Francis, Oliver - Carl Edwards Lyrics

[Oliver Francis:]
Shawty with the French tips
Screens in the headrests
Pull up on the forgiatos
Bitch I'm on the guest list
Ice creams, on gelato
Fiji water necklace
I rock it like a model
That's to be expected
Bleach blonde hair cause I'm wavier than a bitch
I've been switchin' lanes
Carl Edwards with the whip
I been makin' waves
You lil boys just hangin' 10
Bitch I'm fuckin' paid
I just copped myself a Benz
Baby you like Khloe with the cake
Bottle shots of Hennessy and OG to the face
The way that I be flexin'
You would think I'm liftin' weights
Make your senorita shake
Like I'm Justin Timberlake
Pull up in the drop top, lookin' too fly
Baby girl, I'm no regular guy, ay
Know I got the weed rolled, we could get high
Ay you fuckin' with a pro, baby give this shit a try
I woke up in Cali with an OZ of the mowie
VVS all on me with with lil shawty doin' donuts in the Audi
On the iPhone 8
Yeah I'm drippin in the bape
Hit the blunt and levitate
Outer space in the Wraith, yeah
Strawberry lemonade
Shawty with the Fendi shades
Chillin' in the shade
Kelly Slater way I rip a wave
Money in the goyard
Bitch I'm so sharp
Blowin smoke on the asphalt
Like a Nascar, ooh
They gon' switch up when you cop the Benz
I fuck the check up just because I can
And I don't want the pussy
Shawty I just want the head
And girl I'm sorry
I just think we better off as friends
I flew out of CoMo
I touched down at LAX
Totodile diamonds round my neck
I'ma make a mil by 26
I mixed the Thrasher hoodie with the Gucci slips

[Big Baby:]
I remember bein' broke, shawty but I ain't
They say you fake it till you make it, baby but I ain't
I told my bitch to hold me down, I bought her everything
She be like Baby where you at?
I'm on the money train
I got gorillas in the zoo
I'm sippin 80 proof
We at coachella with your boo
We smokin' on the boof
I bought my bitch some new margielas
And some Jimmy Choos
I put my name on everything
And that's just how I do
Why everybody think you change when you start doin' you?
I think my name was Mr. Wu the way I shot my juice
I think I got a wedding ring
I'm married to the loot
And damn I put that on my soul
I swear that be the truth
I went from sweepin' on the floor
To coolin on a yacht
I went from stealin' out the store
To buyin' Gucci socks
I told my mama I'ma make it
Cause she's all I got
And I get everything I wanted
This my only shot
This my only shot

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Francis, Oliver Carl Edwards Comments
  1. Tritii

    nostalgia omg

  2. Joeisrlyinsane

    oliver i have an addiction to your music like you may think its funny but its not im serious


    I listened to at least two songs of him everyday for the past 4 years

  3. Airzehh

    Bro please tell me people arent still sleeping on oli bout to be 2020 and this still bout to blow up

  4. Swavy999

    This shit is too fire

  5. Lemonaide

    iconic duo

  6. Ty Ler

    I really hope I find my own style like you did.

  7. Antonio Verga

    Broooo u gotta make sum more wavy music🚫🧢

  8. Khloe


  9. Baker Steez



    Yeeesh! You had me @ 🌌 wraith!
    How tf am I jst now hearing this.. Hella talent here ○~*


    How tf am I jst now hearing this.. Yeeeesh! Hella talent here ○~*

  12. Tristan Sediva

    Do any of y’all even know who Carl Edwards is?


    Yes tf you ain’t the only one😂

  13. Darren Kristianson

    big baby goes soooo hard on this.

  14. santwokk 123

    at first i was like meh now its like..I THINK MY NAME MR WOO THE WAY I SHINE MY JEWELS!

  15. 3088dude

    damnn good shit yoo

  16. Branislav Kubica

    kks jak tam nabehol BB ....

  17. Andy


  18. Retro Sunday

    Shit bangs, Big Baby's verse is fire; never listened to him priot to this track.


    They the best duo

  20. The b

    Big baby snaps every time

  21. Breezee

    only 400k views i must be trippin

  22. Raging Mo

    More Big Baby to an Oliver beat!!! So dope!

  23. Agustin Osorio

    i looveee itt bruh<33

  24. Nexco3d

    I know you always say you aint doin features Oli, but you should atleast let these [email protected]$ ft. on your shit. lol 😂 Give em' some equal opportunities mane!!

  25. George Elchapo


  26. American Pride

    What does this have to do with Carl Edwards


    American Pride big baby name his songs after famous people

  27. George Elchapo

    Bleach blonde hair cuz I'm wavy then a bitch!!

  28. Nekos Are Love 98

    Anniversary of one of my favorite songs by my two favorite artists. 💕

  29. Gohan The Great

    Anyone know where I can find the supreme crew neck Oliver got on and what season it's from?

