Francis, Sage - Hoofprints In The Sand Lyrics

I've seen a monkey evolve into a man
I've seen a man devolve into a monkey
I've seen a junkie redeem himself with help
I've seen a wealthy man melt into the snow and blow his credit on a decongestant
The dyslexics breathe easy
The people in the top tax bracket just keep looking for freebies
Thumbing their noses at those in need of handouts
I'm talkin' panhandlers with secondhand clothes, living hand to mouth
Camping out on Capitol Hill
The fat cats are still insisting reparations be a jagged little pill
Today there's free vaccinations at the walk-in clinic
If you're lucky, you won't just be a guinea pig
Call me a cynic
I find it interesting how certain epidemics spread
More specifically – where they don't and who isn't affected
Yeah, I'm infected with a curious nature
The welcome mat said, "God bless this home," not "God damn thy neighbor"
They can repeat history but can't recycle paper
They don't see the forest or the trees, just skyscrapers
Towels of Babel in a town full of cattle
When I question brand loyalty, the crowd is bedazzled
But I'll never be hoodwinked, I'm mindful of the footprints
The shape of the hoof, the way the path in the wood splits
The author of the book, the origin of the crucifix
The waitress looking for tips and the place where the cook spits
This is where I was when the bomb dropped
Hiding from the uninvited onslaught
I've seen people who don't believe in sleep count sheep
With calculators that double as alarm clocks
From Noah's Ark all the way to Rosa Parks
To black folk pushing white agendas inside of an office with flow charts
Technology ain't shit, we feed off the fruit
When I stuff leaves of absence in my briefcase, follow suit
Spill the liquid from your double fisted escapade
Kill kids with the drunken misfits in your Escalade
It's gruel for the food fight and foreign aid
Bream ‘em down and build ‘em back up with what you throw away
Administering band aids on amputated limbs
Kissing ‘em with air raids, and your lips gave ‘em infections
Too many closed doors led to back drafts
Now the spring edition of fashion catalogues feature gasmasks
How becoming on these lanky models
They can't look truth in the mirror without a pair of safety goggles
Hold the bobble head, insert the feeding tube
Even if they stop breathing, make sure they keep eating food
Do the Schiavo
Mouth opened wide like a perverse psycho circus side show
Forgive me not, my patterns stay impartial to apologies
Despite a polite side of mine that says, "I'm so sorry"
Adding flame infinitum for your eternal fuel tank
My higher power doesn't need to be thanked
Thanks anyway, that's from him to me to you
I don't mind being the middle man, someday I might need one, too

I'm at the fire
Where are you?
I'm at the fire
Where the hell are you?

I've seen a man devolve into a monkey
I've seen a monkey evolve into a man
I've seen it all, upside down, in-between, inside out
It's neither here nor there, hoofprints in the sand
I've fallen head first into the pit of my stomach
Taught to trust my gut, got no trust in the gutless
Save some hope for the hopeless, but I won't show it
Shoot my load in an opus, now it's an open casket
Going to Hades in a hand basket
Holding onto a dream, but lately we can't grasp it
There's been too much murder and not enough martyr
Why is it no one else wants to impress Jodie Foster?

I'm at the fire
We're at the fire
Where are you? Where are you?

You can't have revolution without evolution, huh?
You can't have evolution without velution, huh?
You can't have velution without elution, huh?
You can't have elution without lution, huh?
You can't have lution without ution, huh?
You can't have ution without tion, huh?
You can't have tion without ion, huh?
You can't have ion without on, huh?
You can't have on without n, huh?

Seriously I know that you pray when the chips are down
But act different when there are atheists around
Have suspicions that make you think you'll drown
All alone in the middle of a crowd
I'd be a liar if I said I never had to beg
Doubled over with my knees bent touching my head
Stuck in a bed, dealing with all of these evil visions
Running from the dead in a fetal position
Needing assistance from a nurse
She said, "Tell me where it hurts"
These words are gonna make my belly burst
So I mentally revert to all the enemies I've cursed
Running through my memories in reverse
I said bring that beat back, man, bring that beat back
A flash ain't enough time for me to recap
I'm a bastard sometimes, don't think I don't see that
Laughing at the dumb, blind, the deaf to the knee slaps
Cracking punch lines for the sake of some green stacks
Passion for the rhyme can be cheapened by feedback
I shut my eyes and proceed to go dream catch
But a troubled mind can't seem to fall asleep fast
I cut my ties like the way that a fiend acts
Go into overdrive and get caught in a speed trap

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Francis, Sage Hoofprints In The Sand Comments
  1. ben öylesine eksik ve aksak kalmışım ki

    ilk 10 saniyesi peaky blindersta çalan red right hand ı anımsatıyo

  2. The BossTR Kahramanoğlu

    No.1 <3

  3. Alt kat

    No.1 makyajdan geliyoruz reyiz

  4. MrCanAkman

    NO.1 Ayyaş'tan gelenler xd

  5. Mert Afacan

    No.1 - Ayyaş 'tan geliyoruz piçler :D

  6. chaosinorderrr

    can you explain that line for me!

