Frank Sinatra - You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You Lyrics

You're a nobody till somebody loves you
You're nobody till somebody cares
You may be king, you may possess the world and its gold
But gold won't bring you happiness when you're growin' old

The world still is the same, you'll never change it
As sure as the stars shine above
You're nobody till somebody loves you
Find yourself somebody to love

[very brief instrumental]

You're a nobody till somebody loves you
You're nobody till somebody cares
You may be a king, you may possess the whole world and its gold
But gold won't bring you happiness when you're gettin' old

The world still is the same, you'll never change it
As sure as the stars shine above
You're nobody, nobody till somebody loves you
So find yourself somebody

Gotta get yourself somebody

Because you're nobody till somebody loves you
You're nobody till somebody cares
You may a king, you might possess the big fat world and its gold
But gold won't bring you happiness when you're growin' old

The world, the whole world's the same, you'll never change it, change it
As sure as the stars shine above
You're a nobody till somebody loves you
So find yourself somebody somebody to love

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Frank Sinatra You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You Comments
  1. Swing Albert


  2. Tony Hall

    He could sing the phone book - the greatest ever

  3. Karl Hungus

    The master at the top of his game. He makes the impossible seem effortless.

  4. Judith Barvinek

    I really love the drums. What a drummer. What a Frank Sinatra. Love them all

  5. RODRIGOR300

    That pianist is so cool

  6. Martin Palmer

    the very best

  7. Benjamin Hogan

    ...this version should have been on the "SITN" album...

  8. Always Sinatra

    What a fabulous orchestra to back him up !! Simply The Best by Sinatra 💕

  9. RODRIGOR300

    holly shit. that´s amazing. best performance !!

  10. Judith Barvinek

    Frank will never ever be replaced. He just is an Italian that was so blessed with good pipes

    David Bowen

    Judith Barvinek what fucks me off about all you cunts calling him italian is that you only think thats acceptable because hes white. Youre a racist. If he was black with african heritage, but born in america you would 100% call them american. Frank is american you idiot he was born in new jersey.

    Marc Eastment

    @David Bowen born to Italian American parents

    David Bowen

    Marc Eastment so hes american then.

  11. Profesion Argentino

    Too much !

  12. John McDermott

    How can you beat Sinatra surrounded by a bad-ass band? You can't!!

  13. Lou Vascek


  14. Judith Barvinek

    No one compares to him and never ever will. Love him since I was a teen and am now seventy nine

  15. Orlando Moraes

    Dijo Bob Dylan: "Frank Sinatra llegó a una cumbre que todos queremos alcanzar, pero nadie lo logra"

  16. Ben Jonson

    Pressed the 'like' button before the song began.

  17. Don Kotouc

    Such presence, based on supreme self confidence and command of the material...

  18. Francis Albert

    When I watch this performance my heart just about explodes with joy !

  19. Gloria Skellett

    god father of swing saw him live in london at the festival hall no one does it like frank

    Tom Hall

    Gloria Skellett what year did you see him in London?

  20. Eddie Deveza

    This is why I love American music. I'm from the Philippines.

  21. Patricia Walton

    The Sensational Sinatra!

  22. BernardJTarver

    I love this song and practically play it every day as a pick-me-up. What I really love is watching the musicians, especially the horn section, bouncing to the music as they play. Contrast that with the string section where they seem to sit still until their moments to play. I've spotted only one guy on that side of the orchestra even patting his foot towards the end of the song.

    Benjamin Hogan

    ...yeah...that's the first thing I noticed when I watched this....those horn players are into it...

  23. Rafael Rodriguez


  24. Amaia Espinoza

    Simple, sencillo, genial y tan facil canta este monstruo, inigualable.

  25. Michael Chapman

    I have three live versions of Frank singing this song... each is my favorite - he does something different in each one that makes the performance unique and awesome.. this one was for TV so it was somewhat condensed, but what he does with the tempo i awesome. Same thing with Moonlight in Vermont and a few others.... will never be a voice combined with interpretation of song like FS again. So glad i discovered his music.

