Francis, Oliver - Gene Simmons Lyrics

Push to start ignition with the heated seats, ooh
Rubber bands, yeah I keep that all on me, ey
It's all cash why the fuck I need a lease, ey
Digi dashboard we gon' catch a B, shawty
All I smoke is gas, all I rock is Raf
I been poppin' tags, throw it in the back, yah
Two seat, six speed, digi dashboard, yeah
Yeah, whip it like a Nascar

Balenciaga kicks, Saint Laurent denim, ey
Tennis bracelets with the rocks in 'em, yeah
Shawty wanna kiss like I'm Gene Simmons
Brazilian women, all I rock is Raf Simons, yeah
Yeah, how the fuck I'm comin', bitch I'm comin' clutch
You can't tell me shit, I'm that boy, go look me up, ey
Bitch, I look like Majin Buu, yeah
Ain't nobody out can touch me on the Fruity Loops

Rollin' up the dub with these hoes, yeah you know
That I be rollin' through the 573 with my bros
And I be smokin' on some bomb ass weed with my woes
And I've been stackin' up the paper with nothing but the flow

And you know, yeah
My only motive the money
Yeah, I hear 'em talkin' shit but they won't take shit from me
I got some weed in this dummy
I'm on the beach and it's lovely
I'm with a dime piece and she love me

And I ain't never worry 'bout the rest
I seen that shit and I wasn't impressed, nah, ey
Boy this cannot be your best
Do yourself a favor, save your breath, yeah
I would never switch up for a check, ooh, nah
I been bottle poppin' with my set, ah, yeah
All these rappers boring me to death, ah, yeah
Do yourself a favor, save your breath, yeah

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Francis, Oliver Gene Simmons Comments
  1. Philip Lutin

    Keep repeating the intro to hear the beat :)

  2. thycreator3296

    I watch this video for inspiration before writing to my original songs. I hope you know that you living your life, just doing what you love, is actively helping me move the fuck outta my moms crib and do something with my life. Thanks big bro.

  3. Angel Contreras

    One day kids from the future will say “wow this has such a 2010’s” vibe to it just like how we look at 80’s music videos

  4. Know Caution

    Who’s the producer?


    Oliver he produces all his songs

  5. xxxGpakos

    happy that one of the real one is making it with his friends and stuff thats the dream

  6. Cashout Bradly

    2020 your year

  7. Joon Assassin

    MuCh LoVe FrOm CoLoRaDo...

  8. Selena Rose

    Just discovered your music last night.. haven’t stopped playing it since! 🔥

  9. KayEraMusiq

    I look like Majin Buu

  10. Brian Cano

    Justin beavers evil twin brother

  11. UhhRxnny

    I’m so glad to have found you Oliver, you’re so underrated yet so talented, keep it up brodie ❤️🙏🏽

  12. Grimzin

    Whos the guy Oliver is with in the start




    @Joh66y on social media ?


    Grimzin yeah on Instagram


    Grimzin you’re talking about the guy at
    0:15 right?


    @Joh66y yea its him

  13. forever

    I can’t believe Oliver thought about scrapping this song


    man if he thought about scrapping this, imagine the fire ass songs we are missing out


    fuck yes

  15. Austin Hodge

    Got me feeling some kinda way

  16. Final Season LegaC

    Inspire man

  17. Final Season LegaC

    Last night fxcking vivesing bro new fan for real uk london bruh you are ARRRD

  18. Dan Blackford

    one of my favorite tracks 🔥🔥🔥

  19. unabletoluxury

    Чисто флекс от нех делать

  20. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    Oliver knows how to impress his fans as much as he can impress himself

  21. beherenow there'scomingsomething

    Soo sick!! Guys do you have maybe similar artists with this melodic/deep rap or whatever i should call this?? Would be great to explore more songs like this

  22. wassup its ghost ass

    Shawty wanna kiss like im gene simons brazilian women all i rock is raf simons

  23. Showtime123

    Still one of Oliver’s hardest song

  24. Andrew Abel

    Lets swap lives for an hour lol

  25. kobraKid

    still listening to this in 2019 bih! ❤️ oliver mah boi 🖤

  26. intrusted

    again fucking amazing.

  27. Beerus

    Majin Buu <3

  28. North Heavn

    Cloudboys forever <3

  29. Ghost

    Love this fave track

  30. Showtime123

    Still one of my favs

  31. Gorge Hennon

    Who's listening in 2019?




    Can't believe this song is 2 and a half years old


    remember when I got the noti about it

  32. Oliver Parker

    But this is lit.


    My new favorite artist

  34. Israel

    Similar artist like Oliver?


