Frank Sinatra - Sleep Warm Lyrics

Sleep warm, sleep tight, when you turn off the light,
Sleep warm, sleep well, my love.

Rest your head on your pillow, what a lucky pillow,
Close to you, so close to you all night.

Sleep warm, sleep well, let dreams within you dwell,
Sweet dreams of me, my love.

Close your eyes now and kiss me, and whisper you miss me,
Sleep tight, sleep well, sleep warm.

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Frank Sinatra Sleep Warm Comments
  1. Tony Rome

    What type of moron sets a beautiful song like this to images of such a horrible event!

    Philippe Brunet

    This is precisely why it is interesting...

  2. M.J. Leger

    Wow, that mine out the window of that sub!  And, the bomber's bay door opens, 5,4,3,2,1 Fire!  I remember seeing on TV when they filmed the very first test A-bomb, our class in school went on  field trip to the nearest store that had a TV and we watched it -- I was in awe!  The first bomb in this video isn't an A-bomb, just a practice run, but the mushroom cloud on that second one -- unforgettable, just as much as the first one I saw as a child in school.

  3. M.J. Leger

    I love this song, but the video is kind of odd for this song -- maybe it was for the soldiers (bless them all).  Incidentally, there are a couple of destroyers that look way too close to that island!  Looks like the edges of that cloud reached them!  Ghost ships, no doubt.  I love that plane, (a B-29 Military B-7354),  I remember my dad pointing that out to me when I was just a child!  "Sleep warm, sleep tight, when you turn off the light, sleep warm, sleep well, my love; rest your head on the pillow, what a lucky pillow, close to you, so close to you all night;
    Sleep warm, sleep well, let dreams weave you a spell, sweet dreams of me, my love, close your eyes now and kiss me, and whisper, you'll miss me, sleep tight, sleep well, sleep warm."  (Taken directly from Sinatra's singing.)

  4. Blake Gildaphish

    this video is brilliant

  5. rileycpo

    Beautiful B-29 Super Fortress.  Back when America had power and the music was great!   We also Honored God in our nations conscious too.  58 was a great year for DeSoto too.

    Taylor Hudson

    rileycpo Amen brother!!!

    Paul PaulC

    Yes when America killed 200,000 Japanese in a couple of days in the name of God.The American Goverment and all the military forces did not even know the power of the A bomb then , not till years after.

  6. Maurizio Frediani

    ¿sapete qui fu il grupo etnico dei EE UU piu grande e con le magiori morti nella seconda guerra mondiale? Gli cosi detti Italoamericani dovete andare un po a i campi santi di guerra degli EE UU e ne vedrete un cassino dei nostri cognomi, "tutti loro gentaglia MAFIOSA," poveri Italoamericani 20 milloni di lavoratori onesti pagano per 3000 disgraziati que fano alla fine ridere al publico del cinema.Amati non serete mai dimenticati .Un baccio ben forte per tutti gli ITALIANI ucisi dal paese degli 3000 MAFIOSi.EEUU.

  7. gerry greene

    Dr Strangelove copy OK But with out Bomb

  8. gerry greene

    The. voice at his best again.

  9. Jeffrey Berkin

    You said it! Ditto with the Ebb Tide/Psycho vid--very disrespectful.

  10. Danger Daisy

    YO! Enough with Basketball can't we just listen to this song in peace? The NBA Finals are over kaay.

  11. pete cannella

    This song is off of the album all the way but put in only the lonely because all the way had a limited amount of prints. But this video is genius. Oddly moving as i d saw someone put it

  12. MrDoncos

    Sad that it takes an advert to bring people to listen to one of Franks greatest songs

    Do yourselves a favour and download Frank Sinatra Sings for Only The Lonely

  13. tippimail1

    Excellent track.I can't believe it didn't make it on the original album.

    M.J. Leger

    It was a bonus track, on later re-makes of the original album, I think.

  14. Thelatios1011

    Who's LeBron? Kobe Bryant > Lebron

  15. geediaitch

    Cornelius does the definitive version of this track :) Yay for Japan!

