Francis, Sage - Hell Of A Year Lyrics

It's been a hell of a year, but I'm mentally prepared
To do a dance around the next couple medical scares
I'm Fred Astaire with the metal wearing quickly off my tap shoes
So I step quietly, the way that cat's move
But I'm bear-like. My head trapped in dear lights
You can call me John, I'm writing letters to the dark side of the moon tonight
My lovely Jane, you went away but the pain stayed
So I'm sending you a package to the address where you traded names
I made no claims on the identity theft
I'm more concerned about the home with no amenities left
And it's already a mess. The dust piles like your junk mail
So I eat away depression and crush the scale
You find yourself on the opposite side of the spectrum
Emaciated on a strict diet of bed crumbs
Me? I choose to wallow and I'll just swim in my fat
You...refuse to swallow so I see ribs from the back
This isn't an attack, it's an admission of guilt
I'm living in the past, kissing your ass, sipping your milk
But it's all bone and curdle. I saw stones in a circle
Stood in the middle. Told myself riddles in a robe that's purple
The murder weapon was an icicle
Is that the reason why I'm standing in this puddle with my eyes so full?
I fight feelings like a war on drugs
I'm a chemist with a test tube addiction born through coffee mugs
Our baby now is all growed up
Your car is still dead in my driveway while I wait for the tow truck
And you know what? I know I drove you away
I still don't think it was wrong so I don't know what to say
It's been a tough year. You say that life ain't fair
Well, guess what, ain't. Thems the breaks
You say that life ain't worth it. But it is. You gotta work it
Nobody's life is perfect

Yeah, you've been dealt a bad hand. Placed against a stacked deck
Been through all the cat scans and bad checks
But I slashed your debt. Not your wrists
And I couldn't help with anything else that became cancerous
Halfway people with a full baby to bury
Took a flame to the papier-mache sanctuary
When the smoke clears...try not to stare into the light
But, also, don't stay in the dark as if that's what life is like
It's just a series of unfortunate events
But the messages we get are more important than death
What's the rush?
I've got a shortness of breath
What's the rush?
Running from you...running from me
It's the rush. The crush. The lust. The love-trust
So what's the trouble? The busted bubble? The unjust?
That's just the way the cookie crumbles. It does suck
But suck it up. We're all looking, but nothing's enough
We used each other as a crutch. The clutch. The shift switches
You couldn't just adjust. You combusted and ripped pictures
This is why I'm not considered a saint?
Well, guess what?......I ain't

It's been a hell of a year
You said that I ain't there, I ain't care, and life ain't fair
It's been a hell of a trip
You say my mind's unfit, I've been flip, and I ain't shit
It's been a hell of a life
You say that I ain't like the way I write and that ain't right
It's been a hell of an attempt
You say that I ain't meant for promises unkept
Well, guess what, darlin..
I'm a keep keep callin
Guess what, darlin..
I'm a keep keep callin

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Francis, Sage Hell Of A Year Comments
  1. Andrew Pillion

    It's been a tough year.

  2. FTM Studios


  3. __________k86

    2018 still on my sage francis mode.

  4. Seymour Butts

    i swear 100000 views is from my drunk ass xD

  5. Tova Swu

    June 2017 Still bumping that sage

  6. Joseph Wendell Miller

    I think 2017 is going to take the fuckin' cake on this one.

  7. Justin Gaston

    yeah that guys gotta be dead by now...

  8. Ryan Wiley

    Bye 2016, onto the next one


    Acherontic Arts bye 2017 on to the next one

  9. Jessica Landis

    helluva life

    Eric Mesa

    Jessica Landis hell of an attempt at least

  10. Claire Cadwell

    I like your style

  11. Bradley Smith

    This song is all I need right now.

  12. Spiega

    the whole text is just one big wonderul quote, amazing!

    Adam A

    Have you heard sages spoken word monologue? It's on point! Can't remember the names atm... Just ask Google lol

  13. Colin Travis

    your music keeps me from killing myself.


    "We're alive barely alive, but we're alive... Surprise."

    Jesse B

    Fight feelings.. like a war on drugs

    B M F'n K

    hopefully you're still alive brother.


    Don't idolize this guy, he'll let you down for sho. Let yourself keep you from killing yourself.

  14. Andy Klassen`' Eclipse

    /-\\___Real Recognize Real<*>RespecT___//-\

    Andy Klassen`' Eclipse

    ..been a hell of a year

  15. Godsbroken Mutant

    I wonder if that comment a few months back was really Sage. That'd be dope.

  16. closclosclosclos


  17. kel

    check out mac lethal.

  18. njtyper

    Seek or Seek or... SEEK..

  19. TOCUTT

    Better NOT forget Eyedea damnit.

    R.I.P.=Return If Possible


  20. TOCUTT

    Your boyfriend is lucky for having a lady who listens to REAL music<3

  21. nvrstsfd

    My boyfriends friend STOLE this CD. Whatadick.

