Francis, Oliver - SpaceX Lyrics

Yeah, lil bitch I done told you once
But I guess that wasn't enough
I don't do this for no money
Bitch I do this for the love
All the ladies starin' at me
Cause they know I'm lookin' pretty
Ridin' through the city
Rollin' up the sticky
Find me in my zone
Off the globe like its SpaceX
Watch the way I flow
Bitch I'm dope
Then the bass hits
I'm bout to fly through the sky in that Falcon 9
I burn the Backwoods supernova every time
Too clean
Yeah perfect symmetry
Roll the weed
ATV's through the sleet
Fuck with me
Oliver the boy they tryna beat
Talking beats
Lil boy that's gon' cost a hefty fee
I put that whip in autopilot
Diamonds ultraviolet
I pull up in a UFO
You see me comin'
Hide your bitch
Boy I'm livin' somethin' science fiction
I beat the beat to instrumental
Need an intermission
Lil shawty set me up
I burn the clutch up while I'm shiftin'
I told 'em I don't do no features but they will not listen
You know that I was smokin' dope
And they was callin' me a burnout
Now I do a show and everybody finna turn out
Pull up smokin' with my bitch in that foreign whip
I been in the stu' in the zone workin' on a mix, uh yeah
I'm self fulfillin' the prophecy
They say Oli a prodigy
I can't say that it bother me, nah
Swagger Super Mario Odyssey, yah
Throwin' cash like I just won the lottery, yah
So keep on talkin' all of that shit
Cause you the last thing on my mind when I'm all in your bitch
Yeah, 'bout to land a rocket ship on Fairfax
Bout to take off in a SpaceX Airmags
Movie life every night, call it Miramax
Diamonds on my wrist that's what she starin' at
She tryna fuck with me she like the way that I do it
Got my hands all on her hips and we gon' move to the music
I been steady smokin' dope and drinkin' Hen til I'm stupid
I just focus on the music cause the fame is confusin'
Talkin' private planes, labelings, begging me to sign my name
Sippin Alizé
Shake it up and we gon' let it spray
In the 2 door
Salmon sushi roll interior
With the underglow
Shit look like 2 Fast 2 Furious
I'm just havin' fun
Why you takin' me so serious?
Skrt off in the chariot
My bitch she an Aquarius, ay
Rollin up backwoods in the back of the bus
Yeah the money all cool but the love is enough, yeah
Yeah, the love is enough, yeah, yeah
The love is enough, yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah

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Francis, Oliver SpaceX Comments
  1. Bit Coin

    this is one of my all-time favourites from oli, should have 1M views!

  2. Dominick Gonzalez

    Your underrated👎this song fire keep up the good shit bro

  3. Samuel Houston

    Marty and Doc would be proud.

  4. Uzi Gang

    fuck how anybody feel still hotboxing to this shit october 2019 with my day 1's blowing the speakers

  5. Mykle Dedenbach

    So keep on talking all of that shit, cuz you the last thing on my mind, when im all in yuh bitch

  6. D-Wayne Wiggins

    Oliver music is therapy🚀 I dead fw him. He’s dope asf people need to stop sleeping on him. 😈🔥

  7. Achraf Sayad

    i want oliver to be Music God

  8. david ervin

    Anyone notice the claps at 2:17 accompanied by mouse clicks? I fuck with this song so hard. 👊👊👊🖤

  9. Josh B

    damn Oliver raided Area 51 in early 2018

  10. Ghostkiller_xx12

    Just gotta smoke one on this

  11. ItzJesus_ 101

    I can’t stop listening to this🤤😩

  12. Calsbals

    Post malone in thumbnail

  13. FieryPlayz PH

    Me and the bois

    Making one of the best music vids ever

  14. Albe Shuffler

    Elon musk?

  15. PlayerOne

    oli is about to raid area 51

  16. Soda Pop

    lol im happy today, just bought my first server for my company, i just wrote the first rough draft for my first album, and i had to listen to some oliver music ahhh. today i will look back and this day will be the first step to a new beginning

    oliver rules

  17. Retro Sunday

    skirt of in the cherry and my bitch she an aquarius. Umm, you've gone too far with these bars. Every time I listen to a song by you the 100th time I realize some insane shit :D

  18. / M

    why am i just finding this track now

  19. Prod. Pizer

    It's weird , to be honest , i get turned off by rappers saying "pretty" "sticky" and "foreign whip" but this proves that it matters how you present yourself , if anyone else said that id be like "you cocky fuck" but when i know its oli just coming up with his friends and he actually had lyrical deeper lyrics sprinkled in, i fucking loved it , all love man 10/10

  20. White 420

    Swagger Super Mario Odyssey ya

  21. O K

    love the skip ad feature, to only get a 2nd ad after hitting that button

  22. Nexco3d

    This the song that made me discover Oliver music. Thanks YouTube and Oli

  23. Vladislav Mukhin

    0:53 yung gravy?

  24. Spacedoutchris


  25. ᴀꜱʜᴇ

    i remember when this first came out.. i was so happy. still a year later loving this song 💙💙

  26. Joeisrlyinsane

    2:11 ayy i saw that tommy shirt on your insta post haha

  27. imfastmanTOO

    1 year ❤❤❤

  28. Green Apple Gaming

    I just keep finding new bangers🔥

  29. Massimo Fenomeni

    That De Lorean gives the video that 80’s futuristic vibe, which is fire 🔥

  30. Serene

    Classic already

  31. Nexco3d

    Play daily $$🐱‍🚀

  32. Jasper Mafya

    still one of my favourites

  33. Bryan Merrill

    Starman's got this blasting in his helmet.

