Francis, Oliver - The Mud Lyrics

[Sample - Copeland:]
Watching, watching a strange show, show, show
Watching, watching a strange show

I had to work up out of the mud for this shit, ay
Still juggin', I ain't done getting rich, ay
Yeah, twistin' up the doobies with the females
Sit back in a G-Class Benz, ay

Pour a little Henny with my boys, yuh, ay
Pour a shot of Henny for my girl
Sippin' Dom Pérignon in the Rolls now, ay
That's what happen when you do the work
Now I got some commas on my checks
Take a puff and pass that to my left
I feel the marijuana in my chest
Bitch, you do not know me and my friends

Boy, who the fuck you came with? What the fuck you here for?
Did you sign a deal? How much did that check clear for?
Where the fuck you been? What the fuck you disappear for?
Even if I never made a dollar I would volunteer for it

I could never switch up, never switch up, ay
That shit for the fans right there
No, I never switch up, never switch up, ay
Your boy gon' hold it down another year

I'ma hold it down for Neko, hold it down for Aahj
Hold it down for Chryse, that's my big brahj, ay
Shout my crew, shout my entourage, yuh
We be steady working, we been on the job

Rolling marijuana in the studio it's non-stop
Sip a little Henny out the bottle with some model thots
We be taking bottle shots, she gon' make it wobble yah, ooh
She put it down and she make it pop, ooh

How you boy so cold, in the summer with the wrists so froze
Top back in the new polo
Bad bitch, and my teeth rose gold
Y'all know

[Sample - Gregory The Hawk:]
I'll go a million miles an hour
And you'll stay behind me
You say that now we go but then they find
A way back to guide me

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Francis, Oliver The Mud Comments
  1. Tritii

    anyone know from where the singing at the beginning and the ending are from?

  2. hunter

    the gregory and the hawk sample is hard as fuck

  3. WinterfreshSvK

    Thanks man. Doing big bongs and getting through todays breakup after 5y relationship, thx to your music.

  4. Brad Wrenn

    So cold so froze in the new polo

  5. Jofrey Lupul

    I'm on my alternate YouTube account but. I miss having this girl talk to me. We found each other just trying to get rid of pain, and we ended up helping each other. We talked like we've been here before, like everything was just easy. Now since we're supposed to live our lives not messing with it.. in the hopes of really having it.. all I can say is it's probably my worst decision not talking to you right now, even if we do in the future. Because I am not the same.. so please don't leave. I know one day this will be seen.

  6. Karmacide

    I cant even explain Oliver's music. It's a mixture of nostalgia, sadness, happiness, etc. I hope you become successful and stay true to your works oliver!

  7. EpyonRoyal

    Oliver homies look sleepy. They got a strict video schedule. 8) 8)

  8. Deo12345

    Thanks oliver 🔥🔥🔥much love bro

  9. Ghostkiller_xx12

    Am i the only one that just feel this

    Enjoy the sunset while smoking a fat one with youre buddy vibe?

    While lissening to oliver


    Congrats on the million views

  11. Olof Öhrn

    Anyone hear this in the beggining? aaeeehs watchi watchij streetcho cho cho.

  12. Jeez news

    I think you should try a more minimalist editing style. It fits with your music more, I think

  13. Mac DuSSy

    Still listening......never switch up

  14. rory

    Let me stay bumping you til the day i die


    Yo man Oliver really here for the support and love honestly, thank you so much. I cant even comprehend what just happened, much respect Olly stay doing you!!!

  15. rory

    Oliver I've been you through the years man and ill stay for the rest, mad respect. I hope one day ill meet you.

  16. spiffinz

    gregory and the hawk

  17. Absnt One

    Come back dude. We miss this

  18. david

    Still goes hard !

  19. Isaac Salazar

    Happy one mil bro

  20. おーセイ

    I am listening him from 2017 and now his music saves my life.

  21. Lea Brunetti

    Ulquiorra the 🐐

  22. the boy

    1mill views holy fuck! I remember when this shit was uploaded. Keep making hits oli, the cloudboys got yo back. ~

  23. Antti

    1 MILLION!!

  24. Trace Hayes

    It sucks because we can’t show enough love to each other.

  25. Cristiano Calderone

    Thanks Oli, love you

  26. OhZRK

    fk spent too long procrasinating its time to make something of myself thanks for all the great music man its being very inspiring

  27. Isaac Salazar

    Congrats on 1 mil views brother

  28. fontijn

    1 million good stuff.

  29. Joseph Navarrette

    1 million milestone. ❤️

  30. boof pack

    1 mil milestone after milestone

  31. Isaac Salazar

    Here before 1 mill. Less than 1k left 👀

  32. AngelIsSleepy

    Here before 1 million views


    I love this song man just wish I could get into making music like this bro this is what I want to do with my life

  34. bilogz ]

    "Right now, I ended up having a little interest in you..."

