Frank Sinatra - East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon) Lyrics

East of the sun and west of the moon,
We'll build a dream house so lovely
Near to the sun in a day, near to the moon at night,
We'll live in a lovely way dear
Living our love in memory
Just you and I, forever and a day,
Love will not die, we'll keep it that way,
Up among the stars we'll find
A harmony of life, too lovely tune
East of the sun and west of the moon, dear,
East of the sun and west of the moon.

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Frank Sinatra East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon) Comments

    Sinatra was so natural back then... backed by Pied Pipers and Tommy Dorsey, popular music didn't get much better. Him and Helen Forrest - another natural talent.

  2. Valentin Kuzmin

    Особенно хороши его хиты когда он был молод голос такой яркий непревзойденый

  3. DysfunctionalBubble

    Let's make anti chatter device that teaches Women to not talk in public trains where ppl may be trying to relax. I'll call it duct tape.

  4. bellini verdi

    increiblemente joven esta claro que su belleza......era de cuento................................pero bello ha sido siempre........................porque llevaba dentro el arte...........y eso mantiene bello siempre a todo el ser humano

  5. Valentin Kuzmin

    Люблю слушать моего любимца особенно молодого его хиты просто эксклюзив невероятная экспрессия

  6. Thomas .Hennessey

    The first chorus highlights Tommy Dorsey's great tone and breath control. I think i've heard that the Dorsey band picked up this style of arrangement with the band singing responses from an African-American band at the Pearl Theater in Philadelphia.

  7. Geovanni avila guerrero

    En mi hogar les enseño a mis hijos a escuchar a los crooners de esta maravillosa época (cuarenta y cincuenta) y a ellos les encanta Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Doris Day, Dean Martin, Helen Forrest, Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby y todos aquellos que siguieron los pasos de estos gigantes de la música.

  8. Geovanni avila guerrero

    La época del Big Band con Frank Sinatra, Helen Forrest, Dinah Shore, y todos aquellos cantantes que trascendieron más que las orquestas y llevaron al Jazz a la cúspide de la música anglosajona. La década del cuarenta fué grandiosa y tuvo similitudes en cuanto a la música que se tocaba en norteamérica (jazz), sudamérica (bolero) y particularmente Argentina (tango), ya que la fuerza interpretativa de los cantantes superó el protagonismo de las orquestas maravillosas que surgieron el la década de los veinte y trienta.

  9. Alejandro Buzeta

    This is the time when America was well at ease ,not knowing what was headed towards her..

  10. Fabio Valente Oficial

    ♪♫ Blindfolded - Bossa Nova by composer Fabio Valente♪♫

  11. Joan Beach

    That woman that was sitting with Frank in the lacey dress was the woman that played Della Street on Perry Mason. I read in her biography that she was in a movie with Frank and they were very good friends.

  12. Tsuagon

    Frank Sinatra's music is simply beautiful. It's so much better than today's music.

  13. Joan Beach

    Frank and Ava

  14. alex carter

    I dunno why my dad wasn't into Sinatra, he wasn't into singers in general, but Sinatra's voice sounds so much like my dad's.

  15. jesus rivera

    Is it weird that I’ve grown up to these songs and I’m 25 years young now, old soul I’ll tell you that....

  16. chup Tee

    So dreamy........

  17. slingbladejeff

    Love it.

  18. HamerSlammerSeries

    My great-grandmother's grocer was related to Frank. Let me tell you Frank was the best. She told me he would tell her everything Frank would do good.

  19. Angelica Flores

    Wanna really feel this beautiful tune ? Play it at 0.75

  20. chaussee123 Chaussee

    Take 'em, Bunny! The greatest ever, Bunny Berigan!

  21. Imani M

    Discovered this by accident on the Sirius radio 40s station. I am never disappointed when discovering new Frank Sinatra music!