  34. Ryno

    You're extremely talented Oliver, I hope you reach your peak of fame in 2019, I really do. You need to be heard in the mainstream of music, you will change lives - and have already. Thank you!

  35. Cigol Simons

    Such good vibes

  36. Nexco3d

    💯This my fav song you got rn but thats just me dope track mane! 💯

  37. Paid Ron

    White boys raw

  38. J0ll3X

    INSANE <3

  39. Avery Thao

    I hope you know that every time you release a new track it makes me not want to end my life. I am going through a rough patch right now but this keeps me going.

    C l o u d b o y s forever

  40. Ayan Sinha

    The beat is pure bliss. And you laying those stupid fire bars over it is just what I needed to cheer me up at work. Now I am motivated to finish my work and go home to blast this on the speakers.

  41. Rok37 SteadyHands

    'money all cool, but the love is enough' ...yuh ,yuh!

  42. MultiGamesz

    Oliver I'm fairly new too finding you (a friend played trust and I was hooked) . I think I found my new favorite rapper. You talk smooth, your lyrics are smooth, and you got a good beat. 10/10 dont change please. Go big but stay as you are. Don't change what's not broke. Like you said in your lyrics you do it for the love not the money. Focus on your music and dont think about the fame

  43. Matthew Reyes

    This go hard🔥

  44. Real Talk

    bars bro! dank!

  45. king chris

    0.75 speed. Thank me later.

  46. scrub overload

    *B U R N O U T* next

  47. Paritosh Rajyaguru

    Cloud boys for life

  48. t1ber


  49. Doop Deep

    I sung this at my high school for a talent show and won 🔥🔥🔥

  50. tb504david

    Oliver did you really burn the clutch out tho?

  51. Insertnamehere

    Seeing Oliver today in London so fuckin hyped. Edit: Thanks for the heart Oliver was dope meeting you

  52. Collin Glover

    Oliver = Goku of the rap game

  53. mihai munteanu

    so much inspiration braww . Good job . i like it 💣💣

  54. Игорь Герасименко

    норм песенка ;)

  55. taylor foarde

    Love the SMO Reference <3 (:

  56. trey2325

    idk if its cause im trippin or not but im feelin your wave rn

  57. Dive432

    Great flow bro!

  58. egirl gosu

    oli making us happy over and over again man

  59. Ffirst Llast

    "the luv is enough"

  60. Ryan Ingerman

    This song deserves so much more recognition and love. Oliver Francis is the first artist I've listened to that I've loved every single song made.

  61. Ffirst Llast

    Every track lit my player on fire right nw all Oliver on repeat

  62. Epicsaurus

    Your old video effects are so good!!
    Also, fire 🕯

  63. Kim Jong Ugly

    Very Nice my man.

  64. shaheen

    This boy is spitting

  65. Sempiternalx 00

    Confused as to why this hasn't hit a mill yet ??

  66. Confo

    yo Oliver these songs are getting addicting, keep this up!

  67. PAL GANG


  68. Emory Jhonson

    why the fuck have you not blown up yet

  69. KingDanMan

    Was that post Malone

  70. Sunday Venom

    Probably your dopest verses yet

  71. Psychedelic Cookie

    im about 3 months late

  72. Arsenic Proposal

    This man trash tbh

    Carlos Felipe Oliveros

    Jayden Farnsworth what? Why?

  73. TTV HotSam

    Oliver you never disappoint I swear your a GOAT🐐

  74. Marina Gonzales

    I miss when oli used to have his phone in his hand in a lot of his old music videos

  75. Capt. Levi

    Its another hit

  76. Z marchal

    His vibe is just fucking on point👌🏻

  77. David Rodriguez

    I swear Oli is just Freeza and Cell combined he keeps evolving but when is his final much potential

  78. Alex Henning

    Most slept on song of 2018

  79. Schellular Beats

    Love the Delorean swaggg

  80. Fernando Ramón

    Elon Musk should be proud of this

  81. Ddvw123abc0

    Tibia reference?

  82. Mario Amir

    its so good fuck


    good beat

  84. Silent Fresh

    1:16 best part

  85. Khaleb Abraha

    DOPE music
    Holla from germany

  86. Demise

    Is that gravy in the video?

  87. constellation

    "yeah the money all cool but, the love is enough"

  88. AsiiD

    This lead niceee

  89. Shane Burnamann

    fuck yeah 🔊 👌

  90. Mickey .Dempcy

    Oliver is feelgoodmusic <3

  91. Ryan O'Neil

    is this sponsored by elon musk?

  92. Filip Poposki

    olive is the epitome of early 90s kids, everything he mentions is a childhood memory

  93. Bobo Tries

    Another Great Music Video

  94. exotic

    I fucking love this shit :D

  95. Alief HoustonMade

    No Oliver up now 🔥

  96. Terence Lee

    movie life erry night call it miramax :):)

  97. WTFxCRIM

    C L O U D B O Y S