Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Modern Ruin Lyrics

All the neighbourhoods you knew and loved
All the streets that you played on
All the streams and the fields and parks
And all the lanes you roamed after dark
All the houses you grew up in
The floorboards you hid money in
The beds where you fucked for love
And all the beds where you fucked for fun

The idea that nobody dies
And when our hearts stop beating, we leave it behind
It's just modern ruin, that's what they'll say
Flesh and blood just rotted away
Steel and concrete titans waiting to be enlightened
All wanna go up in a ball of flame
All wanna burn out, not fade away

The cemeteries and their flesh bouquets
The rivers and the mountain lakes
The copper, the concrete, the iron, and gold
And all the stories that we never told

The idea that nobody dies
And when our hearts stop beating, we leave it behind
It's just modern ruin, that's what they'll say
Flesh and blood just rotted away
Steel and concrete titans waiting to be enlightened
All wanna go up in a ball of flame
All wanna burn out, not fade away

All the nights we stayed up till dawn
All the blankets laid out on the lawn
And all the mornings, and the afternoons
And all the evenings and the night times too
And all the bricks and the mortar you called your home
And all the glass and the metal and the wood and the rope
And all the emptiness you filled with hope
And all the blood and the muscle and the skin and the bone
And all the veins and the cells and the molecules
And all the atoms divided that made up you
And all the vast potential you hold inside
All the infinite darkness and all of the light

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Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Modern Ruin Comments
  1. Haldol

    Frank türkiye'ye gel kanka

  2. John Nugent

    This song makes it hard to remain seated.

  3. W. Steve Martin

    Thank you Frank. I needed some reassurance that real music was still out there.

  4. Jordan Yacksyzn

    You guys should come to Las Vegas, Nevada!! Or somewhere close!! I'd love to see you!!!

  5. Patricia Fallis

    i been waiting for something like good only discovered them a few weeks ago and devouring everything i can find .....bravo !!! good fucking shit guys!!!

  6. Jonas Andersen

    My favorite! So much rage!!! I get pumped everytime!

  7. Nick S

    Reminds me White limo by Foo fighters so much

  8. Letters From

    holy fucking shit

  9. shawn l

    fuck it

  10. Davide Bergonzini

    Veery good!

  11. Bettie


  12. KillJoy

    fucking savage

  13. majuki2

    Fav song of Moder Ruin so far! nice work guys!

  14. Jay Clouston


  15. Power of Wind Productions

    So sick

  16. Simon Edgbaston

    Brilliant 😃

  17. Alexandre Le bris

    Disapointed. Voice is horrible than the old scream...

    Sam Jardine

    The vocals sounds as good as anything from Blossom

    Alexandre Le bris

    Faulse. Tried to listen an old song, and direct this one. The difference is real, normaly the voice she's not too deep, and normaly i can find melody when it scream. In this song, no. (excuse my inglish i'm french)

    Sam Jardine

    Incorrect. I think it's because the first album the vocals have a slight fuzz/distortion layer added to the vocals. They probably left that out on this track because it wouldn't fit in with the rest of the album. I think the actual vocal performance here is great

    Alexandre Le bris

    We will see, i'm sure after time everyone will be thinling like me.

  18. Faye Wheatley

    march 18th 😏😁

  19. GoverMate.

    Can't wait to see you guys at the end of March in Portsmouth, it's gonna be madness!

  20. Steven Wilson

    love the song but the video makes me feel sick

  21. feuer904




  23. Michael

    Fuck yes been hanging out to hear this since the Aus shows. killer stuff Frank!

  24. Yoeri De Noo

    this is fucking good

  25. Yoeri De Noo

    yes yes yes

  26. duran

    Yesss Frankie

  27. Alexander

    holy fuck, this song sounds like being trapped at the bottom of a cold, wet well losing your mind in the dark! Fucking awesome, can't wait for the album!

  28. matteo d'Angelo

    this song is just incredible, frank knows how to pull out our feelings

  29. miscount1

    FINALLY! Im so fuckin' happy frank.

  30. Gandhi Pandy

    12 days. Can't Wait.

  31. Ro Fulton

    I needed this today. Gold

  32. Pari DP

    Oh god, thanks

  33. Mart

    Frank Carter never ceases to amaze me. A great song..... again!

  34. Adam Walsh Work

    Fucking hell...I love the new music so much

  35. Tom Mallinder

    too fucking insane holy shit

  36. Qwandy

    Hopefully I can snag tickets next month to see you in Portsmouth, it'd be amazing! :)

  37. Maarten Caminada

    'And all the emptiness you filled with hope.'

    Please visit Amsterdam again soon, looking forward to hearing the new songs live.

  38. Nagasaki

    The guitar play is great also this album is definitely not gonna be a Pure Love esque album lol

    Rhys Cargill

    Nagasaki, Frank was saying that's the heaviest track on the new album so it could be but I'm not complaining, it's all top notch.


    @Rhys Cargill yeah honestly Pure Love wasn't bad and Wild Flowers is a fantastic fucking song

  39. humans areweak

    hell ya. more like this please.

  40. Clara Sykes

    fucking good

  41. aantonio F

    Back at it again!

  42. Jake Buckett

    Hey Frank I can't wait to see you in Portsmouth, the gig in the Concord2 in Brighton was amazing, I will be the really tall sweaty guy in the front I love the song and you guys, see you guys in Portsmouth!

    Sean Bickmore

    FUUUCK!! The Concorde2 Brighton gig was so good, was there too!

    Jake Buckett

    When he jumped into the crowed i caught him, i honestly couldn't believe i was holding him, and then Frank started kicking off at some guy in the crowed, fucking funny but yeah the gig was one of the best and I've been to even at Download last year they were amazing.

    Sean Bendell

    Jake Buckett I should be going to the portsmouth show as well. that or I'll nino in scum

  43. Warwick Crewe-brown

    Fuck year