Frank Zappa - The Way I See It, Barry Lyrics

[Spider:] The way I see it, Barry, this should be a very dynamite show.

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Frank Zappa The Way I See It, Barry Comments
  1. Dunebilly Dave

    No commercial potential.

  2. Glenn Morris

    Oh no I don't believe it-
    Meeting Fz at 17 was a riot -
    He spoke briefly to me twice-
    Thin and focused his music endures and is fresh as a puddle in the morning 🌞 rain.

  3. Emil Bahia


  4. PsychicAndIce

    Am I the only one who prefers the “Donald Duck” voices in the opening track? Maybe it’s because that’s the version I’m used to.

  5. Ryan Cox

    Was Zappa influenced by Stravinsky?

    James Daniels

    In fact, he was.

  6. Linda DeBrabant

    What more can be said about all the fantastic stuff frank ever did. This is about the best,yea one of the best. Bob De

  7. Hugh K. Ayers


  8. Gordon Raphael

    amazing creation!

  9. Alex Rees

    I first started attending university five years ago and I was the only guy in the dorm who had a record player, and I was thrilled to find out that our school's library still lent out records. I went over one day and found out that they had a MASSIVE vintage Zappa collection. I rented all the classics (it was my first time listening to "Absolutely free", "We're only in it for the money", "lumpy gravy", cruising with ruben and the jets" and "weasels ripped my flesh". I drove everybody in the dorm crazy with "Weasels" haha

    Wayne Danberry


    Douglas Johns

    Ahh the college years , when we discover Zappa !

    Hugh K. Ayers

    Except for those of us whose parents discovered Zappa in college, and brought us up on it!

  10. toomuchrose

    We all do stupid things when we're young and one of the stupidest things I did was to sell my original Verve copy of this magnificent album along with my original copy of We're Only in it For The Money. That was 40 years ago and I have sobbed quietly in a dark corner ever since....

    Jeffrey Chase

    toomuchrose I passed up on buying an excellent condition Sheik Yerbouti for over a year at my record store. One day someone bought it. I curse myself every time I hear Zappa now

  11. TheTestingGrounds

    Do not take psychedelics and listen to this, Uncle Meat, We're Only in it for the Money, and Absolutely Free. Now c'mon, promise you won't ; )

    Hunter Bailey

    Why? Because Frank didn't do drugs?

    Erik van Doorn

    Good advice. A little too late, but still. Actually, doing the exact opposite (taking lumpy gravy and listening to acid dfor instance) is a blast


    @Erik van Doorn indeed. These are some of the best records ever made for that activity. Pink Floyd Ummagumma is another one.

    Erik van Doorn

    Obviously :-) And let's not forget the Flying Teapot albums of GONG

  12. pykkervots

    Released 49 years ago today! Still droolin' down the wavy gravy

  13. FooBarr1

    Doo-wah, doo-wah, doo-wah-d'num
    Doo-wah, doo-wah, doo-WAH-DEE
    Waddy-one, waddy-num
    Yo' mammy nun
    Yo' mammy nun
    Yo' mammy, mammy, mammy, mammy
    Yo' mammy nun
    Yo' mam-mammy nun
    Who's yo' mammy, who's yo' mammy, mammy nun?
    Holy mack'l
    Holy mack'l
    Holy mack'l
    Holy mack'l
    Ol' Brown Moses
    Way down in Egypt-land
    Pick that cotton
    Eat that watermelon

    Freddie Ponds

    So that's why that first instrumental is called "Duodenum." Lmao I never cared to figure that out

  14. Enrik Calavera

    Nobody transcripted this?

    Scott Micheli-Smith

    have definitely seen it somehwere, on the Internet

    Enrik Calavera

    thank you

  15. johnnyd63

    Yes but still you can say darker and darker
    I don't know what the outside of this thing looks like at all
    I knew it's dark and murky
    How do you get your water so dark?
    Cause I'm paranoid
    I'm very paranoid and the water in my washing machine turns dark out
    Of sympathy
    Out of sympathy?
    Um where can I get that?
    At your local drug store
    How much?
    It's from kansas

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  16. pfaffman100

    Simply beautiful. Thank-you.