  22. kevin parker

    Dorsey and Sinatra class pure class

  23. PR0X3R

    i feel like this would be good music for fallout

    Aaron Rivas

    PR0X3R exactly what I was thinking

  24. DonDraperism

    Used to do WWII reenactment. I portrayed an American G.I. with the 2nd I.D. We did our battles at Camp Roberts in California, which still has the same barracks from WWII. We had actual period equipment, such as uniforms, helmets, boots. Our unit had deuce and a halves, jeeps, Sherman tanks. The German reenactors had the same for their side. I remember riding out to the battle area once to do the battle (we use blanks, obviously, with real rifles such as M-1 Garands and BAR's) and we had to stop at one point because it was pouring out (can ruin equipment and uniforms) . When we got back to the barracks this song was playing. Added realism to the day. A real WWII moment and terrific song. Have always loved Frank.

  25. Lin Dany

    "Our hearts were young and gay!" :D

  26. Barry Schlesinger

    Early Sinatra..... Part of America's sound book

  27. Mr. New Vegas

    50s and 1960 (ain't that a kick in the head) are the best but the 40s is 2nd best for sure.

    daniel jimenez

    They shoulda had this in new vegas

  28. GingerNinja

    2:41 I just want a time machine so I can stand outside that theatre then go in and see him sing......

  29. Michael

    Who's that beautiful woman Frank is with at 1:21?


    Ava Gardner, he married her....... ;)

    k. no

    i believe that may be nancy barbota!!

    Algo Maas

    That's definitely Ava Gardner

  30. Breaking Cycles

    It's amazing hearing his voice before it became classic Frankie. Good stuff from Jersey!

  31. Calvin Ohrt


  32. ANITA Ospedale

    yes sir frankie baby was far better tone wise when he was younger in my top five singers

    William Dooley

    Would your be kind enough to share the other four? I’d be very interested see who they are, if you please.

  33. 오프치드

    He did have a sweet voice in his young days. When did this voice change to the deep voice we publicly known by "My Way"?

    Toh Nic

    Probably after his throat haemorrhage

    Ross McDermott

    You can hear it get slightly deeper ever so slightly throughout the 40's, especially by 1948 - there's a noticeable difference. It only progressed at a further rate in the '50s. I think by about 1953 his voice had really developed into the voice we recognize as Sinatra today but this Sinatra era is even still quite different to the stage in which he sung those perhaps even more so famous and iconic ballads throughout the 1960s and 70s so it's very hard to pinpoint it exactly. I think he always sounded incredible. Each Sinatra era holds its own unique treasures

  34. Scarlet Black

    His voice is so beautiful, I wish they had left the background voices out.

  35. Leland McKeithan

    I love Frank's voice in the early years. It got richer as he got older (a good thing!) but he such a sweet gentle timbre to his voice in this early era.

    Arv H

    he was a heavy smoker so that early era timbre disappeared.....(according to me). The way he hits the notes is second to nobody....


    Perfectly said 💕

    Esther Melchor

    I also loved his young voice.


    He sounded so natural and cool, not like the crappy crooners of today.

  36. mike McCLary

    It might be sad....but before I go to bed every night,,,,,,I always play Frank tunes, 68 thousand plus views of this songs verifies me. =)

    james sullivan

    Try Jane Monheit at the Iridium, it's on YouTube

  37. ruscopcoltrain

    Hi voice was so damn pure when he was young. It definitely picked up character as he got older, but man this is almost as smooth and effortless as Mel Torme.

  38. Miguel Antonio González San Martín, de Chile.

    Todo es rico en esta canción.

  39. Bo Le

    I heard better

  40. maureen1938

    THANK YOU for posting this SUPER share.... !!! Wonderful sound.

  41. Chris Corman

    Tommy and Frank it was a beautiful relationship

  42. jay w

    We'll nix the squares.

  43. CrossBonesAlex

    Background vocals disturbing - Sinatra would have been enough


    then it wouldn't have been this version


    yes, it would have been a better one ;-)


    we can agree to disagree ;)


    I agree ;-)

  44. oldbiff

    let me pause while I cry,,,,

  45. RAMLIA1


  46. jay w

    A righteous pad where you can really lay it on me.

  47. Linda Gayton

    Great video!

  48. Antonio Carlos Novelli

    Ainda fase com Tommy Dorsey, ele já cantava "horrores".

