Frank Ocean - Rushes To Lyrics

Saturdays involved making our entrances into life outside
We've been in this room too long
Recreation is keeping us self contained and aware
Of each other's form
Still and in full strides just the same
Keeping us warm
Walking in straight lines
Talking in sleep at night
Coddled and pacified
Virgins of mother
Son who leave
The son who leave
Having you around
Son who leave
The son who leave
Having you around is...
What if we decide to live by choice
All this time I knew
That average was something to fall back on
After genius ends
I watch video only difference is it's flat and [?]
Behind wet faces
Slip my pants back on
And rewind it back one more
The tape stopped before I was back alone
I'll be back before
The streets lights on, before the daylight's gone
I was spoiled by lavish thoughts
They don't compare, no not at all
And had this been the best I might not know
What to do with us
Or we're too sure
We're to give my words can't hold
The backs of God
We're so sorry
Least we did us perfect
Perfect, perfect
Love, love, love
Perfect, perfect
If you live by (never)

And you're on [?]
Somtimes it's hard to tell you so
Oh may not be [?]
You know
There was hearts
Loved ones
Oh, keep self from me
When I'm orchestrate
I'm just a [?]
Of what I see
What don't you best our love
You're the positive one
Feeling something
If you goin' in
Oh yeah
Oh in you

Oh when you often
Goin' in
Goin' in
Goin' in

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