  16. Nigel Gordon

    lebron brought me here

  17. Anthony Hollowell


  18. Anthony Hollowell

    omg i was watching thursday night football nike commercial came on stop me in my tracks


    Want to remember another date? SLEEP WARM was recorded September 11 (1958)

  20. Jeovanna Mobley

    should be in fallout...

  21. Dare yusuf

    i get it sleep warm because they got nuked

  22. Anthony L

    Its "Let dreams WEAVE you a spell" Dunno why NOBODY else can hear that. -.-

  23. Bud Lehn

    I doubt that Frank Sinatra would have been thrilled by this,artistic though it may be.

  24. Bud Lehn

    @mikionos Well pal, the uploader referenced the two bombs dropped on Japan in his description,so you insulted me . I do know my history and I don't need you correcting me. It is an anti war video. I am not pro war,,just when we get attacked first like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. You get your facts right pal. I never said it was footage of the bombing of Japan.

  25. Bud Lehn

    @mikionos Geez,you'd think you were the only one to ever do a video like this. You'd know it's been done many times before in different forms,if YOU knew your film history(see Dr.Strangelove). This video is good but certainly not original. I give you credit for good work however. The testing of the A-bomb or the actual bombing of Japan,not a helluva lot of difference.

  26. Mike M

    This was footage of the testing of the A-bomb and H-bomb, not the bombing of Japan. If you knew your history, you would know that the footage of the Pacific tests was post World War II. The wartime tests were conducted on land. Seems you're leaping to conclusions about the intent of this video. I thought this juxtaposition of incredible destruction with such a sweet, caring lullaby was very artistic and creative. I wouldn't be surprised if this is picked up by Fallout.

  27. 08Ghost893

    This song should definitely be in Fallout or mafia III or something of that nature

  28. Jordan Mitchum


  29. allsoladarity

    @allsoladarity the song that is!!

  30. allsoladarity

    So soothing!! Love.

  31. AisforInterval

    Great song, Impressive footage... Not very good together though. :/

    You reminded me heavily of the end of Dr. Strangelove... Which I imagine is probably what you were going for.

  32. Alexander Owens

    People make me so annoyed when they dislike great music on youtube how do you dislike this?

  33. rr3124

    After watching this music video, the song deserves a spot in Fallout 4.

  34. Derek Schwab

    Thumbs up if you heard this from the Nick Basketball Commercial

  35. Erin Condon

    Beautiful song, just i wish there were black and white pictures not of a war

  36. soundenvision

    This is like Tarantino and Kubrick made a World War II movie. Amazing haha. Try riot footage with steel drum music :D

  37. DylanGirl1963

    You ruined a beautiful song by attaching it to this horror.

  38. labtob

    @Yoostoobz Cornelius' take on this song is brilliant.

  39. Bud Lehn

    Congratulations fool. You took a lovely and tender ballad and made an anti war statement out of it with a one sided video. The japanese sneak attacked us at Pearl Harbor,which I'll bet you've never visited. They refused to surrender and left us little choice. We dropped the A-bombs to save american lives. You are a jerk.

  40. outerguitar

    I was recommended this video to help me go to sleep. lol Sounds like it'll work

  41. Nigel Fortune

    I agree. I love this song but it gives me the creeps at the same time. I saw Cornelius's version used in a documentary about a famous suicide spot in Japan.

  42. Milan Slezak

    I get a sick, a clockwork orange-like feeling with the version of Cornelius. On the other hand I don't think that old blue eyes would have understood why this movie would have been put under his song :p

  43. Lorenzo Rodriguez

    This reminds me of the ending to "Dr. Strangelove".

  44. sftakashi

    oddly moving

  45. Keiji1234

    Godd video.Bravo.

  46. captainbadd

    Bravo! Well done, amigo.

  47. Johnny B

    first reaction . this is weird.

    music and stuff, second reaction : pff hahahah

    3rd reaction, this is sick all of it but im glad we all know about it so we can elect to alter things using our brains

  48. kolomosei

    TLAGT sucks!!!

  49. Tlagt

    That's fucking talent! "You have a gift, my friend"!