Frank Zappa - What's New In Baltimore? Lyrics

Hey! What's new in Baltimore?
Rockin' Robin
Hey! What's new in Baltimore?
Hot Rod's Lips
Hey! What's new in Baltimore?
What's new in Baltimore?

Hey! What's new in Baltimore?
I don't know!
Hey! What's new in Baltimore?
Better go back and find out
What's new in Baltimore?
What's new in Baltimore?
What's new in Baltimore?

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Frank Zappa What's New In Baltimore? Comments
  1. Sabbath maiden fan

    At 2 minutes

  2. Daniel Furth

    Zappa is a god

  3. Peter Hughes


  4. Murciegalo Cuarentena

    Esta es una de las rolas de alto vergatonaje!!!

  5. Martin Luna

    FZ asking vai to play on his records was yet another example of his imagination and professionalism. As great as vai is,I love Frank's guitar playing.tone,feel,execution etc

  6. Crypto Tharg

    Kinda ASMR, like "Watermelon In Easter Hay." Love it.

  7. Crypto Tharg

    Frank was born in Baltimore. But, he went to California, and Laurel Canyon.

  8. bwanna23

    Didn't Frank start out in Baltimore as a wee lad?

  9. Leo Furlage Jr

    Been a Zappa fan since I was 17yrs old, now at 63 I’m in awe and still discovering music I’ve never heard before.

  10. Jesse Elsener

    Topical as of 7-29-19

  11. Sajan B

    Fuck yes broooo

  12. A J

    this is amazing!

  13. Ray Weir

    Every fan his prisoner. Every guitar his slave. I've been a prisoner since 73

  14. WORSTXB1PLAYER Tyler Tee H C

    Baltimore has the highest Rate in Pet Suicides.

  15. Cat Earth Shill Confirmed

    Unsure why it got cut down 2 minutes from the original 7 and a half mins length it was when it was supposed to be put on the shelved chalk pie album?. you think the 1985 versions gorgeous, it's missing another 2 minutes of heaven it had 3-4 years before hand when it was first stitched together (from several ' 81 concerts i believe? don't shoot me if I'm wrong)

  16. Pretty Gnostic Machine

    Dear soul, resist not the entropic mystical pull of your consciousness and it's pathetic yearnings to merge with these blessed and eternal sounds. As pure waterr poured forth into pure water becomes the very same, so becomes the soul of the listener who has Zappastanding.
    Devour me
    Destroy me
    Disintegrate me
    Disappear me.

  17. WillieEWoof

    Zappa is the best!!!

  18. T W

    I'm 23 and my first ever musical memory is hearing my father play this on guitar. I consider myself very lucky indeed


    T W you are.
    After my own father passed away 20 years ago, I was 13 years old and when I went through the stuff he left me I found some tapes. It was mostly Frank Zappa.

  19. Raven Maniac

    Frank is a genius. One in trillions...

  20. William L.

    a grown man cries......this very minute.
    that is a stunningly beautiful guitar solo....


    If you want to cry some more, check out his 'Winos Do Not March'.

    Jakeyc Cc

    I used to shamelessly weep at gigs of his
    When I told him this he said "you're too sensitive for the 20th century"he knew what he was doing..

    William L.

    @bwanna23 Guitar 1 & 2 are incredible albums....32 jaw dropping displays of the Maestro's incendiary chops

    William L.

    @Jakeyc Cc I miss the hell out of him every stinking day.....still

  21. Tony Cona

    This tune was a total collaboration between Frank Zappa & Steve Vai ....... that is the real history. You can find the interview with Steve Vai on YouTube where he talks about how it came together and how they worked out the parts at different times.

    Graham Goddard

    This is not a collaboration between Vai and Zappa. Look at the video again. Franks shows Vai the parts of the piece over a period of time. Whats New In Baltimore is composed by Frank Zappa.

    Simon Simon

    @Graham Goddard Yep, there's a bit where people mistakenly think Steve is saying to Frank, 'here's another bit', but Steve is actually recalling Frank saying that to him, not the other way around. Frank wrote the whole thing for sure.

  22. City of Shoes

    Without a doubt the best musician that has ever lived.

  23. Barry Woods

    Pure genius

  24. Sasha King Crimson


  25. Abdo Rabbih

    Waw it's getting very smart at 2:00. R.I.P. F.Z ! You're the best of the bests

  26. Christopher M Glow

    What's. New with " the wharf rat bar at the Baltimore..

