Francis, Oliver - SEPHIROTH Lyrics


Pull up in a 'Rari, smoking dope with Nefertari
In that Shinigami Audi, probably smelling like Armani
Keep a blonde, goth shawty, she look just like Misa Misa
Gold all in my mouth, little bitch, I look like Golden Frieza
Dick all in her mouth, she suck me up, and then I eat her
2019, coming with nothing but heaters
Self produced, you lil' boys still stealing type beats
Got yourself some Bathing Ape, you tryna be just like me
Bitch I'm coming clutch, I pull up, look like Future Trunks
Hopped up in the time machine to fuck this instrumental up
Peeling backwoods up, I roll two, spark them both at once
Labels on my nuts, change my number damn near every month
Runway models on they back, I don't shop at Nordstrom Rack
She gon' bust it back, while I'm smoking on this lemon pack
Sliding through, probably draped up in Givency
My bitch look just like Rangiku Matsumoto with them titties

I got racks
You lil' boys probably shop at TJ Maxx
I'm the goat
Probably sipping Alizé and smoking dope
I got racks
Laying low and smoking kush up out the bag
They don't do it like I do it
Can we just keep it real?
Posting black heart emojis, 'cause that's just how I feel

FFX, way I flex, my bitch look like LuLu
Italian leather couch, smoking dope and watching Hulu
I just fucked lil' shorty on the beach, in the sand like Gaara
I like shrimp up in my pasta, need them jewels like Inuyasha
Triple S all on my feet, lil' bitch my drip on Backstreet Boys
I got bitches like N-Sync, I blast off like I'm Astroboy
Rick Owens Birckenstocks, mix that with the Fendi socks
Hit you with that supernova, bitch I look like Sephiroth
Skrt off then I drop the top, my bitch look like Lara Croft
Shawty with the drip, in the Fear of God crop top
Foreign with the underglow, I drift it out in Tokyo
I'm posted up on Planet Namek, smoking dope with Piccolo
Shawty give the sloppy toppy, suck me 'til I bust
All you rappers androids, bitch I'm Future Trunks
Bad lil' bitch, she suck my dick
Poolside in Balenci slips
Uber Eats the chicken fingers and some mozzarella sticks

I got racks
You lil' boys probably shop at TJ Maxx
I'm the goat
Probably sipping Alizé and smoking dope
I got racks
Laying low and smoking kush up out the bag
They don't do it like I do it
Can we just keep it real?
Posting black heart emojis, 'cause that's just how I feel

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Francis, Oliver SEPHIROTH Comments

    You boys still stealing type beats LMAO

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    Was getting tattooed today and they was bumping oliver

  3. я это как это люблю этого да мижгана типо да

    U so fckng crazy Man) xd good luck wich ur music <3

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    Im done shopping at TJ maxx now.

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    Q Flow Gran Tema Bendiciones de Argentina🇦🇷🍁

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    1 million views 🖤

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    This song is fuckin amazing. Thank god i found you man HAHA

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    when he came out to this in concert shit went off

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    Fucking fire boi fr

  12. New Jack

    042 gave me goosebumps

  13. IccyTheOne

    Easily your most addicting song.

  14. Niko Popovich

    "you lil boys probly shop at TJ MAX (whatthefuck?whatthefuck?)"

  15. AJ Mendoza

    "Postin black heart emojis cause thats just how I feel" 🖤🙌🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

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    These anime bars got me hyped asf

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    I LOVE ALL YOUR ANIME REFERENCES!!!!!! Keep it up brotha!!!

  30. doublechin tim

    i feel personally attacked since i use type beats :( hahaha

  31. doublechin tim

    Olivers come up is really inspiring for realll

  32. Carson Koenig

    yo u have to try turning on subtitles. it's awesome

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    Was this filmed on the back roads by the river near Como? 😯

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    Slept on if u fw the squad

  35. alex Villalba

    Man since 2015 and 16 I was always listening to him. I'm glad he still poppin off

  36. Zion Grimes

    This goes hard. Ive been listenin to your music for about 3 years. Its inspired me to try to become something with my rhymes as well!

  37. mark

    1 milly gang

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    still banging this

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    Best video of 2020

    Tim Sterling

    best comment

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    Final Season LegaC

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    Final Season LegaC

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    The inuyasha reference hit me with those goosebumps man this shit is so hard

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    Serious Q for the Oli Team, did you use the Seph Theme as inspiration or did you actual sample it?I produce a whole bunch for big artist but was very interested based on art.. <3 love this shit


    He probably used it as a theme but tbh I dont watch any anime or play any of the Final Fantasy games really so I wouldnt be able to tell if he sampled anything. Wouldnt doubt it though, Oli is a sample god

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    Nah nah Oli does not sound like Skies at all. Oli has had the same sound for forever

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