    +pfaffman100 Originally a ballet.

  17. fafaffu2

    Duodenum 0:06
    Oh no 1:38

  18. Marc Ballan

    A very DYNAMITE show !

  19. poppy 55

    Trop cool ....pig emotion to lisen to that old poney.............still good to ride

  20. sterioapple

    Back in '89  friend of mine named Barry was tripping on some really good acid. I had him put the headphones on for this. He had never heard it before. I can still see the look on his face when it spoke his name. He was astonished!

    Marco Pitzalis

    AHAHAHAHAHA Sounds like a cool story😂

    Wayne Danberry

    +sterioapple Hope He Didn't 'Freak Out!' But Had A Nice 'Mellow Yellow' Trip!


    +Wayne Danberry We all had a real good time!

    Master Of Puppets

    +sterioapple acid freak are astonished when they wake up alive

  21. Master Of Puppets

    whenever i hear zappa, i realize he was a self indulgent clown

    Pat O'Boyle

    So I guess this is goodbye? Great speech. Thanks for coming.

    Maurice van Dijk

    Proves you´re trapped inside! But some folks need borders or boxes......

    Sugaree Wazoo

    Alright, my bad; I am here to listen and not get into pissing matches re what people like to listen to. This album might be a tough one to swallow. Try Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar (3 separate albums-instrumental) & Waka Jawaka.

    Maurice van Dijk

    Dont try, DIG!

    Sugaree Wazoo

    Well stated: I know I don’t have to TRY because I listen & DIG.

  22. eddy eduardo


  23. Andrew Thomas

    The best FZ album of all time.

  24. asbestomolesto

    The final is CUT!  :(

  25. Any Rebel

    does anyone know what album the sung version of duodenum is on? it definitely exists and i can't find it anywhere. it's sort of a bootleg, or maybe a post release

    Doctor Meowstein

    +Bryan Lee You probably already found it by now, but just in case you didn't. That version is from the "Lumpy Money" box set. I believe it was originally part of Frank's reissues that he did in 1987? It's the Thing-Fish version.

    Any Rebel

    @BlondeDylan ah, thank you. i had not

  26. Puertorrican Santa

    Is this the 68 version of the album?

  27. 777RockNRollin

    Every great song that I thought I wrote ....turns out today was already written long ago ( and way better ) ,...already by Zappa ,.................................................................


    777RockNRollin r

  28. Frankincensed

    Ya just GOT! ta love Frank. I love that even before he put out Lumpy Gravy, he was playing live music that was orchestrated and not the hits or what people had been hearing from the first two albums. Fans were shell shocked, or at least the mindless masses who only listened superficially, those unaware that his first love was orchestrated not pop music. Then he comes out with Lumpy Gravy a very wide departure from Freak Out and Absolutely Free. A freak out, indeed. The myth. The legend 

  29. Signor Pomodoro

    better than part 2

  30. Brendan Hunt

    I'm advocating dark clothes.

  31. Eclectik tronik

    That sped up piece of swing at 5:20 , was that a zappa composition too or did he just use an old 78?

    Ricardo Righi Filho

    I'd really like to know that too! It sounds like a 78, but... Who knows? Sped up some MOI "simple" thing recorded? Tho still, sounds like a 78 for me. Just can't affirm it.


    He did a lot of vari speed on this album, so may have recorded it at a slower speed so it would play back faster (just a guess though).

  32. Herman Matysen

    gewoon briljant!!

  33. Kirk Lynde

    A bit of nostalgia for the old folks! 

  34. J0EYbagaDONUTS

    Listen to side 1 first and turn it up all the way !!