    Great guitar solo

  27. Jay Mac

    Imho one of fz's best solos

  28. Mark Day

    The only thing that is New in Baltimore is Frank is not with us anymore:(.

  29. Mark Day

    He never took drugs either. Sadly missed.

  30. Cesar Sandoval

    6 people doesnt know whats new in baltimore

  31. Mark Day

    Nothing about this music is easy

  32. Alexander Kalinchenko

    Thanx buddy!

  33. Paola Marin

    Love Zappa!

  34. Jango Smity

    Zappa is God

  35. Mark Day

    I wish Frank could put music to this drunken ramblings of a blast hole driller

    Country Songs by Mark S Day

    My dog has died
    The kids are gone
    My wife has left
    So I'm all alone

    Don't know whats going on yeah
    Whats going on yeah
    Whats going on

    The rent is due
    They cut the phone
    The fridge is broke
    All the globes are blown

    Still don't whats going on yeah
    Whats going on yeah
    Whats going on

    Got so drunk
    Thought I'd die
    But I ain't dead
    And I'll tell you why

    I started writing country songs yeah
    Writing country songs yeah

  36. Astrophytvm A

    *u* 💚 zappa!!

  37. Lachlan Keeley

    maybe ah could make ah good rawk stah

  38. my dogz

    magic is the right word!

  39. Krachen Ford

    As George Duke said: "absolutely underrated as a guitarplayer!"

    William L.

    ain't it the truth

  40. alcyde nikopol

    Probablement un des plus beaux solos du Maître. Magnifique.

  41. Martine Nathalie Rioux


  42. Marco Dellacosta

    I'll loving Zappa for the rest of my days!!!

  43. Anomaly88man

    Zappa brought me here.

  44. Mark Day

    Try playing the solo

  45. Hector Monteagudo

    one idiot had to dislike this gem?

    Cesar Sandoval

    Hector Monteagudo now its 6

  46. Laurens Admiraal

    Chicken on the rocks?

  47. Oivalf Music

    This song is fucking crazy

  48. Mark Day


  49. Andrés Gámez

    Es hermosa ...nada mas !!!!

  50. Dan Petrone

    nobody will ever be frank we lost the best guitar player and weeds are composer in the world

  51. frappe homunculus

    sharp as ever.

  52. Róbert Hrodebert

    that guitar solo changes the game

  53. Karen Durant

    The drum line holds our kids till the payoff dear god let it happen

  54. bigswifty500

    one of the top 3 FZ solos!! brings tears to my eyes!!!

    Guy Fawkes

    Obviously this, "Watermelon" and what do you consider to be #3?

    Elias Zúñiga

    Willie the Pimp?

    Bro Brian

    @Guy Fawkes Conehead instrumental (Halloween '77 setlist version especially) or RDNZL would be a few contenders fit for spot number 3 I personally feel.

  55. Mikkel Grum Bovin

    OMG - i miss Frank ,- He was - such a good musician - and a guy , with .... half a brain - we NEEEEED you Frank ! More than ever !!!!

  56. Andy Thomas

    The intro to this is utterly ourageous! Talk about ORGANIC!

  57. Eric Pelky

    I think its a great question. Always getting shit on by main-stream. I've been a Zappa fan since the first time I listened to "The Torture Never Stops."

  58. mi gfa

    esta cancion me hace volar :')

  59. udiseus

    Nobody played like FZ not because of his fingers but because of his mind. I've listened to this piece, with Big Ears, hundreds of times, and I'm convinced it is not possible to express more with a guitar. It's emotional, yet an objective valuation of how things are.

    Sabbath maiden fan

    Dweesil said he had " the ear" he could hear every bad note

  60. duster71

    Over 3 hours standing directly in front of Frank at the Ritz NYC.Starting at 14yo in 1974 Capitol Theatre,Port Chester NY,,all Halloween shows,Felt Forum,Palladium,3 of 4 Nights Christmas NYC shows, THE RITZ,1988 The Beacon Theatre, THANK YOU FRANK

  61. duster71

    Over 3 hours standing directly in front of Frank at the Ritz NYC.Starting at 14yo in 1974 Capitol Theatre,Port Chester NY,,all Halloween shows,Felt Forum,Palladium,3 of 4 Nights Christmas NYC shows, THE RITZ,1988 The Beacon Theatre, THANK YOU FRANK

  62. duster71

    Music is my religion and Frank Zappa is my GOD.