    Oscar Martinez aboc

  35. scurixombra

    Straight trash

  36. Trey

    oliver daddy.. my buttsack feel good

  37. Nic Shipma

    CoMo represent.

  38. Agustin Osorio

    this theme is very good brother

  39. Omit 13.07

    Wer wegen Monte hier 👀

  40. Nexco3d

    I been stuck on yo shit Oli, fuckin burnin, hangin gutters, 3d printing shit, I am always listening to your music now. Feels like the first time I discovered 3-6. Thank you for the music, keeps me going.

  41. Davi 1sp

    the best music ever lol hello from belgium I love this song

  42. Chris Chaquay

    already a classic

  43. Yung Lean-Hurn-Gudg Armani boss 69 2015

    I still like the beginning...he looks like "ey guys, I'm finally here" as he smiles out of the cars window

  44. ROB JOB

    Love your beats man. You have an amazing style. Keep it up!

  45. John American

    Thank you Ollie!

  46. Omar ganem

    Good rap but the owner of that lambo be in the dark rollin 😎

  47. Chill MJ

    Song Never Gets Old, 2019 Gang ??

  48. Julien Viernes

    You're music brings me light in my life.🙏

  49. Amber Kelly

    that look tho 0:51 🔥

  50. DJ Crazy Horse

    Algún día seré como tú :')

  51. Bryan Vieira

    the best sound

  52. wnter

    Boy this cannot be your best, do yourself a favour save your breath. FUCK YEAH <3

  53. Pedro Bello

    This music has helped me a lot!!

  54. fadaela

    @oliverfrancis yo, I like your eat style, and i heard in one of ur songs u make your own beats, where can i buy some from you? u got a beat site? I fuck witchu Otaku.

  55. Blake Jaco

    Do you know Bryan mekee from your school and your songs are fire

  56. first name last

    Still one if my fav smoking songs❤❤🌠

  57. Robert Keyes

    jeeze oliver, jeeze. on repeat, thats a fact. much like everything youve put out nothing but STRAIGHT FIRE

  58. Jonnie Paradox

    Can't believe I only just now discovered this ethereal beauty! Love you Oli

  59. Lucid

    you blessed my ears, thank you oliver

  60. Jc Ramirez

    Been looking for this song forever since I heard it on a mix playlist with no name

  61. Fall

    When the lambo is red reeee

  62. Andrew Viner

    Dude i hope to be able to see in concert one day honestly whenever I'm having a bad day or feeling down i listen to your music and it just puts me in my place

  63. Nelkusa

    WOW this shit is fire

  64. Ashley James

    Recognise the backing track really don’t know where from though.

  65. Tom

    That's a long ass rillo

  66. Ffirst Llast

  67. Javier M

    You tryin to hard in my opinion but dope video and love the music bro 💯 It's 🔥 haha

  68. Vincent Nieto

    Perfect song to smoke weed

  69. Ignacio García

    I replayed this 500 K .. NICE OLIVER !!

  70. J-NETTI

    Damnn it’s already been a year

  71. Chief Captn

    That lamb is *evil* my guy

  72. brand9n

    Oliver is a NUT

  73. ProPLeX OG

    Fucking flames 🔥🔥🔥

  74. chavi khandelwal

    I just fell in love with u oli....i just sinks down in ur songs damn!😍😍

  75. Barkly

    1.111.111 viewer \ö/

  76. abstract boys

    i lov<3 u

  77. Joeisrlyinsane

    music video is so dope

  78. DEREK 117

    I need this on Play Music

  79. Rephund

    Nangs to this is amazing

  80. 999 ABYSS 999

    That 1 Mil looks perfect 💫 It’s going to hit 10 Mil soon 🙏🏽

  81. desire to desire

    Underrated 100%...

    We Love U Oli 💛

    Chile 🇨🇱

    cloudboys 22001188

    Hater, "do yourself a favor: save your breath"

  82. Dog Dead Oficial

    Repeating in 3 2 1...

  83. Im Wo0z

    That Lambo tho I Nc 🔥

  84. Filip Poposki

    top 3 oli song for sure

  85. Frankiww

    1.25 x U listen demond

  86. Royal Bushido


  87. nauseous

    Repping that Missouri misery man your an inspiration to the rest of us from here tryna get out there. Thank you bro.

  88. PharaohSound


  89. Angelgurl1455

    My favorite song 💜❤️❤️💜

  90. sixxo6

    I would love to hear what a collaboration with lil peep would sound like. Rest in peace Gus 🙏

  91. Yj_ Jue

    I fw it 💯🤔

  92. Shane Clark

    Smoking is cool af