Francis, Oliver - DEAD OR ALIVE FREESTYLE Lyrics

Lil' bitch
Check, check
40 Margiela, they
One-two, one-two

40 Margiela, they came out the future
You look like Norbit, yo' bitch a Respusha
Making them threats, but you ain't no shooter
Talk all that shit from yo' mama computer
Turn on the TV it's some Fooly Cooly
My bitch tryna watch but she give me the nookie
You smokin' on reggie, I'm smokin' on cookie
Le Labo my scent, Givenchy my hoodie
This shawty Orihime and I'm Ichigo
She bust it open, lil' shawty a pro
She spin around and she give me the throat
Got my dick in her mouth while I'm smoking this dope
We at the crib and we poppin' a bottle
She on the runway, no catalog model
Got Neo and volleyball, anime titties
Got anime bitches from city to city
Claim that you gangsta you hitting these licks
Only lick that you that you hit when you jacking my drip
Only lick that I hit when I'm checking yo' bitch
I took her to the crib and I bust on her lips
Alpha, Omega lil' bitch I'm the goat
Crown of the dungeon, I'm smoking this dope
I'm getting stronger with every flow
I'ma hit you motherfuckers with the Zanpakutō
Bust on her titties, I'm counting up Benjis
Tatted my Fingers I feel like I'm Renji
I'm runnin' the city, been rockin' Balenci'
I'm sippin' on Goose, I don't sip on no Henny
Bitch, I'm Vegeta, been fucking on Bulma
Plowing that bitch in the back of the Rover
I play the game I don't pass the controller
These ain't Chuck Taylor, these are Rick Owens
Lil' skinny bitch, lil' booty but its still thick
Real big tits in a nice lil' pink dress
Pussy pink, too, just like a sushi roll
Hit it from the back, put my thumb in the booty hole
Out the sticks, yeah, I came out the mud
I sent to war with Namekian blood
I'm with two bitches they licking me up
I got one for my dick, I got one for my nuts
All you lil' rappers are fucking horrendous
Foodless all day, eat a bag full of Xanex
GG and me, we skrrt off in the newest
I don't got no shortage of anime bitches
I'm in this bitch and I'm feelin' myself
Once she have me she don't want no one else
With BB Simon all up on my waist
I done rolled up four Backwoods took two to the face
Me and Jeff Blake, yeah, we kick for the bounty
I hop out the bebop and bitches surround me
Smokin' on OG, this shit getting cloudy
Don't keep no one else but my day ones around me
Dimes with the kush, man, that shit Murakami
Why you lil' rappers so worried about me?
I dive in that pussy, I feel like I'm drowning
Bitch, I'm off an edible, shit got me drowsy
Lightning my necklace I feel like Kakashi
I'm flexing like Broly, can't nobody stop me
She roll up my weed and she give me the sloppy
I'm Luffy been fucking up Robin and Nami
Like, fuck these snake, no Sōsuke Aizen
Smoke some dank with a bad lil' Asian
Suck me up 'til my nuts like raisins
Got a lil' cash but this shit ain't changing

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Francis, Oliver DEAD OR ALIVE FREESTYLE Comments
  1. Nick C

    lil Aaron @2:04

  2. Shallow

    fire music video.. your best yet! <3

  3. Lil yoshii

    This dude like snapped tf off

  4. Drowsy

    wish i could get famous and hop on a track wit u bro. this man a legend

  5. ghostwithagun

    am I the only one who noticed lil aaron?

  6. Noah P

    Such a sick car like fuck

  7. colombo

    Directed by: Oliver Francis
    Shot bt: AAHJ SIMPSON & Oliver Francis
    Edited by: Oliver Francis
    Produced by.Oliver Francis
    Lyrics by Oliver Francis
    Damn.....oliver the goat

  8. Dan Blackford

    Oli did it again

  9. changzy

    Oliver needs to release a whole cypher with all these guys

  10. Oliver Haken

    be my devil

  11. Green GOBLIN

    I beg come to London. You too cold

  12. Gretel Gretel

    who is that grandma??

  13. GrimJow Beats

    Samples go crazy idk how the fuck he does it

  14. Luke Venter

    Can’t stop coming back to this fiyyya

    That bleach reference too tho🔥🔥

  15. Sincerely, Jayton

    Very Rare. On This One.

  16. Jonathan Large

    She orohime and I'm ichigo that was straight carolina reaper

  17. Daniel Houston

    Lil Aaron tho

  18. Ste Maro

    Damn bro this is amazing

  19. fantasma

    you did it Oli, you did what many people thought you could not.

  20. Nylis Robinson

    1:20 on the left
    Is that Kodak? 😂

  21. Darren Kristianson

    I live my life through his songs. I love you Oli.

  22. Airzehh

    We love you Ollie

  23. K Nasquual

    Naruto song damn im sleep on

  24. suuuperr novaa

    My gaaaawd Oliver Francis has gotten sexy as hell😍😍😍 mmm

  25. Sergey Sinitsin

    From what album that song?


