Francis, Sage - Water Line Lyrics

I just sit there
And let the thoughts flood
And I remind myself, "It's all right, it's all good, it's all love"
It's not though

Cause there's a kink in the armor
A pot hole I'm sinking in
While I think of the drama

So I stand up
I start to pace in my living room
Set my eye to the highway knowing that I'll play chicken soon

There's a vanity plate
With my name on it
There's a Davey Crockett hat with a Masonic fat cat under it

A musket rifle spitting at my feet
They want me to dance in the middle of the street

And I respect my elders, so I do as I'm told
But I offset the bell curve when I do it with soul
Losing control

Guilty feet do have rhythm
They just dance to the wrong theme music to amuse the villain
Instead of killing, I'll spare the raccoon
And start filling sandbags as I stare at the moon and let the thoughts flood

Blessed are those who are dammed
When the levee broke
How many choked on the steps to a slow dance?

A staircase to a hug with no hands
Accountability hung out to dry on the line of command

We let the thoughts flood
We remind ourselves "It's all right, it's all good, it's all love"
It's not though

Cause there's a kink in the armor
A pot hole I'm sinking in
Sharing a drink with my father

It's a family affair
The vanity we share

The waterline is rising and all we do is stand there [x6]

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Francis, Sage Water Line Comments
  1. Phil McIntosh

    fkn sage. nails it so hard.

  2. Le croissant Francés

    This song was the end soundtrack of a police movie, can someone tell me the title of this movie? It was about corrupt policemen. Thanks

    Jason Otting

    The movie is called Pride and Glory. Good film, great song to end it.

  3. Phenyo Mosimaneotsile

    Sage doesn't bliss de mic ol he do is vodoo

  4. milton mejias

    Very cold morning drive to jersey city

  5. Gary Augustus

    'Pride and Glory' brought me here.. After listening to this during the end credits, I give big props to Sage Francis. I'm an old school Gil Scott-Heron guy and not much for this generation's rap music, but this joint gave me the same chill, rage, and tears as GSH's 'Jose Campos Torres'...

  6. Bengaltiger1

    I remember having real goosebumps after seeing the credits roll for Pride and Glory. Powerful end to an intense movie

  7. milton mejias

    Death is what I need for the pain to go away

  8. milton mejias

    Thinking back and so lose on Christmas night 2018

  9. Depravity

    Fucks my ears every damn time.

  10. Nick P

    I have no idea how I discovered Sage, but in my memory I can't see where he begins, he is just there all over and that's all the eyes see as his lyrics slowly muscles everything out of its way and covers the entire horizon of your reality. The entire horizon!

  11. T Wray

    I just watched pride and glory. This song is outta sight!

  12. cognos23

    This is clearly the best rap-song i've ever heard - seriously, I am a german guy, and I have to say that this song is easily the most beautiful song I've ever heard. Bravo Sage! I love your work! And I have to say that I know this song for years now - and everytime I hear it I have to think that Sage is THE fucking grandmaster. Thanks for your work man - you have given me much thoughts and inspiratiations - for me you are clearly the number one of all rap artists.

  13. horsesass

    For the future person who came here because of pride and glory, I salute you. If you smoke weed, I salute you, smoke on son. But if you didn't watch pride and glory while toking, you missed out on the intensity of the movie. I can't salute you for that, so go watch it, but make sure you are blazing from beginning to end. Then come come back here, and I will salute you sir.

    Will Collins

    +horsesass im the future to say you were right. contact me b :D

    Tony Green

    horsesass In memory of Eric Hernandez

  14. xristos efthimiou


  15. Scarecrow Tripp

    Whats wrong with amusing the villain:(


    @dedJordan Tripp It/he destroys you in the end.

    Scarecrow Tripp

    Damn thats some real shit right there no arguing with that😁

  16. David Edwards

    I wonder if this is about Hurricane Katrina? He also mentions the "Bell Curve" which was the controversial test that sought to determine IQ differences based on race. It was later revealed to be false


    Obviously it's about Katrina.

  17. nickbagelboy

    Anyone know the piano chords??


    +nickbagelboy bro, that's what I'm screamin!

  18. Julius Spin

    Sage is 1 of those artists that can just make you real quiet and
    listen carefully and leave you quiet long when the songs done.
    But I dont know, maybe thats just me. Either way, much respect for
    such a great artist. A true poet.

  19. GoBenTheHen

    Damn this song is great

  20. RatafakTehPlachta

    raw, cynical, in-your-face rap that is not afraid of making a little bit of fun of himself. for me, this is the essence of the genre, and sage does it masterfully. getting through some wild times with his music at the moment.

  21. Boccelli53

    This song was my intro to Sage Francis. It broke my heart.

  22. Nicholas D

    Beautifully true.

  23. RedwoodOne

    Possibly my favorite Sage song ever.

  24. TeemRays

    Such a good song by Sage

  25. boliviano1187

    This is liquid crack