  49. Stephanie Cole

    Bunny Berrigan on trumpet. So great..

    Lindy B.

    The chorus says, "Well all right then, take 'em, Bunny!" Why would they say that if it wasn't him playing?

    A N Other

    Good point.

    Peter Taylor

    It had to be.

    f grimes

    no no that is Bunny. Big time berigan fan, I had never heard this song before but I knew immediately it was him. He has such a distinct sound

    BonJoy Swirl

    @Paul M no he wasn't. That's Berigan on the Dorsey recording.

  50. maria sancti

    East of the sun and west of the moon
    We'll build a dream house of love dear
    Near to the sun in the day, near to the moon at night
    We'll live in a lovely way dear, living our love in pale moonlight

    Just you and I
    Forever and a day
    Love will not die
    We'll keep it that way

    Up among the stars we'll find
    A harmony of life to a lovely tune
    East of the sun and west of the moon, yes
    East of the sun west of the moon

  51. Stephanie Bridges

    This has always been my favorite era of music, and Frank Sinatra rules big band like the King of Swing he most certainly was.    My best friend and I both loved this music and when we were in public school we would play this very Album, and this very song all night.    The other girls often complained so we would jump in her little sportscar and drive to some secluded field in the country and set up speakers and just dance for hours.    Frank Sinatra!   How I wish I had been born early enough to see him when he fronted for Harry James or Tommy Dorsey!   The best ever.

    ElPePe Ruvaqui

    totally agree with you!

    marti cochran

    tamara and

    Cecilia McDonald

    Me too!

    Imani M

    This is the best Frank Sinatra story I've ever heard :) it sounds nice, like something girls at the time this album came out would have actually done

    David Luebke

    So well stated Stephanie!

  52. richard hayes

    Great Dorsey recording soon after Frankie was stolen from Harry James

  53. Ray Giammarco

    Only the BEST that's Frankie.

  54. Philip Croft

    Loved the voice--not the man.



    acting bogard

    Philip Croft he was a very good man, he gave black singers at a time where their wernt allowed, do ur research


    Philip Croft: You don't remember me but we have met before. I didn't like you either!

  55. Brandon's Ugly Ass Headband

    I wanted to be born on the 40s!!!!!! >:(

    Rae Smith

    Brandon's Ugly Ass Headband or the 30s so you could see him as a teenager in a concert.


    or better yet, the 1910s. if you're lucky to survive the world war 1, you'll experience the roaring twenties.. well except the great depression. then in the 1940s, you'll be in your 30s. and hopefully your business survived the great depression, and you already married to watch him together..


    i was ;0)

  56. Benjamin David

    Nice to hear Sinatra in the 'Swing Era' as a soloist. Notice that his solo withd the chorus behind him, does not open the tune but is one of many interludes..

    Anne E. Dewandeleer

    My favorite what can I say ;)

    Anne E. Dewandeleer

    Thank you @ddkoda​​

  57. ddkoda

    Unbelievable fidelity for a 1940 recording! Great photos especially of TD opening the Hollywood Paladium. The song itself has all of the elements of success incorporated into it from Mr. Smoothness opening and closing  on his slide trombone to another masterful interpretation by Mr. S to the orchestra's hep cat patter (Frank Sinatra - "We'll build a dream house." orchestra chorale - "A righteous pad.") to the orchestra's appropriate introduction of the magnificent Bunny Berigan, a staple on a number of TD's hits. All in all a very worthy effort. 

  58. ponderosa1850

    The sound is perfect beyond words! Excellent video!


    You're welcome.
    Thank you for your kindness. (^ ^)

  59. oo0BrandonLee0oo

    I wanted to live in the 60s!!! :(

    Brodie Herbst

    This was recorded in the 40's.

  60. Daniel Curi

    Legal ver brasileiros por aqui! ;)

  61. Nick Riefenstahl

    Ah, TD and Frankie. Just beautiful in every way.

    Kitty Collins

    There's only one and only Frank
    .we play and sing in memory of him in our show. The Mellow Tones

  62. Anderson Abreu

    Que legal, eu também sou assim ;)