    Crown of death

  26. Crim inal

    Shit was pure heat nigga

  27. Jose Flores

    In a league of one

  28. DustyBeats

    Waiting for that 1 mil...

  29. welc


  30. Derpy Smile

    What’s the intro beat called?


    Neighborhood hoe three six mafia sample

  31. Enlightened_One ॐ

    _Bitch i'm Vegeta_

  32. jack luo

    the beat sold it

  33. Hot Spot

    Now i need 5g!!

  34. MrFRDW

    intro sounds like good old memphis phonk


    It’s a three six mafia sample


    @Joh66y yeah sounds like it

  35. Filet Mignon

    This beat is so fucking hard!

  36. O K

    400k high definition

  37. Robert Almy

    Shoulda got wulf on this

  38. Mohammed

    I'm luffy be fucking robin and nami

  39. ydg jo$e

    Can the asian guy j become a rapper already i was so disappointed when i found out he wasnt rapping


    SUGOI he does his name is digital dav.

  40. Trigga Trent

    This shit hard asf 🔥

  41. Dan K

    She a pro

  42. Sk Xxxi


  43. フランシスコザビエル


  44. NotTrippy

    Now youtube did a good job saw this on my recommendation im tired of those lils


    Oliver was rapping like those “lils” when he first started but it’s straight fire lol

  45. White Rhino

    I used to be a fan of Oliver Francis
    Now I’m an air conditioner

  46. Charles Eversole

    Spazed on this beat

  47. Niek

    This beat is FiRe

  48. 2JZ 2JZ

    must be a good feeling driving around in a lambo high as hell

  49. Loneboy._


  50. intrusted

    bro i cant even tell if he is with a label anymore.

  51. IM0nsterzZlDEl

    beat is dope af

  52. EpyonRoyal

    Shawdow backpack was dope.

  53. Frederik de la Cueva Couto Klein

    I really wasn't fucking with Oliver's newer stuff, but this track is moore than decent. Here since day 2 .. which is like 2015

  54. dust pup

    If you bumping this shit in Jersey like this comment 🔥👀

  55. Bong Productions

    She on a runway no catalogue model....lovin it

  56. Bong Productions

    This is so lit

  57. Lil peep

    I’m a janitor and I’m lit

  58. Olof Öhrn

    this is legendary work right here

  59. I Do It 4God

    Impressed when da white boy jumped out and started killin it 🔥

  60. nepatriots90

    @1:38 is my absolute favorite bar! Keep up the usual fuego, see you in Chicago December 14th my guy!

  61. MarsHolst20

    Oliver still flexin. I love it.

  62. DrummaMan

    Keep it up Oliver, always with the hits !!!

  63. Quinton Hernandez

    She roll up my weed and she gimme the sloppy. ^_^

  64. Cody Hoole

    The way this starts totally give off $uicideboy$ vibes. I PHUGGIN dig it!!

  65. X6Fly

    This song a whole VIBE

  66. unabletoluxury

    Оливер братан, приезжай в Рашку, тут тебя ждут очень сильно

  67. DustyBeats

    We need more of this GOT THIS SH*T ON REPLAY FOR DAYS

  68. Jaaykings

    it’s crazy how i’ve been a fan for 4 years now and seeing you do the numbers you deserve is dope af 💯

  69. CrybabySummer

    Luv your music ♡

  70. cmthekilla

    That DJ Paul sample is forever a classic..... Good stuff Oliver

  71. BuDa

    Where can I find some of this smooth flow from him again


    BuDa try gemini, gene simmons, good life freestyle


    Aeou,Bape freestyle, lofi 1,vitamin water,Gemini,cloud

  72. 4K -Chinesa

    Afff 🔥

  73. Lil U

    Fuckin Classic

  74. Suicidal ThoTs

    Beat link bro?

  75. orbin yarber

    💪You've come along way my friend and you're going so much farther keeping working I see you 🚫🎓

  76. Fxnatix

    Oli x Cole bennett

  77. TheHash Slingy slasher

    Here before a million

  78. Mange Afnf

    Hard 🌊

  79. João Mendes

    Beat fire af

  80. Elemental Designs

    2:01 who saw those eyes lol

  81. Sotherewestood

    How can i get this beat??

  82. Дмитрий Крылов

    Оливер лучший! Россия ждёт тебя!

  83. The Fisher

    I’m feeling this 🔥

  84. mark

    dis blowing up

  85. TITAN Marcel

    ZoNe 🗽

  86. Screen Peeks

    They way he throws in modern anime is amazing.

  87. Roger Losh

    Watching you evolve from the ahh days has been great word play is great

  88. Roger Losh


  89. Roger Losh

    Now you on that three 6 mafia type shit I love your music man so many influences

  90. Aadesh Patel

    First song I ever heard from you and wow this shit is a banger lol

  91. Naxi

    lets go

  92. glσcкѕ


  93. Minuto Do Rap


  94. glσcкѕ


  95. neal mason

    Nice I'm tuned in the tatted my face feeling like renji line was dope af no shortage on the anime bitches I see you p.

  96. Tragically Epic

    Oliver man been jamming since I first heard him and he stays releasing bangers