Franklin, Aretha - How Long I've Waited Lyrics

My darling, oooo darling
How long I have waited for you
Need your touch
Love me? How much?
Just trust me
We both knew this would be

Darling, ohh darling
Darling, you are first
Your touching, ohh I'm blushing
You're my water that quenches my thirst

I felt you near, and now you're here
Kissed from above
Darling, this is our love
My open arms
I'm waiting here, to be held close
Let go of all of your fears

My darling, ohh darling
Honey, you are first
Your touching, ooooo I'm blushing
You're my water that quenches my thirst

I know who you are
I understand
I love what I see
A prince, and king of a man
Unopened doors
Darling, if you're mine, I am yours

My darling, oooo darling
How long I've waited for you
I need your touch
Love me? How much?
Just trust me
We both knew that this would be

We're holding on
Darling, be strong
A mountain climb
Can be rocky sometime
An equal love
We hold so dear
It is real my love
oooo I wish you were here
My darling ooo darling
You are, you are, worth waiting for
With every taste I want more
You sho' make my life sweet,
This is no trick
Ooooo I am your treat....
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
Yeah I am, oooo I am your treat....

Love you deeply, so completely
Stop risking damn
You don't have to,
It's beneath you
You don't realize
You are and I am
ummm you are and I am
Darling darling oooo darling I'm so glad you're here.

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Franklin, Aretha How Long I've Waited Comments
  1. Theresa Purifoy

    I never saw this side of the Queen. Love love love🌹

  2. T Green

    Aretha herself penned this song.

  3. Quentin Dennard

    I'm one of the engineers on this record.

  4. Willie Taylor

    This is one of my favorite😍!!! I love the way she sings A Change Is Gonna Come!

  5. unexpected michael

    I miss u aretha franklin 😭😭👑👑

  6. Lisa Augustin

    Beautiful song, to bad she couldnt sing Touch my body ! by Mariah Carey.

  7. Philippe Meunier

    One Voice Bercing The Hearts Of Man

  8. Philippe Meunier

    Waooooooooooooooooooooooh Beautiful Ladie

  9. Lisa Augustin

    The Man that made Aretha Franklin write THIS song that man hit the spot !!!!!!!

  10. Renee Johnson

    Pure CLASS.

  11. Gυнz.jαм NewJack

    Aretha foi uma rainha, sua voz estara para sempre guardada dentro do meu coração <3

  12. Lacaze Lionel-Gérard

    Underrated CD. The queen has gone. So sad. Salutations to all fans from France. Some like Afro-American culture accomplishments. I do. It's pure GOLD

  13. Eugenia Brown

    Still can't believe she is gone. There will never be another.

  14. Lisa Augustin

    Aretha showing her sexy side !!!

  15. Lisa Augustin

    Patti Labelle should have sung this song for real for real !!!!! Patti's voice is still strong !!!!

  16. Lisa Augustin

    This song is beautiful, I think Aretha should have let a young woman sing this song,

  17. Gaynell Lee

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! She wrote this also. ❤❤❤

  18. singalingalongaling

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin. We love you and will miss your singing!

  19. Mrs Matt Murphy

    Is this the one her son wrote?

    Andre Clemons

    No. This song was written by Aretha herself.

    Mrs Matt Murphy

    @Andre Clemons didn't one of her sons write one of the tracks from this album do you know which one of have I got the wrong album

    Andre Clemons

    @Mrs Matt Murphy kecalf co-wrote a song called "New Day" on this album.

    Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston

    @Mrs Matt Murphy Eddie sings His Eye Is On The Sparrow on this album

  20. Josiah Bhola Hillaire

    Before Whitney, Mariah, and Celine, we had the Queen Aretha Franklin. She was and is the greatest singer of all time and no one can ever dispute that. RIP QUEEN <3

  21. Josiah Bhola Hillaire

    Songs like this is why I'm into music. The Queen slayed this song. I'm angry that this song didn't get much attention. RIP QUEEN ARETHA

  22. Josiah Bhola Hillaire

    The Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Her Destiny

    So Many Beautiful Songs That I Didn't Know About .. I've Been On Youtube For Days Enjoying The Queen .. Thank You For Sharing ..

  24. Kent Allen

    This album/cd became a collector's item the hour Aretha passed. If by chance any of her true fans have a copy, this music is solely Aretha from song choice, recording, label, packaging, and marketing.

    smooth persuader

    Kent Allen did it really??? I didn’t buy it when it was released before but I’m going to now.

    Kent Allen

    @smooth persuader... It may be out of print now. It is the only l.p. recorded by Aretha that is solely her creation. It was sold exclusively at Wal-Mart if not mistaken.

    smooth persuader

    Kent Allen You are right because I remember when this cd came out, a friend brought it over and I listened and I didn’t like it, but after listening now, I love these songs.

    Kent Allen

    @smooth persuader Understandable. Her voice had changed and she was singing in her upper register. It seems she was reflecting on old memories just by song selections. The album had a nostalgic approach. Particularly the song "A Summer Place". She knew at the time her demise was nearing. By the time of her last album it was evidence she was ill, the album cover made it clear. Though it was retouched a radical change in her appearance and music was inherent.

    Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston

    @Kent Allen it is still available I bought it recently from Amazon

  25. Joshua Mccall

    Beautiful song! Rest in peace Aretha Franklin!❤

  26. Terry Sanders

    What a lovely Queen..Aretha Franklin. An Icon.