  63. Christopher M Glow

    Listen at the 2 minute Mark !!!!!!!!!! Play that guitar !!!!!!

    Psychedelic BluesMan

    Steve Vai

    Simon Simon

    frank's playing the solo

  64. Christopher M Glow

    What Happened ?????????????/

  65. Cesar Sandoval

    Steve Vai brought me here

    Adam Crane Guilford

    @Graham Goddard A bit late, others helped me figure that out like two years ago... it sure the hell ain't you playing

    Graham Goddard

    @Adam Crane Guilford Hmm Sorry about that. No sure if YouTube allows you to your remove older post. Hopefully you won't be irritated when someone replies to your post again in 5 years time.

    T. Jeffrey

    Same here.

  66. Christopher M Glow

    I called it 'TRUMP', [Eucher]

  67. udiseus

    The one and only, there will never be another. FZ is laying out this majestic, excruciating musical construction for whoever it was who said that his music was not emotional. RIP

  68. Robert Allen


  69. AkisKapranos

    Mind blowing masterpiece.

  70. joe doe

    jizzing my sofa -.-

    Paul Anand

    dont get no jizz up on that sofa... (Sofa)...

  71. Christopher M Glow

    We are Watching !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Vicki Jedlowski

    Love It, Love him....  Yes.................

  73. Rich Hulsebus

    523 likes 0 dislikes :)

    Flesh Robe

    Rich Hulsebus
    741 now........

    Andrew Fellenbaum

    Your comment is likely to be an excuse for at least one of the dislikes there are on this clip now..

  74. John Knight of the greatest gifts given to us by Frank!Shivers every fkn time.WOW!!!

    Doug QUIDAM

    Yeah, I've gotten those shivers and tingles down my spine at that exact same time many times. One of my absolute favourite compositions (as opposed to just a song).

    Shake Hands With Beef

    John Knight that's perhaps one of the greatest effects of Zappa's music, the chills and tingles down the spine! love it!

  75. jordian me

    NEVER try to play this drums at home unless you get support by a responsible drummer.
    Don't get deceived, it can sounds easy to superficial ears, it's not.


    More that It is just simply a very hard Time Signature to keep up with.

    But a Good Drummer can learn it.

    Practice makes perfect.

    Besides you'll be having too much fun learning this beast of a drum track anyway.


    jordian me I once tried to play this song.
    I woke up lost and very confused in Uganda

    max plays guitar

    i finally learned this note for note, most certainly one hard song

    Benas Jonušas

    The time signature just changes, like, every other bar.

    Shayne O'Neill

    You can be incredibly competent by the worlds standards and utterly flounder on Zappas stuff. The guy wrote some wildly hard stuff. Not impossible, Zappa himself was a drummer so he knew how to write stuff properly for the instrument, but advanced as all hell.

  76. Kirk Miller

    zappa at his zenith

  77. Sugaree Wazoo

    A gorgeous musical carpet ride through the beautiful world of Frank…to Baltimore


    Well spoken brother..Musical carpet ride...Classic man,no better description

    Sabbath maiden fan

    But.but.ii ...iii.dont want to go to Baltimore my sister is having her baby and I have to go pee right now oh shit....

    Conor Mahony

    God i'd forgetten this. I loved zappa in my 20s now in 50s still think no other composer rock or otherwise achieved more. So good.

  78. Andrew Head

    yes I know Zappa was opposed to drugs. I was mearly answering the songs question.

  79. Baylee Strickland

    wonderfull guitar

  80. douglas conley

    cada vez que escucho esto, me abre el pecho/every time I hear this, the chest is opened


    +douglas conley que no suena bien en inglés

  81. Mr Schmeltz

    You know Steve Vai was shown this from Frank and had him learn and memorize three different parts pretty much the beginning before as it gets amazingly complex. But Steve in 2007 said it was never released. He never knew it became this song.


    I think Vai was referring to that particular session of the two of them playing this.

  82. Andrew Head

    the same old heroin addicts


    +Andrew Head Talking out of your a** again? I do hope you know that Frank zappa was adamantly opposed to drugs.


    Don't think he was talking about Zappa, as much as he is talking about the condition of Baltimore.

    Tim Scott

    Yeah...Have you been to Baltimore lately ? They didn't pick that city for 'The Wire' for no reason..

