queen would felt hearing this?

  21. tony tonysouldays

    Rest in peace the world is a lot less beautiful without Aretha God Bless you Lady

  22. clarence wright


  23. UNbowed62

    Thanks for posting! I’ve been looking for this ‘74 version ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Wildflowerevat

    You used every bit of talent God given! Well Done...Well Done... #RIPQUEEN💚💚

  25. MsTeacher1991

    RIP Queen 👠

  26. Eliza selecta

    A true Queen.
    Timeless track thanks.❤

    Starvros Casadine

    Yes it is

  27. T H O M A S H E N D E R S O N

    beautiful song by a beautiful lady,goes without saying the video is top drawer


    Thanks so much, Tam!!

  28. blockbuster 47

    Love the song RIP Queen

  29. monica bella

    ARETHA 💖
    Fine work

  30. Angela Crosby

    I'm in Love...Aretha Dissected this song with such great voice range. RIH Queen of Soul

  31. William Smith



    Thanks, William.....

    MsMe LoveU

    Yes,,, we have. Thank God for Our Hearts, Souls and Minds that had held on to such Greatness...

  32. Eddie Miles

    As always...You Are The BEST!!


    Eddie....many thanks!!!

  33. ricky cooper

    mosogotam all praises to the queen she would love it thanks so much


    Thanks an awful lot, Ricky!!!


    This is my 2nd Favorite After 'Prove It" And I Love How You Gave This Beautiful Song New Life


    QQ...and a great, big thanks for your kindness!!


    QQ.....a great thank you for your kindness


    QQ....thank you lots and lots....

  35. Dean L Rogan II

    Wow...sounds like you used bits and pieces of the alternate mix of this as well (which I fully expected), and expertly blended it all as usual. I’m finally gonna listen to your show tonight for the first time. Keep killin’ it, dood!!!


    Dean....thank you, Sir...that IS what I did....glad you feel it worked.....and glad you'll be listening to the show...I'll give a shout out to ya! Thanks again!

    Dean L Rogan II

    Sir, thanx ever so much for the shout - I caught it at the top of the show and tried to listen to it all, but the last thing I heard was the live version of "Baby, I Love You" from her Paris 1968 LP. I was one year old when that was released, yet I love it just as much as anything I've heard since. I'll do my best to catch you weekly from here on out - GREAT show!!


    Thanks, Dean...glad you caught some of the show!!! Look forward to you being a regular, Sir!!

  36. Rocco M

    Respect my friend.


    Rocco....thank you, my friend!!!

  37. John Taylor



    Thanks so much, John!!!

  38. jhgjhggj

    All these great legends leaving us :(

    mosogotam's very sad....

  39. Graham Sharpe



    Thanks, Graham!!

  40. tony corleon

    thx you good job thx you 9999999999999999999999999999999999999


    Many thanks, Tony!!!

  41. Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!!

    Um....ok the beginning is a tad monotonous after a while but I love the song. As a musician and vocolist it astounds me how these great singers smoked. I just can't get over it.

  42. Malcolm Mitchell

    How great is this,, Respect to you for doing this😪😪

    Malcolm Mitchell

    Would like to bet on some tears while you worked on this great tune..thank you..


    Malcolm....thanks so much....yeah....hard not to shed a couple for this lady ...and this song....thanks!!

  43. Byron Bolden

    Thank you, Queen, for giving us such wonderful music that will live on and on. We all miss and Love you. Rest in Peace. Thank you Mosogotam for this, I'm sure this was hard for you to do, but she is looking down as loving it. how about some more of her timeless music. we need it. Thanks.


    Much appreciated, Byron!!!

    daphne brown

    first, eye love this song! secondly hey Byron Bolden..meye name is Daphne Bolden. nice to sea the family name.

  44. andy taylor

    The great artists, musicians, stars are larger than life. Their genius cannot be captured by words alone. Aretha Franklin belongs to this group. Truely she will always be the Queen of Soul! Sing On Forever!

  45. Lowell Miller

    it's alright, but I like Wilson Pickett's version better


    I really like Wilson's too.

  46. Alejandro Gonsalez

    Nice tribute, and great work!


    Many thanks, Alejandro!!!

  47. Derek Bradbury

    Just the ticket, thanks


    Derek.....thank you, ....Will do

    Derek Bradbury

    John we don’t call people ‘Sir’ in Britain. You are addressed by your first name, or your last name, different country different rules. I will forgive you this time. ‘Sir’ is a title bestowed by the Queen with a tap on the shoulder with a sword, for being an arse licker.

    Derek Bradbury

    Nice bit of editing there, hahaha
    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep listening
    Cheers Derek

    Derek Bradbury

    I apologise for being disingenuous to you about the ‘Sir’ thing. But we have this idiotic system in Britain that rewards politicians, civil servants, film stars, pop stars, sport stars etc. We the have to address them as Sir or Dame. It’s an insult to my intelligence. Many people reject this nonsense and righty so. I’m one of them. We should not put people on a pedestal. Two of are greatest painters, Francis Beacon and Lucien Freud rejected their Knighthoods. It’s meaningless.


    Many thanks, Derek!!!

  48. Big Ed

    Nice , Ain't No Way Next ? ?


    Thanks, Big Ed!! Not sure....I have to be really careful with posting material from Atlantic....that company is a bit twitchy with copyright issues.....

  49. djcapitallD

    Epic!....a white label 12"?...this needs to go viral...this warms our broken hearts, thank u sir!


    dj....many many thanks!!!

    MsMe LoveU

    Yes if does Sweetie...

  50. Soulful Moment, LLC

    Spectacular as usual, Mosogotam!!!

    Are you starting on an extended Aretha anthology?


    Darius....many thanks to you!!! Not really a plan to do an anthology....basically because Atlantic tracks aren't always accepted on YT....I feel lucky this one was!!

  51. Pamela Stevenson

    A regal stretch for a queen … #1 R&B #19 Pop … Hopefully, your stretches by Aretha in the future won't be radioactive on YouTube … her cover versions improve on the originals … Great Job!!! P.S. Have a great show tomorrow.


    Pam...I appreciate it so much!! Talk to you later if you're around. Again, ....thanks!!!

  52. Walter Krueger

    Lady Aretha can sing; and no autotune required. She is a National Treasure. God Bless Aretha. 💛💙
    🎵 A Brand New Me 🎵

  53. K Moore

    John, I knew you'd be on top of it. You never fail!!! This has truly hurt so much!!! I love this and a million thank you's my friend!!!!


    KM....I so appreciate your kind words. hurts... Thanks a million more to you....