  7. Hasan Aydoğdu

    ahah :EWqWEQ:WQE:

  8. Hasan Aydoğdu

    vay amk

  9. Mustafa Kaya

    no.1 daha iyi (y)

  10. Yunus Emre Yıldız

    Şarkı No.1'de çalıntı !


    2007 yani No.1in makyajdan eski bu makyajın sample'ı

  11. chaosinorderrr

    can you explain that line?

  12. film4thepeople


  13. film4thepeople


  14. sercan yiğit

    no1 sample ı almış iyiki sage makyajı dinlesin de müzik görsün..

  15. Iron Xeok

    No.1 - Makyaj'dan geldik buralara

  16. Billy Mays

    YES I would have probably joined it then lol

  17. futchofdeth666

    @bbasketballstr11 I agree Sage turned me onto the whole slam scene, Anis, Buddy, Saul... Great words to meditate on while in times of reflection... Plus it sounds cool

  18. bbasketballstr11

    I like people who listen to this type of music and understand the message portrayed in it. I can't stand those who listen to this only so they feel like they're smart and better than everyone else.

  19. Jere Vartiainen

    I'm at the fire, where are you!?

  20. Krishnadirty

    @slickipoocrew Understand what you mean. I think Mr. 10 was just meaning throwing out he idea of a monetary based economy and instead embraced a resource based economy. After all, money isn't directly related to any physical substances, money is basically an idea. A very destructive idea at that. Just sounds like Mr. 10 has been watching Zeitgeist lately ahaha.

  21. Lord of Eternal Light

    @10qaws Before you plan on becoming the next profit. Please learn to express your views in a way that don't make you look like an idiot. If all money gets burned, what will you eat? Where will you stay? How else will you spread your "Philosifising" beliefs when you can't afford internet?

    Just a few thoughts delve into.

  22. MrsHarington

    @10qaws if you cant spell "idea" correctly how can anyone leave you to a big decision such as that?

  23. Paul Lennon

    people Who hate on Sage are not intellectual enough to understand his lyrics they like hearing about the same shit like Bitches/hoes/selling crack shit to this extent

  24. luke

    seriously one of his best, and yet no one knows about it!!

  25. dabomb1357

    Oh. My. God. A typo. Holy shit the world is going to end because I typed your, the secodn person possesive instead of you're, the contraction of you are.

  26. bmrick009

    "ive seen people who dont believe in sleep count sheep with calculators that double as alarm clocks" Fucking brilliant. this guy is an incredible poet and an awesome rapper.

  27. dabomb1357

    You're reply is as eloquent as ever I see...

  28. Luther Rox

    You are all dumb as fuck

  29. dabomb1357

    Proving douchebags and idiots wrong? Of course, it's so much fun.

  30. dabomb1357

    lol, I lvoe it when people resort to childish insults that have no backing. Seriosuly, don't people like you realize comments like that say more about you than the person you're talking to?

  31. dabomb1357

    Rofl, why would I bother putting my real age on youtube? Why do I do this? Because it's dam nfun to see how long fucktards can keep up the facade of semi-intelligence. Some are quite stubborn actually, you, you're near the bottom.

  32. dabomb1357

    Not getting worked up? You told me to "jump off a fucking building ". And no, you are going out of your way because you want to watch the video, that does nto nesaccarily include replying. As for me, how do you know replying isn't the way I'm going? And now you're just repeating me, congratualtions, you failed at a counter arguement parrot boy.

  33. dabomb1357

    Lol, getting quite worked up aren't we. It's funny, I would have thought you would care I could comment on your question since I answered it. Then again, maybe you'd prefer to just look it up. Also, I don't think I'm badass from commenthing on youtube, but you seem to have a self-esteem issue. By the way, little homophobic there? Something else you're not comfortable with?

  34. dabomb1357

    Out of your way? I put "schiavo" in google adn the first damn link is the terri schiavo case on wikipedia. It'll probably took more tiem for you to reply to me than it woudl to look it up.

  35. dabomb1357

    Because lazyness annoys me, thats why

  36. dabomb1357

    terri schiavo, look it up. Why is it noone can use google

  37. XXXsuspensionXXX

    "do the shaivo" omg Sage is officially the most mad bomb rapper ever. fuckin terry shaivo.

  38. SugarFreeRecordsUK

    Yup, an integral part of the song is missing...This is like watching a movie with no ending..

  39. XXXsuspensionXXX

    No, that's still part of it. This track is missing the other like third of the song.

  40. Einar Friðgeirs

    Isn't that a seperate track, the one that comes after "Hoofprints in the sand" on the album?

  41. Eric

    AMAZING RAP - Anyone who listens to this should buy the album and tell their friends to do the same.