  35. Agustina

    4:51 Walter Jr

    Maive Muker

    The breakfast king

  36. Charles F.

    The Oh No finale makes my penis hard.


    ha! ha! ha! you do frankie proud! weenie!


    @cflores1889 Pics or GTFO.

    poppy 55

    And the curls Trump-orange..............What would he say about America today?

    poppy 55

    ..............the finale went to son of "orange coutry"..
    anyhow your purpose remains "in the mood"....wait till that "duck" gives you the mojo...hahaha

    Linda DeBrabant

    Don't take much dose it.

  37. Justin Litke

    Yes, he served as a producer. All of the original characters appear, except for Curt (Richard Dreyfuss). Check it out. Not as good as the original, but a solid effort.

  38. Charles Martel

    Boy, does that bring back memories!

  39. DocGonzo820

    We miss you Frank.

  40. Jon Serr

    I was fortunate enough to obtain a "previously owned" (but near "mint") copy of Lumpy Gravy ('68) in the mid 1970s. It was & IS always classic FZ. Would love to hear it on U-tube as a WHOLE LP.

  41. gogomountain

    There was a sequel to American Grafitti? Was George Lucas involved in it (as a writer, producer, director)?

  42. John Ford

    The soundtrack for my autumn of '68. Wish he had done more of the brilliant (small) orchestral stuff he did on this. He was simpler then.

  43. stan edwards

    the 1st three mothers lps, and lumpy gravy are my all time fave lps; loved the mothers

  44. TheAsi12

    the best.

  45. Martin Pospíšil

    yep, this is how geniuses get their education

  46. emtcowboy1968

    This was recorded at Gold Star Studios in LA and The Wrecking Crew was the studio musicians...

  47. buschnic61

    lumpy gravy..just never gets old... a real motherfucking legitimate and timeless work of art..

  48. Mum2Boys

    The way I see it Barry...

  49. Sam Reece-Murphy

    This is why I love Zappa, delivers something you dont expect that turns out to be truly amazing and intresting.

  50. Sebastián Sorrentino

    It is (or was) a pipe company from santa barbara.

  51. Marta Milani

    What is PIPCO?

  52. nottwozero

    So utterly, unbelievably ahead of its time. If a platitude, then one that's origin is non fiction.

  53. El Sanjay

    5:18 Zappa does Dixieland jazz.

  54. Alina Manea

    I know Dilla or someone similar sampled this. What's the name of the song? Help?

  55. Dead horse™ Animation Studios

    i think it means sauce with lumps in it, but you should probably ask Zappa.

  56. Dead horse™ Animation Studios

    i would like to have this album, but i dont wanna scare my family with psychotic laughs and babies screaming ptrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from my bedroom.

  57. Verbeke7

    Was anyone else digging that "bit of nostalgia for the old folks"?

  58. mu99ins

    It's probably only a funny title. You have to give songs a name, and Frank liked funny names. But who knows what Frank had in mind when he named it? We could guess. Maybe he was implying that this music is as smooth and greasy as gravy, and at times not smooth (the lumpy parts),

  59. 59mar

    catweazle is rockin about :-)

  60. isaacbateman76

    This records sounds good :)

  61. cabbie dee

    seriously! the whole side of the album shoulda been posted!! killed me when it cut out and part two was the beginning of the second side! ;) still.. thanks for posting tho

  62. Rhian Lloyd

    it's as you may expect, gravy which doesn't get stirred enough so gets lumpy bits in it
    unless it has some American slang meaning too..

  63. elchafa

    What does Lumpy Gravy mean? Not a native english speaker here :)

  64. Patrick Rodgers

    A dynamite show indeed.

  65. Justin Litke

    Was this song used in the sequel of American Graffiti called "More American Graffiti"? It's listed in the end credits but I've never heard it in there.

  66. 59mar

    oh yes he did go to college -though he left after one semester.

  67. raffaele natale


  68. IncaRoad01

    Almost Chinese, huh?

