Francis, Oliver - Chernobyl Lyrics

I just need a little weed and a backrub
Dime piece with the D's in the bathtub
Wanna talk about beats? Get your racks up
You don't wanna see when we act up, pull up, M3, better back up
Hold up, hold up, talk my shit
I got a hundred bad bitches and they all suck dick
I rolled a couple fat swishers and they all gettin' lit
Take another handful out the zip, lil' bitch I'm on 10
Pull up in a Benz with a girl and her friends
She can be a blond, brunette bitch, man whatevs
I don't really care, I'mma be the man till the motherfuckin' end
Backpack full of weed, mix up the Bape with Supreme
Bitch I'm the best, no I cannot be beat
Fuck your whole set homie, fuck your whole team
All white whip, clean, somethin' like chlorine
God damn, your lil' bitch fuckin' with me
She like my swagger, yeah, she like my steez'
Your mans' is a lame and I got what you need
Shawty I got what you need, yeah believe that
Flatscreen TV with the seat back
Likely find me where the weed at
It's like TNT when the beat slap
AC/DC with the feedback

I pull up to the small race smellin' like gas
You know how I do
Hopped out the ride and my girl on fire
Gettin' high poolside like I'm used to
Got me thumbin' through a big band now
No handouts, did it all myself
Flow like Chernobyl, my shit top shelf
Got a big bankroll and an LV belt, aye

And we gon' sit up on the couch to this
Roll a blunt, fuck a bitch, blow an ounce to this
Do it all for the Cris and the Christian Dior
You ever seen a Chevy with the butterfly doors? Yeah
Coast to coast, I roast the most, it's dope
Flow is cold, no Osmosis Jones
Goin' pro, the wrist is ten below
Ralph Lauren and Tommy all I know
Yeah, fuckin' bitches, rock designer jeans
Off the ropes like WWE
Got model bitches tryna fuck with me
Rollin' weed to all apologies, like woah
New wheat Timbs with the blue jeans
Hopped out the S-Class Benz lookin' too clean
Ask my friends where the groupies, rollin' doobies
Do you lil' bitch, I'mma do me

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Francis, Oliver Chernobyl Comments
  1. MaZaFaKeR

    Absolutely powerful shit❤️🧨
    Hello from Ukraine.

  2. 9inety8

    Flow like Chernobyl, my shit top shelf

  3. Leosadin

    Is this really in Chernobyl? Epic! I love such deep beats at this dark time...

  4. Joon Assassin

    HoLy FuCk DuDe....It KeePs PlAyInG In My HeAd AfTeR I TuRn It Off....

  5. Hannes De Winter

    The beat of this song is the best I've ever heard.


    My boy u got it best belive that real ass music

  7. jelly bean

    I can always come back to you no matter how Im feeling, love your music ❤️

  8. Sydnee Lisa

    Hot 🔥 🎶❤️

  9. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    Oliver at his finest haha when he’s in a mood I can feel it literally his music plays a part of him in me 😂

  10. Bantha


  11. Zion


  12. Grazor

    I would like to say thank you to spotify for putting this on my daily mix

  13. King Killer

    Just need a lil weed and a back rub this will always be my fave song

  14. eien

    0:00 - 2:28 is the best part.

  15. CuzImFlox

    It seems like the song is so old because i heard it so fuckin often.

  16. Brandon E

    Omg I have been listening to you for so long on Spotify I didnt even think to check out your YouTube channel! HYPE VIDEO BRO

  17. Thechristopherryan

    Oki is fr the next to blow, I put half my town on him. I’d love to collaborate with him and get him to spit over my music 🤘🏻

  18. LVPSE

    Pull up to tha soiree smelling like ass.. You know how we dooo

  19. Bull Larky

    This beat is amazing!! I need more beats like this.

  20. BlackBrain45

    1:28 ufffff 💦

  21. Robert Dølhus.

    That beat is radioactive!

  22. Sgt Snazzy

    How do the lyrics have anything to do with Chernobyl itself?

  23. Alberto Sette

    Too cool guy, check out my drum cover please : enjoy

  24. Jacob Rose

    To this day this still the only Osmosis Jones reference I’ve ever heard and it’s 🔥🔥

    Seth Belcher

    Jacob Rose facts oli tha goat 100% self produced!!

  25. Josh Bleezy

    Still so good I swear one of my favorites by you

  26. Champagne Austy

    still my favorite oli

  27. qet rekT

    Hi.jUSt visit a Chernobyl & Prypiat and u make a banger...(fan from Ukr..)

  28. Danny L

    All white whip clean somethin like chlorine (god damn)

  29. Flamegod Dreads

    1:05 -1:55 🔥💎

  30. cleant

    216 people are braindead


    This is real fire🔥

  32. slm.dnkasr

    chernobyl 1m
    so proud of you oli
    your fans love you!