  27. Lauren Tucker-Palmer

    So sorry to hear of the death of my favorite singer! You will truly be missed. You left a legacy of beautiful music to everyone to enjoy. Thank you so much for your voice, your contribution to music. Rest in Peace My Queen. Love you!

  28. Peggy Bashkiroff

    Words cannot describe Aretha's talent and beauty. She shared her inner most thoughts through her soulful music. Aretha you will be sorely missed. Thank you for the memories.

  29. Denita Johnson

    This Angel got her Wings this morning
    Left us with her Angelic Voice
    You will always live on through your music.
    We will never ever forget you.
    You don't have to suffer any longer.😥😥😒😓

  30. Randy Young

    This is a beautiful song

  31. Marcellus Chambers


  32. Serilla Jackson

    Rip Queen

  33. Duval2k7

    R.I.P. Aretha. We love you and will miss you dearly. 😢

  34. Natarsha Ransom


  35. Leslie Grundy

    Queen we love you! Powerful voice, truly the best I've heard.

  36. MrStyle23

    Aretha is The Queen for a reason. Really wish this was promoted more. A wonderful song from the Queen.

  37. Ellie Chaix

    Beautiful tune!

  38. Renee Mitchell

    Oh my when I first heard this I said....Damn this is my SONG. LOVE IT

  39. t fox

    Love it you go girl😜

  40. Kent Allen

    Aretha is the greatest female singer in pop history. Other female singers have their own thing but, none can touch many of Aretha's recordings or readings of a song.

  41. Amanda Rutledge

    Our first dance song 6/2/18

  42. 321 Biz Development

    One of the prettiest songs I’ve heard in a while

  43. Timothy Jenkins

    Shop closed! On all! Rare form! 😁

  44. Latreese C.

    Beautiful song of love❤️

  45. luther williams

    i appreciate u guys giving the queen such beautiful comments! she still has it, after all these years!:)

  46. Natarsha Ransom

    I love this song just got married on yesterday this song reminds me of my HUSBAND❤❤😘😘💞💞💕

    Natarsha Ransom


    Assata Wells

    Natarsha Ransom Stay in Love 💖💖💖💖💜💘💝

  47. Melissa Gray

    love it love it love it

  48. Stacey Blankenship

    Another Great Song By Aretha!

  49. Youbetta Sangyall

    Saaaaaaaang ReRe!! The music is beautiful!!!

  50. R'Jae Jaye

    That why you the Queen,you still have it Aretha.

  51. Mikal Reaves

    love this song

  52. Toinette Hardy -Grisom

    Beautiful song.

    Robbie Reed

    This why she is & will always be the Queen a Soul Miss Aretha Franklin.Wear your Heavenly Crown Ms. Aretha Franklin with Respect..

  53. Chanda Womack

    The most beautiful...Tears

  54. Sheronda Gross

    beautiful song. thank you.

  55. Renee Brown

    Aretha Franklin's voice is a gift to the world!!!

    Sandra Weems

    One of my favorite Ree Ree songs by far. RIH QUEEN!

  56. Monica Kelly

    This WILL be my wedding song, as I'm walking down the aisle !! I DELCARE and DECREE He's goign to be MY Husband... <3

  57. Monica Kelly

    I absoulety LOVE this sone by Aretha... I was at the  car wash when I heard this song.. I heard the words and fell in LOVE with it.. Reason being I've been waitng for God to send me that special someone.. P.S. He's here...

  58. Prettylightskin Mcqueen

    Love this song guess I'm old then lol

  59. Shirley Harrell

    Very nice and sensual.Only Aretha.Always Aretha.

  60. Rebekah Archer

    this song is so beautiful.  I love this song Go Aretha Franklin

  61. Etta. L

    Can't find on iTunes

    smooth persuader

    Etta. L it was a private label only sold at Wal-Mart. Go on to get it.

  62. marknorthwest93

    Aretha doing her thang, her OWN way on her very short lived Aretha Franklin Record label.  Having faced major distribution  problems, this album sunk from view  quickly, but it features some mighty ambitious  heights  with a duet with Ronald Isley and a fabulous reworking of the  classic theme song from  the 1959 blockbuster film "A Summer Place," this only proved to me why Aretha is still the Queen of Soul.

  63. Netpoon07

    I love Patti and Anita, but DAMN, I love this song!!!

  64. Meriem Zaid

    Much Looooove <3

  65. Lauren Tucker-Palmer


  66. amyhelen Durdevac

    Wonderful Aretha!!! You as sweet as your song

  67. Lauren Tucker-Palmer


  68. On a spiritual journey

    Nice song but too much whining

  69. Ms. Lyra Vega

    U are the undisputed queen of soul because you truly pour a little piece of your soul into each and everyone of your songs!!!

  70. corey84douglass

    see how a real soul singer can make a song seem like this isn't 2011 .....

  71. loveinmyjewelry

    I love this song. Thanks Aretha, i am planning to play this for my husband for our anniversary, this August.

  72. Mark Kent

    my favorite song areatha!

  73. Keisha Brown - Time for fun

    LOVE IT! <333 :3

  74. pamelawalker1

    This song is so sexy. I love the phrasing. You did the damn thing on this Aretha!

  75. IRumble22

    luvin it