  69. montrealcanadiensuck

    other way around, on the back cover of this album it says "is this phase 2 of we're only in it for the money?" i believe.

  70. Benjamin Crookston

    @cabbiedee thank you I'll be here until Wednesday.

  71. cabbie dee

    @DimensionsofChange lmfao!!!!!

  72. DaParkladin

    how long have i been asleep?!

  73. DaParkladin

    well i'm only in it for the gravy

    ... hey zappa, where's the gravy you promised us? we're hungry over here, eh?
    stupid rockstar...

  74. Ilya Ignatov

    @pataphysician66 well merry christmas again

  75. nardrebel

    @MissPunkRockery You're looking for "We're Only In It For The Money." On the cover is a word bubble asking "Is this phase one of Lumpy Gravy?" That is probably why the confusion.

  76. webster cobb

    Just love it!

  77. Benjamin Crookston

    They should have called Lumpy Money, we're only in it for the gravy.

  78. Bob Craig

    Frank was and still is the shit! He was sooooo far ahead of anything or anyone else. Just listen.

  79. Aiden057

    "a little bit of nostalgia for the old folks... yes, oink oink oink"

  80. Russell Moxham

    The album 'We're Only in It for the Money' shows Frank sympathised with the hippies to an extent but that he blamed them as well as the establishment for the failure of the hippy experiment. As to dressing up, he explained in at least one interview (for the BBC) that partly it was something people came to expect of him--even if he was going out to buy milk--and that he was prepared to oblige. Finding LA society rather conformist at times, he was probably happy to challenge it in this small way.

  81. MightyQuinn2021

    Some of the comments here, so uninformed. Lol.

    Frank Zappa wasn't a hippy, the mothers were part of the freak movement.

    Secondly, he's a composer and satrist as well as a rock star.

    Thirdly this wasn't improvised. They're not jamming like the Allman Brothers.

  82. Alvalanker

    Did Frank just record his bandmates on drugs in the studio talking for this record?

  83. Alvalanker

    @josko50 Love that part.

  84. Pretty Normal Media

    @BetterTasteThanU, what the hell is a "cartoon soundtrack"?

  85. Tin Can

    @BetterTasteThanU funny comment coming from a guy who made an entire album ripping on hippies and flower power.

  86. Citrus3000

    05:17 is so crazy

  87. 3rdpapaya

    One person doesn't advocate dark clothes.

  88. josko50

    "How do you get your water so dark?"
    "Cuz I'm paranoid. I'm very paranoid. And the water in my washing machine turns dark out of sympathy."
    "Out of sympathy?"
    "Um... where can I get that?"
    "At your local drug store."
    "How much?"
    "It's from Kansas."

  89. James Wagner

    What's the piece at 5:17 called? It's so funny.

  90. Ibis Nixon

    these tunes make my balls oscillate

  91. Adam Workey

    I just love how it goes into "Oh No" then a bunch of random stuff, then back to "Oh No"!!

  92. Hornschmeyer

    Would make more sense to be able to quote pieces of music, or maybe the piggies, than the words

  93. Benjamin Crookston

    We're only in it for the Gravy

  94. dummytree

    @pataphysician66 I got this when I was almost 14 too (not too long before my birthday i think). For some reason, I was hooked, I'd play it all the time, with headphones on (some people would have gone crazy in the house).To this day, it's still one of my favourite albums by Zappa. I've learnt a lot of english through the spoken sections of this album, very seriously. No wonder my english isn't academic. However, I still think music/spoken word is a nice way to learn a language.Thanks Frank

  95. OldMusicOnVinyl1

    6:16 It's brilliant to be Almost Chinese!

  96. devor3

    @metllica333 the other night i listened to the whole album and it gave me nightmares. It's so unlike anything!

  97. TheHerzogVon

    Used the opening of this as my intro back in 1969 while working at the campus radio station. Nice memories, but way TOO FAST!! Sounds like Frank was messing with helium. Somebody ought to get their turntable checked.