  33. Hessu.


  34. Louis ii

    "Flow is cold no osmosis Jones " fire🖤

  35. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    0:01 out here looking all hard and shit my man jeez he really plays his character in these videos

  36. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    My mans Oliver has a banger 😂

  37. Timber Land

    "Smelling like ass"

  38. Magicalz

    *Quem Veio Pelo Blackoutz ?!*

  39. tsrz TV

    1 Mill baby.

  40. Antonia Kopach

    Wow this song😍😍🔥

  41. Rawbi Tsunami

    This song is slept on

  42. Tony Gonzales

    So hard 🔥

  43. Slime Language

    banger 😢

  44. ProdAverse

    2019 anyone?

  45. Christopher George

    Listening to Oliver Francis is like having a unicorn bust a nut in your ear. . . . Magical.

  46. Slime Language

    Dope nigga

  47. Punch

    get this to 1mill boiiis

  48. maria

    I don't have doubt, it's ur best song

  49. m1st

    📂 Music
    └📁 Oliver
    └📁 Bad Songs
    └⚠️ this folder is empty

  50. TommyVercetti

    Straight Fire, Flow is amazing masterpiece

  51. ruby perez

    Bruh, this the song that made me fall in love with his music. Thanks Oliver

  52. jorge antonio

    Hopped out the S-Class Benz lookin' too clean
    That's my friends with the groupies, rollin' doobies
    Do you lil' bitch, I'mma do me

  53. _3D_Sensei _

    Не забывай про болты.

  54. caunaa

    INSAAAANE 😍😍😍😍🔥

  55. Synergy

    1:03 I pull up to the soiree smelling like ass
    You know how I do

  56. Sandro Kecalovic

    This kid is a goat str8 up making hits every song.

  57. Big Facts

    Rolling weed to all apologies. 🤘🏻

  58. James Haddrell

    Good flow, really like this track

  59. Eric Clapton

    Bro said "rollin weed to all apologies" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Débora Fernanda

    im here just to say two things
    - i really love your songs, but this one is my favorite <3 my heart beats harder everytime i listen to it
    - please come to brazil hahahah <3

  61. absinthe

    play this at .75 speed

  62. Naim Naciri


  63. Aeron Lada

    This dude fire af bro!!!!!!!

  64. Kevin Xann

    wanna talk about beats? Get your racks up 💣

  65. TOMciastyy

    best song bruh


    Fuck. This that boards of Canada feel. Chernobyl is the best title for this beat. That feeling it gives you.... crazy

  67. Edblz

    why listen to lil uzi when you have this

  68. Greedo

    dude i love your songs you are a great inspiration for me im trying to create beats and i feel so familiar with your vibes keep up!

  69. Kools - Dark Records Ltd

    Why does the beat give this scary vibe ? Like i hear this shit and think of scary things all the time

  70. Kaleidoskop

    i am in love

  71. Nexco3d

    Weed and a backrub..... Yes, Ma'am! lol This song is 🔥 and ❄ like Airbender 💨


    i can't understand most of the lyrics but this is so good.
    Love from Turkey

  73. Matt Slaughter

    Yooo oliver i would love to sample thia beat maybe use a portion of the hook, is there any possibility that i could get permission?

  74. Trouser Sock Lover

    Love it

  75. Julian

    This is so fire

  76. Seth Johnson

    With these vocals you should drop a banger with Larry league and become the new collab

  77. Epic Gamer

    before 1 mill gang

  78. Mitch Nickolite

    ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

  79. Mauricio Parada

    keep in it real, as usual oliver

  80. Eric Ihnen

    bruh this whole song was like an endless street fighter combo that shit rang

  81. Jeremy Gleason

    Why did he name it Chernobyl when he's not Russian and on top of that he can't even speak Russian it's a great song don't get me wrong but what the fuck lol

    Jeremy Gleason

    Like really I moved from Kiev Russia when I was 6 years old Chernobyl is in on the outskirts of Ukraine I was just wondering what the hell the point he was trying to make was about..


    “flow like Chernobyl, all my shit top shelf” the Chernobyl he’s rapping about is a weed strain bro he means no disrespect

  82. alaya

    what is the ssb sound effect at 1:44

  83. Andrew Joseph

    Beat is fucking dope

  84. R.I.P Xxxtentacion

    Is he using auto tune?

  85. Seth Davis

    im blown away at the fact the he referenced osmosis jones🔥🔥

  86. Raam Ravi

    Great Song!

  87. Tony Answer

    9 months later and i still can't get over the flow at the end 🔥 one of my fave songs.

  88. Nassir

    From iTankid

  89. Philip

    "pulling up to scene smelling like ass"

  90. Gerardo Cardoza

    I catch on 🔥 Everytime I listen to this.

  91. mzp v

    This is the best Oliver song change my mind

    Victor Ludorum

    I'm so wwaavvyy.

    Allison Gerdes

    I see no lies here

  92. Aaron O'Rourke

    Adam corwin😀😃

  93. chris_da_goat

    just foud this guy. not sure how big he is atm but I gotta feeling he finna blow up

  94. Kinsi


  95. Hunter Holley

    the vlone type of feels

  96. Mental Health Insiders

    Does this guy make bad songs?

  97. Cloud420

    Still here lol

  98. So Hog Beats

    🔥🔥🔥🎤Crazy Flow!