  22. aaronmwc

    dont forget eyedea

  23. dj erba

    this is just great

  24. Peterson28


    I own the retail album this appeared on and it was titled "Hell Of A Year".
    Maybe Sage had an earlier version called something else but I'm not sure.

  25. Michael v

    Sage Francis what a great creative mind he has.

  26. Sam p

    2 people don't have any feelings

  27. astumpe80

    @futchofdeth666 Buddy Wakefield is part of the StrangeFamous family..

  28. futchofdeth666

    @creecher67 OK, I found the poem that at the end where he get's cut off... It's actualy called "Human the Death Dance" by Buddy Wakefield. Those are actualy seperate snippets from in the middle of the song.

  29. futchofdeth666

    @creecher67 Yes there is, that's Buddy Wakefield, he's all over you tube. I don't remember the exact name of the track thats from but check him out.

  30. futchofdeth666

    @krondoeoner I'm pretty sure its from "Human the Death Dance"...thats what it comes up as on the Jukebox at the bar

  31. tatersavage

    no kid knows shit give it time live it abit after life hits your young ass in the face its mature not high school

  32. Sernefarian

    @SmithPaul23 Adept Description

  33. cognos23

    Yes - i think the same! Waterline was the first for me - from he movie "Pride and Glory" - i got lucky that i've watched that movie! His lyrics are IMHO the most polymorphic i've ever heared - "brutally beautiful" ;)

  34. Rob Scallon

    sage is a present day robert frost
    who happens to make hip hop

    Ethan .Lastoria

    Damn, Rob Scallon before the money.

  35. DollarBillUK

    Good tune, I haven't listened to Sage Francis for a long time. Last time I heard him was when I bought Personal Journals, this reminds me why I liked him.

  36. PJORmaximus

    your comment gave me chills....

  37. Kenzzles

    I'll do that, thanks for you help!

  38. Kenzzles

    Where can I hear the rest of that very last bit, when he starts saying "Yeah it's true the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"?

    Ryan p

    Kenzzles thats the end of the song lol

  39. Alex Walters

    leap year hmmmm? :)

  40. Apoapsis


  41. smileman66

    I like the live version better, but this is still the shit.

  42. Klax0n

    whats with all the thumbs down? it was a fucking joke! xD

  43. Klax0n

    sage francis is ok but he is no will smith :-p

  44. Klax0n

    sage francis is nine years and 364 days older then me xD

  45. Matthew Anderson

    amazing artiest, his music always hits home.

  46. leetstyle

    It's amazing that you have the ability to see how "smart" sage is compared to other hip hop artists through this song. I'd give you kudo's but thats an ignorant statement.

  47. AbattoirDream

    you cant step to SAGE SON - HES AMA-ZUN!

  48. Starving Bruddah

    secrets of the underground

  49. Klax0n

    this could be my new favourite bit of the sage

  50. avyion13

    i for one, have NEVER been a fan of hip-hop/rap, EVER. but when finding this guy out, his revolutionary lyrics, his personality and ethics, he's... just amazing. he makes these mainstream 'rappers' look like fish in a barrel, fuck them.

    he inspired me to listen to hip-hop. thank you.

  51. fluffdude100

    mainstream hip hop has been dead for years homie haha

  52. KillerNeko

    I can't stop listening to this song. Thank you.

  53. KillerNeko

    Why have I never heard of him before? He's amazing.

  54. AbattoirDream

    immortal technique is good, but sage is THE don.

  55. eduardoricardo52

    This is why I'm not considered a saint? Well guess what...I ain't..

  56. AbattoirDream

    my lovely jane who went away but the pain stayed.

    fuckin real shit

  57. XLTrojanMan

    Buddy Wakefeild is a GOD. Him and sage on tour... thats just crazyness. Wish theyd do that again sometime.

  58. Dillon Lane

    Sage Francis, Immortal Technique, Aesop Rock.

    They will never die, Legends dont die.

  59. paintthetwndead

    Immortal is definitely a sick artist, Poverty of Philosophy is brilliant.

  60. Nausea

    I like how he relates this song back to Sun vs Moon

    Crater Face"

    Which symbolizes Satan in Sun vs Moon

  61. JoshIsntFamous

    im agreeing with darkvocalist. immortal technique is like that.

  62. Osiris GMSC

    the whole CD is incredible. The more I listen to it the more it appeals 2 me. A true lyricist

  63. joeyjoejoke

    oh rite sweet

  64. joeyjoejoke

    I thought this was called ode to 2005?

  65. theMAXX81

    hahaha yeah. buy it. sage deserves support.

  66. Paolo Presto

    this is dope

  67. paintthetwndead

    Personal Journals was better but it's hard to improve on that pinnacle of perfection.

    Still a great album, though! This is the best song on it! Gives a great outlook on how to live life.

  68. Jarvald

    A great song

  69. alexomgz

    he removed it ):

  70. rickablack

    Sage is a genious!!!!! this song is on his cd Human and the Death Dance. The whole cd is worth buying twice, It's that good

  71. LastRites Read

    Great flow ! Love The Lyrics! Where can i get a copy!