Frank Sinatra - Fairy Tale Lyrics

Fairy tale, my favorite fairy tale,
Is the one I live with wonderful you,
Life is so grand, a fabulous fairyland,
And we walk it hand in hand as lovers do,
Fantasy became a reality,
With your tender kiss you open the door,
You are marvelous, divine,
Aladdin's lamp did shine,
The magic days that you were mine,
Fairy tale, our love is a fairy tale,
And it never has been told before

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Frank Sinatra Fairy Tale Comments
  1. David Ingram

    Late 1950’s Frank. Brilliant.

  2. AbBeiBei 526

    This might be my fave from him but idk bcuz all of his songs are just so great 🥺💕

  3. Ash my Blunt

    I'm glad Frank got to live a wonderful fairy tale in his own fairy land. Bless his soul along with Dean and Sammy.