  30. Mico

    one of the greatest intros to a song

  31. Chris Mata

    Eeeee cant wait to see ya'll in CHICAGO! Turnnnuuuup

  32. Sen Lin

    My boy big baby out here looking like Freddy Krueger

  33. WaturDzn

    "I Dont do no fukin features" -Oliver 100k
    And I remember him saying something else about soundcloud rappers in another song. heres to both of them xDD

  34. Andrew

    so underrated honestly

  35. Curry Baxter

    everything about this Song/Video is just perfect

  36. Young Bacardi

    BIG BABY!!!!!!!

  37. Musaib Alam

    0:13-0:14- Lit transition.

  38. YungCantAim

    Iconic duo

  39. aaron bruce

    Ready to see you in November💕💕💕💕

  40. Duo Bot

    Can anyone be so kind as to tel me what the sound effect is called at 2:22 - 2:28

  41. raw J

    @big_raw_cones420 #itslit🔥🤘

  42. Lil Jumpie

    No regular guy ❗️

  43. Geo

    The White Dude got Talent.

  44. PAL GANG

    0:21 - 0:35 that flow switch up was lit

  45. Take Notes

    Hey Oliver, I'm a small twitch streamer, I'd like to know if I could use one of your songs as an 8second Clip for my twitch Follower Alert.

  46. xytha

    this go hard

  47. Chill Will

    1:06-1:26 best part... No wait it's 0:00-2:38

  48. bigspliff56

    Oli and big baby could be the new peep and Tracy

  49. bandit

    bleach blond hair cus im wavy than a bitch

  50. The Blessed Bee

    I listen to this everyday.

  51. FTGU


  52. Mars B

    Make your senorita shake like I'm Justin Timberlake. 💥💥💥

  53. Big Punk

    Where is the rest of the squad for this video???

  54. Big Punk

    Damn oliver is so fucking dope

  55. Big Punk

    On the iphone 8 ya im drippin in the BAPE

  56. Big Punk

    Olivers verse is so fire

  57. Yetti Man

    Carl Edwards, I thought he was referring to Nascar; I guess not.

  58. Lionne Lionne

    Nice transition Oli

  59. James Kim

    Back to the rooooooots

  60. draconna ketelsen

    These mf beats kill me every time 😍😝

  61. Sodolo FTS

    Heard this on soundcloud fire asf 🔥

  62. Arc Aspect

    This shit is amazing

  63. aj lavalla

    Damn bro I don't think he listened when you said said you don't do no features.

  64. Renzo Rios



    This slaps but to much auto tune


    if it slaps why does that mater to you

  66. exzisd

    plzzz collab with big baby scum more

  67. Chill Will

    "drippin in the bape"
    *wearing supreme* lol love you this shit goes hard

  68. Danny Saia

    big baby ruined this song a bit

    still an amazing song <3

  69. Jarrett Sweeney

    Came for Oliver. Stayed for Big Baby 🔥 He hits!!!

  70. ejndrys

    1:37 2pac

  71. julieta

    my best friend is your fan, can u send him a greeting please? his name is Sebastian♥ thanksssss♥ (sorry for the google translate) PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE ME<3

  72. Yikeee Ssss

    Oliver please like my comment so i can flex when you go BIG!!


    1:16 gets me hype asf lol

  74. Laimy Jacobs

    Smooth af <3

  75. Tyler Ross

    He's so h*ckin' cool- wanna be you when I grow up, Ollie.

  76. Supreme Dipper

    T H E Y G O N S W I T C H U P W H E N Y O U C O P T H E B E N Z

  77. Jed


  78. Its Fear Here

    Anyone else still listening 😭😭

  79. Azela 33

    Pull UP in a drop top Making to fly, baby i’m not a regular guy EYY !!!


    Lookin' to flah

  80. Diego Loera

    Yo this is my favorite song oliver !

  81. Mad Maff

    You need millions not thousands man, your music is way too good not to have millions, you'll get there man, we all know you will

  82. MrDynasty7

    this needs more views

  83. Илья Зимин

    Хороший клип,респект вам обоим

  84. Kroxas.

    Another Bmw damn. what happend to the red e30

  85. Nate Gutierrez

    Oliver saved my life more than once. I fuck with him for life now.

  86. Exit 27

    Such a great rapper keep up the good work man

  87. Jackson CZX

    Why is he not bigger than this!!!!!!!!

    Jackson CZX

    Way too good

  88. Damian Comanse

    The go to artist if you just tryna vibe istg👌💯

  89. A. J.

    me coming from Yung Lean Oliver has really taken it to another league

  90. Robert Jenkins

    Olli so Dope love it. It’s been a long time coming

  91. Matthew

    you should do more songs with big baby, you guys are so good together

  92. alex Wolf

    Great flow as usual, go smoke some DMT and drop some lsd.

  93. Winston Wood

    Only 192k views thats straight disrespect this slap


    how isn't this at 1mil yet

  95. ghxst

    love the chris brown clap at 1:18 ahaha ~

  96. bapejess

    been with ya since bape music

  97. RVMXO



    So YOU'RE the one making these insane beats! Bro, please don't stop! C l o u d b o y s

    Jesse Villegas

    TKG no its oliver. he makes them him self. RVMXO just remakes the instrumental. this is why oliver is a L E G E N D