  35. ADZ

    The best songs always seem too short

  36. Pedro L

    2 anos e essa música continua me consolando...


    B L I S S F U L

  38. Dan Theman


  39. Julian Fürst

    This song is still such a beauty.

  40. Mohib Khan

    Bruh your shit is litt I'm trying to get out this shit but my life sucks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Dare

    is that ulqiuorra from bleach in the end

  42. tormenta0226

    Show this man some love he deserve it

  43. Mrslykid1992

    Oliver's crew is consistent . Hard to come by that!

  44. Ffirst Llast

    Much luv Oliver

  45. Phil Philly


  46. J Sly

    Definitely digging the Kingdom Hearts tracks that he has secretly

  47. Etycreyp

    Still one of my fav tracks ❤

  48. Nation Free & Peacefull

    +2:35 "少し興味が出てきたところだったんだから" ❤

  49. Ainte Hassan

    that was the very first song that i heard from you...<3 im just so glad that i fckin found you bro,you are filling me FULL of GOOD vibes. <3

  50. マット

    For sure my favorite video. So chill.

  51. Austin Wurz

    Love your music

  52. sefla 05

    Who listening in 2018??

  53. Tetsuo Shima

    I hope your doing amazing Oliver. I know this songs old but just wanted to comment and say I love you. keep making amazing music. you are very much needed in this world.

  54. Jen Eva

    damn you can just tell oliver is a grateful person.

  55. Jacob Reino

    bruh good stuff..😔😲😂

  56. Josif Stalin

    This is a song you can not listen and feel bad at the same time

  57. danjoel

    This is good

  58. Victor Ludorum

    still chuggin or still juggin

  59. nofilter

    This is his dad ?? 1:36 ?


    No, its one of his best friends. His name is Chryse. Im guessing you're new to Oli.

  60. Broken Flow

    2018 and still the best track i've ever listened to in my whole life 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  61. Patryk Gzl.

    i cant say in words how much i love you

  62. Astral Hypnosis

    I feel nothing but peace and freedom when I listen to your music I love u Oliver thank you so much

  63. Miguel Perry

    Hold it down for niko.

    Oh shit oliver

  64. Peachy


  65. Nobody

    without fail every time this songs bass drops my eyes water

  66. CosmosisJones

    On repeat.

  67. Kawaii Melly

    goddamn, this is underrated 😍🔥

  68. .wav Edition


  69. Andrew Felan

    Your music’s badass bro

  70. Arc Aspect

    Inspirational shit right here

  71. Jacob Eaton

    This song makes me wanna go to college and then drop out😂😂😂😂

  72. exzisd

    one of my fav videos, such a simple concept but really has a lot of heart to it, watched this one twice tonight

  73. KiddCozyy

    someone know the name of his hoodie? pls

  74. lib

    so much respect for you. keep doing you. made it out the damn mud boy. much love xoxo

  75. nashdashin

    Anyone know where this is from?

  76. Josh Bleezy

    Got the same Polo Bear hat. All love bro, can’t stop listening to your music.

  77. Collin Glover

    How are you not world famous? The fuck?! This is the best song ive heard in a Longggg time.

  78. Гevick

    hes so underrrated

  79. Jacob Eaton

    The Supreme sweater goes off tho lol

  80. Coffee Time with Austin

    少し興味が出てきたところなんだがな, I'm just a little interested in it.

  81. Cee

    I just realized that the voice at the end 1:58 says A million miles an hour and this song was apart of Olivers new album A Million Miles An Hour.
    Kinda cool

  82. Ventura Munoz

    Next 1 mill??

  83. MrNoSleep OSRS

    Yo brother you got talent. Got your songs playing daily for over a year now, much love from Tampa FL. Also the Runescape community digs your music as well, always hear it on

  84. Waxgoon 420

    1 of my fav songs

  85. WildRoseBuilds

    I love keyseeker <3

  86. JackAtt

    Most Underrated song EVER.

  87. Mars

    "Thank you guys for everything. "
    Oh man.. You don't realize how much it's us that should thank you

  88. Secrets

    Still bangs ❤️

  89. markzy

    Bro snapped been a fan for a year favorite song

  90. שניר לוי

    translation ? 2:34

  91. Ty Blankemeyer

    oliver is the reason i started producing so i can do everything myself and dont have to depend on anyone

  92. xdan9xx

    Can anyone help find a song by Oliver I cant remember the name of ot

  93. Rama Crowley

    pusing ku pusing
    tak tau apa yang kubuat
    pusing akan kebingunganku
    bingung karena kebingunganku
    aku letih ....
    aku lelah ....
    aku ingin pindah ke Meikarta

  94. Bape Cookies

    legend draped in supreme box logo

  95. sefla 05

    I love the flow switch at the end