Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Crowbar Lyrics

We all come from an explosion in the sky
One day there was nothing and the next there was life
And all the rivers and the mountains and the sun and the moon
And then all of a sudden there's a cloud of doom

It's a trap
And there's no comfort fitting in
A fake safety that no one believes in
And if it goes against who you think you are
It's the death of happiness
Go and get the crowbar

We all fell down from a tired dying star
Star dust on the breeze, the fuckin' pic and avatar
From nothing into all and then the next thing to arrive
Is the terrifying fear of how you're supposed to live your life

It's a trap
And there's no comfort fitting in
A fake safety that no one believes in
And if it goes against who you think you are
It's the death of happiness
Go and get the crowbar

People everywhere will try to bring you down
Those jealous motherfuckers they will try and take your crown
It's easier for them to put you in a box
Keep you safely locked away because they hate it when the boat's rocked
But fuck 'em all, they don't tell us who we are
So when they try and lock you up, go and get the fucking crowbar!

It's a trap
And there's no comfort fitting in
A fake safety that no one believes in
And if it goes against who you think you are
It's the death of happiness
Go and get the crowbar

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Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Crowbar Comments
  1. Justin Nicklas

    MLB the show baby.. this should be Pete Alonso walk up song

  2. ultrahero2115

    A little too pop for my tastes.

    Matthew Fonseca

    They go pretty hard in their previous albums. Snake Eyes is by far my favorite song from them.

  3. Raja Khaliesha


  4. Connect us to the Cosmic Family

    Holy shit.

  5. lanway ling

    best song in mlb the show

  6. George Petrakakis

    we need more songs like this !!

  7. Alban jouan

    Je suis pas content de tombé sur ce groupe.
    Je matendais a du SLUDGE

  8. kelly stone


  9. kelly stone

    What's the cloud of doom?

  10. d1Eagle

    I am here from Foo Fighters concert in Dublin

  11. lol

    Love the lyrics

  12. Mirza JR

    Love from Indonesia 🙏🙏🙏

  13. kelly stone

    It's even identified with, who do you think you are?

    kelly stone

    Ms billboards name and in the way.

    kelly stone

    Ive always been Stone. Its my dad's name.

    kelly stone

    Im a 4-26 left handed diamond bull my dads was a 4-19 left handed diamond ram. My grandma was a left handed 4-4 or 4-12 married stone. Well, that WAS her middle name. Her 1st name was Birtha. That odd name.

  14. kelly stone

    So, my little girl comes home and wants to fight. She's a slob. I told her she would be grounded for 24 hours if I have to clean up dirty dishes from her room again.

    kelly stone

    Its a family reaction. Eweeee,! Gross! What is it?

    kelly stone

    One of Zoe's projects. I dont know either.

    kelly stone

    They all hide behind a slime project.
    Stand there dumbfounded. Is that what it is?

    kelly stone

    Thats what she said.
    O∆o? Oh. Should I leave it?

    kelly stone

    Kids these days.
    Think they're SO! Smart. You know what I mean?

  15. kelly stone

    The alpha, when 1 is the other. As hallow as Molluck.

  16. Adhita Prakarsa

    Come To Indonesia!

  17. Voxx Band

    SICK! Carter is the Man!
    Please check out our newest single as well!

  18. Mihai Tripa

    Well this is fucking great

  19. Gaming Celebrity

    The best song on MLB The Show 19.

  20. Grace Grant

    I love him

  21. Rhodri Green

    great song and video but shame there wasn't a crowbar

    Rhodri Meredith

    he was meant to have a crowbar with him and told us on the day of the shoot he forgot it lol

  22. SicMetalHead 7

    The Devil should be scared of this man

  23. Frost Magic

    21 pilots had a baby

  24. Thomas Weidner

    loving the new music!!!

  25. Alec Deske

    This song smashes! Can't wait to see y'all in Chicago next week!

  26. Olivia Plyler

    these guys are just so good!

  27. Ryan Baca


  28. Cameron Washington

    Sending love from Seattle!! Great video!

  29. Jolo

    this video got me like 😢🤘

  30. John Cislo

    Awesome video!

  31. Aria Mohseni

    Love the song!!!

  32. Jordan Stone

    So dope! Can't wait for your show in Detroit!

  33. Eva Kirby

    Great sound, great video !

  34. Rebecca Besada


  35. Mia Santagati

    always killing ittttt. keep at it

  36. Jessica Braunstein

    So cool and creative! Awesome video!

  37. Emyrbts511

    Love the artistry of the video, dope song!

  38. Asia Espinoza

    New favorite song on my work out playlist!!!

  39. Bridgette Kontner

    yessss love this

  40. Ryan Dertinger

    Love this😎

  41. Bella Guerra

    this goes so damn hard

  42. Joseph

    dope video!

  43. Maykenzie Joy

    Okay, but this is real dope. Big time fan 🙌🏻

  44. Mia Capone

    Awesome video!!

  45. Jackson Ammons

    I think I’ve watched this video like 20 times in a row. Love it!