  26. Joe Mastrodonato


  27. Donald Barnat

    I've looked for this on YouTube for years. I had it on a VHS tape recorded off of PBS back when Frank died. It's just one of the greatest things ever. Lot of instincts kicked in when Frank (the Frank of this vintage) was in front of a loud swinging band. One is the thing at the end. It's the old late 1920s early 1930s Vaudeville song ending. ah-AH-uh-UH-uh-uh.

    The other thing that Frank did was very evident here. He kind of croons the first time through this, swings the second time through, and then, it's like he flicks a switch and on comes the electricity. Really a Frank Sinatra trademark. Wow. This is good. Also look for the version of "At Long Last Love" from a guest appearance he does on the Dean Martin Show.

  28. Karl Hungus

    This is the swingingest!

  29. Danny Flynn

    Frank was in another class to his peers, even Dean, this was a very similar version to his interpretation, but Frank performed it better here than anybody ever could

    Daniel Bustamante

    Me gusta mucho Dean Martín, tenía mucha sensibilidad y era un tipo encantador. Pero en realidad Frank Sinatra era impresionantemente único. Desbordaba no solo mucha energía, sino también mucha personalidad. Cuidaba mucho los detalles al momento de interpretar, con un apasionamiento y dominio de escena incomparables. Me llama mucho la atención estos dos momentos en el video, cuando mira de reojo a su orquesta 2:22 y cuando se "abalanza" hacia el micrófono 0:18. Espectacular.

    Marie Simpson

    Danny Flynn I wish I could meet someone who loved Frank as much as me xx

  30. threepot

    Be had great timing. Listen to the Ratpack live cd.

  31. Francis Albert

    Virtuoso performance- FS swung his ass off

    Steve Silverman

    His ass? He swung the entire room and every household tuned in with the obvious exception of Riddle who must be listening to something else in those headphones. But what an arrangement. This is far better sung, played and arranged than the studio version.

  32. lostmagiknyram

    Splendid! I confess I love Dean Martin's version of the song with Nelson Riddle's arrangement, but this one here seems to be somehow based on the arrangement Ernie Freeman did of the song (again, for Dino). Anyone know this for sure? Or was this arrangement made for Frank specially?
    Btw, thanks for the great quality of the video. You can't help but love Frank (and the whole Rat Pack lol).

    Danny Flynn

    I guess they were both reprise


    I'm guessing this is a Nelson Riddle arrangement written especially for Frank for this show. It is very similar in style to the Strangers in the Night album arrangements, all of which were done by Nelson Riddle (except for the title track arranged by Ernie Freeman.)

  33. Tp McKenna

    I have wanted to know for a long time to know who is musician at the Hammond. The guy in the shades?

    Michael Chapman

    I know Bill Miller was “his” pianist... might be him

    Michael Deenihan

    It is not Bill Miller. But I think it is the same dude that accompanied him on "Summer Wind."


    Mike Melvoin he played the organ on the opening of "That's Life" (99% sure, it's hard to see him at that angle)

    William Dunphy

    @Michael Chapman No. Bill Miller was his piano player & musical director.

  34. Tex W

    The quality of sound, on these YouTube videos, is top class. As usual Frank Sinatra, makes the lyrics suit his mood- and he is always in an inventive mood ! ..Always keeps you "on your toes"...does Ole' Blue Eyes !!

    A A

    Unfortunately I don't know. But do you know who the drummer is?

    Daniel Bustamante

    Muy cierto!!!!

  35. Michel Motta


  36. Arthur Bluestone

    Frank was a real swinger


    He was a genius! Love him.

  37. martin palmer

    the best

  38. Rusty White

    Awesome...thanks for posting this.....

  39. sinatrafan01

    Nails it!!