  83. Zappostophidelta Hat

    God speaks through music when the right people are playing it. Thank you Frank


    Zappa's Music being considered GOD's is kinda fucked up lol


    Zappostophidelta Hat Frank Zappa is god!

    Adam Crane Guilford

    no doubt


    Zappostophidelta Hat saying that it’s like insulting everything Frank stood for. So please stop talking about god when you talk about Frank’s music. It’s Frank’s music nothing to do with god or any other fairytale shit.

  84. Zappostophidelta Hat

    prayers to the family. miss your Mom too now.

  85. Zappostophidelta Hat

    Hard to say its his best piece but it feels that way. NO ONE BETTER!

  86. Denis Hošić

    What What?!? ;D

  87. Christopher M Glow

    I love you man

  88. Rodents on crack

    What an imagination this guy had, I  bow my head.

  89. Jan Thomas

    Such beautiful nuances and subtleties. I miss ya Frank - I got to meet Dweezil and shake his hand. Mr. Vai was also very nice. These musicians - all of them were such nice and genuine people. The best to come out of this cesspool of excitement!

    What's new in Baltimore?

    People twisting and frooging in an arrogant gesture with panchromatic resonance and other highly ambient domains.

    Gern Blenstein

    +Jan Thomas

    Arf! She says!


    Where Jim Morrison once stood, bless!

    jaz h

    fair play!

    Sabbath maiden fan

    Or the tinseltown rebellion band

  90. suttonsuede

    Frank Zappa!

  91. Chatetris

    a lot is new Baltimore.


    +Chant Cowen Freddie Gray....

  92. Bronson

    I always imagined a riot during the guitar solo, and now I guess that's what's new in Baltimore.

  93. LowQualityCheese

    Which is the version with singing? Not the you can't do that anymore version. Also there's an extended bootleg version on Youtube with a picture of Thing Fish. I think it still exists on Youtube.


    There is a version with singing on "Does Humor Belong In Music".


    The one on You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore 5 also has singing

  94. Richard Olds

    Steve Vai is playing the electric sitar on this cut -- the solo is pure Frank (go back and listen to Roxy and Elsewhere and Apostrophe and you'll see what I mean). The solo's phrasing and tone matches what Frank did on Watermelon in Easter Hay -- I don't see how Steve Vai for all of his gifts as a player could match the feel that Frank put into playing guitar. Clearly Frank is also playing the Synclavier for all of the keyboard work on this piece as well. 

    Gary Worsham

    @Adam Crane Guilford well I don't own any of Steve Vai's recordings and couldn't hum you one of his tunes to save my life. So I guess I agree!

    Adam Crane Guilford

    @Gary Worsham Exactly, the flash is not near as vital as simple catchy rifs and lyrical hooks.
    Steve Morse is great player, so is Yngwie Malmsteen .... but they lack the songwriting it takes
    to be iconic musicians... Yngwie is critical of Jerry Cantrell from AIC .... Cantrell blows him
    away when it comes to songwriting .... Zappa could do both, but he could have cared less
    about album sales or audience size. Gotta love him for that attitude

    Aaron Malander

    @Adam Crane Guilford what the fuck. steve morse doesnt write good songs? ok your opinion is garbage. and FZ kicks ass, but you obviously haven't listened to any post 90's vai if you think he can't write. wow. zappa fans have weird fucking taste in guitar

    El Cuento

    Franks playing is so obvious. I don't think you could mistake him for Vai in a million years. The sharp as razor blades tone, the deep attack, the wah filter, the preference for certain phrases...


    Listen to "Theme From the 3rd Movement of Sinister Footwear" from the album You Are What You Is. One ear has Frank's guitar, the other has Steve's guitar. Steve learned and copied Frank's solo so well that you wouldn't be able to tell them apart if not for the distinct guitar tones.

  95. Fabrice EDOUARD


  96. magikkris

    Hi Bro, music is the best . thanks for sharing 

  97. Alex Allman

    This is what music is all about, every type of music, every type of everything

    Isolirion Band

    Do you like Frank Zappa?

    Listen to Our Song!

    Follow us if you want!

  98. Michael Muller

    This is awesome, but the solo in the live version from Does Humor Belong in Music is much better.


    Not a chance...

    Michael Muller

    To each his own.

    Jehoël de la Croix Jugan

    I don"t know, but for having listened to it 256895 times, the DHBIM version is hyperkosmik, it takes you through the kosmos and beyond.