  46. Anna Wellander

    Loving it all the way from Knoxville!!!!

  47. McCaeley O'Rourke

    i love this soooooo much

  48. Ronnie Quest

    Love from Los Angeles

  49. Ann Li

    My new go-to hype up song!! So excited to see what’s next from y’all

  50. Maddie Dolinsky

    Wow, really appreciate a good band who know how to slay their instruments :D

  51. Dustin Nelson

    Wow! Love how different this video is and love the song too!

  52. Lydia Yi

    this is so amazing!

  53. Christopher Gushee

    This is 🔥...expected nothing less!

  54. mariangela c

    can't wait to see y'all live !!

  55. Kaitlin Gladd

    yesss so good!!!

  56. Nick Bessignano

    Loving all their new music 🔥🔥

  57. Genesis Vargas

    The sound is sooo amazing dope graphics.

  58. Lindsay Clore

    great song! love how hype the video is too 🤩

  59. andie shapiro

    Awesome music video! Can't stop watching.

  60. carolina villarreal

    love your music it truly cleanses my soul! especially the guitar <3 only love here keep killing it

  61. Sarah Rose

    Definitely adding this song to my hype playlist, this is sick!!!

  62. Giselle Libby

    Love this!!!!

  63. Katherine Vieser

    too cool

  64. Meredith Gershenson

    A new fan here for the angst 🤘🏼

  65. Taylor Morgis

    Im in awe🥰🥰love you guys!!

  66. Becca Fortune

    Such a good song and video! Congratulations 😌

  67. Andy Sylvester

    Superb track, absolutely hits the spot and only saw him for the first time at Reading 2019...awesome!!

  68. Sindre O. Olsen

    frank Carter and the black keys

  69. 8th Grade Practical Living

    i love you

  70. Jonno Gibb

    Saw them open for Foo Fighters in Belfast last week, really good stuff!

  71. Rachel-Jade 100

    <3 Thank you, you absolute legend of a father. Salutes to you. <3

  72. Carl B

    Leeds festival yesterday. Fantastic

  73. Jimsy

    Don't get it - the video looks like it's for a heavy song, but the music is pop rock. The two don't match


    How's it pop rock?

  74. Jake Hudson

    The RDS was amazing with them

  75. Rick Grimes

    New fan from Ireland this fucking band is crazy

  76. Gary Dixon

    Loved you guys at summer sessions it was incredible, frank you know how to get a crowd going!

  77. Maki_official

    In SZIGET...OMG...😍😍

  78. Stefano Pillan

    Yesterday at the sziget festval in Bidapest they were great.

    Jan Šantel

    Me too, got a few bruises but was totally worth it

    Ірина Чабан

    Yeeees! It was amazing!

  79. T M

    Im the new fan from Sziget❤️

    Ірина Чабан

    Me too❤️❤️❤️

    Anna Zsilinszki

    +1 new fan from Sziget :)

    Trk Dori

    Me too🙌

    Heidi Dee

    Obsessed with this song!

  80. Michael Maksirisombat

    Great song, I'm surprised this hasn't gotten huge. Their label needs to get on the marketing push.

  81. Julie Overlande

    Listen to this when you have no motivation or energy, it helps

  82. KickStarrs

    MLB the show

  83. Trevor The Inkling

    Notice how in MLB The show 19 they removed "Go and get the fucking crowbar!"
    And replaced it by removing "fucking" obviously they wouldn't add this song if that were still in it
    It's obvious but it's worth noting

  84. Art'n-rock viking

    New fan here, old hippie and then punk later. Not many of us.:) As a hippie I got to love grunge and Foo Fighters. Then this group came on the scene to warm up and I loved them! So I am definitly
    punk too!

  85. Smokey Bear

    Those are fake tatts right?

  86. Charver xd

    I saw this guys at lollapalooza chile this year, they are amazing

  87. A space being

    My favorite song on MLB the Show!

  88. Roman Čičak

    Saw you guys yesterday in Pula. You were amazing.

    Sabahudin Kovacevic

    Roman Čičak was amazing👌 foo foo

  89. Daniel Clark


  90. Cornflakez

    Who came from MLB the show 19

  91. Пять 40

    Director: -So, do you like All out life or Duality more?
    Band: -Yes.

  92. Giants Fan

    sorry but this is terrible


    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Your opinion sucks
    Frick you

  93. josie50000

    I know its older but im living for this song. Its so insanely good.... that grinding guitar is fucking sick!

  94. Steven G

    Great fucking song

  95. dida0824

    I might be only one but I hear Draggin’ the line by Tommy James in this song.

  96. Stephanie Rodriquez

    Lame pedoz and hags

  97. Rpic24

    NYC June 10!!!!!

  98. rudolf hudson

    Only modern group i like, so glad i came across this band

    Julie Overlande

    rudolf hudson same

  99. mitchell james

    This whole album is by far their best work. Blossom and Modern Ruin were awesome but this album is 🔥🔥🔥