Francis, Oliver - BERSERK Lyrics

Where you was when we was gettin' high?
Lookin' like Renji
It's you we're there behind
Champagne supernova every night
Prada on my sneakers just somethin' light
Lil' bitch i'm flexin'
Two door coupe I'm pullin' up like skrt
Red paint white leather Todoroki vert
Sleep on me I swear they on the percs
Feel like guts I'm 'bout to go berserk

Spark the whip
Weed those honey swishers
Hit the mall yuh
Drippin' in Raf Simmons
It's game time boy this ain't no scrimmage
I cut you up yuh
Like Ruouni Kenshin
I come round your girl might go missin'
She left with me
Lil' boy I'm everything you isn't
Whats your name?
I forget it
This ain't a race boy why you tripping?=
Lil' boy get some paper, start pretending that they me
Draped in Burberry mix that with the CDG
Yuh lil' shawty give me top
Back seat of the SUV
Took a trip to Germany
Make your girl my currency
Why you always say you flexin' but you never in the gym?
Say you sippin' lean, boy that shit some Mr. Pibb
Flexin' on your IG live but you was smokin' mid
My whole life a anime and this just how I live bitch

Where you was when we was gettin' high?
Lookin' like Renji
It's you we're there behind
Champagne supernova every night
Prada on my sneakers just somethin' light
Lil' bitch im flexin'
Two door coupe I'm pullin' up like skrt
Red paint white leather Todoroki vert
Sleep on me I swear they on the percs
Feel like guts I'm 'bout to go berserk

I admit it was chippin' for a while
I seen to many rappers tryna' run off with the style
But now I'm back up in here goin' wild
This my drip it's effortless no I'm not even tryin'
Pulled up clean on the ATV with the Fendi goggles all on me
Brand new shoes my money all blue
Foreign fabric, Christian Loub
I'm Senji bitch don't bother me
My headphones on I smoke my weed
Black metal paint job
Ashes on my leather seat

Where you was when we was gettin' high?
Lookin' like Renji
It's you we're there behind
Champagne supernova every night
Prada on my sneakers just somethin' light
Lil' bitch im flexin'
Two door coupe I'm pullin' up like skrt
Red paint white leather Todoroki vert
Sleep on me I swear they on the percs
Feel like guts I'm 'bout to go berserk

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Francis, Oliver BERSERK Comments
  1. pwnfromabove

    Oasis reference thooo where you was when we was gettin high


    this shit so underrated honestly, just under 400k views, this gotta blow up


    This is the most slept on song of all time rn

  4. Duco vh

    This video is insane man

  5. EYBOI

    this would be perfect if only the aspect ratio was consistent

  6. kenkaneki

    This song gives me such a deep feeling that I can’t describe.. thank you for this

  7. Cristina Oliveira

    Love it

  8. Michael Taub

    Hey Oliver Is that an Oasis reference?


    Bro went off on this video 🔥

  10. FeSteeZy

    feel like gus im bout to go berserk

  11. lzgrfx08

    Came back after seeing the behind the scenes vid. Also, all I gotta say was that the show last night was to remember for sure. Hope you come back to SD, we got the energy for you Oli

  12. ProdAverse

    this is a song that i could hear in the radio tbh

  13. Kmon Beats

    The visuals for this are insane ! 🔥

  14. Sato 666

    Dk why I didn't think was fire when it first came out but dammnnn 🔥🔥

  15. Joeisrlyinsane

    coming back to this song after some time, i think i have a new favorite lol

  16. Hamster Bruh


  17. Иван Идимечев

    Кул вайб бро

  18. Pieter Jan

    Can't get enough of this, the video is pure art

  19. welc

    you’re everything man

  20. dankcro

    just realizing how unique sound tho

  21. xxxGpakos

    oliver my dude you going far

  22. Cloud

    Why isn’t this on the radio...this shit is a banger


    Thats not the Mainstream

  23. Mitchell Agujia

    Where you was when we was gettin high?

  24. Louis ii

    90s berserk 👌

  25. Jonathan Fernandes

    A few apt words to describe Oliver Francis are TALENTED and DEDICATED, I guess?

  26. Paulo Daniel

    BR 🚀🔥🔥

  27. Markus Kay

    i get really down about being a musician, i doubt myself daily, and constantly think my music is rubbish, no one would ever listen. but every time i listen to oliver since LWTGG, im always put at comfort, knowing im working as hard as oliver in australia, but not really getting anywhere, his music reminds me success is slow, steady, and achievable. your music keeps that devil voice of "give up, give up your not goood enough" at bay. thanks oliver. (Y)

  28. AirfulEdits

    The phone is in sync with that 808 so perfectly🤘

  29. Price Checker

    Everytime I spark I listen

  30. Hip hop Herbytown

    This makes mAkes me wanna tweak I love it.

  31. Such a unique vibe fml thats what we live for

  32. Ethan Pabla

    Going on a Oliver binge is amazing

  33. Gothboi Prince

    Holy fuck. This is Litterally one of the coolest videos I ever saw
    Rate *10*

  34. Philip Young

    He’s one the goats🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Ipos 0


  36. Ipos 0


  37. Ipos 0


  38. Price Checker

    I'm gonna get this to 300k views by myself. Love this song

    Price Checker

    300k oh yeahhhhh made it

  39. Price Checker

    Like legit listen to this everydayy

  40. Price Checker

    This needs so many more views. I stay here.

  41. Sprite Chan

    I'd like a DEAN/Oliver collab

  42. Hilow

    Its sick as fuck if you actually watched the video and see he rocked a linkin park meteora shirt 🤘

  43. Hayden Beattie

    how's he keep his hair parted like that?

  44. Price Checker

    Oliver is the mafxckin mannnss

    Price Checker

    I see you reading my comments and I'm always here listening to this song. So I wanna say you have impacted my life. A life without you is a life missing something spectacular. Bro love. No homo. I could see us being best friends.

  45. Space Coupe

    I make sure this song is playing loud whenever I pull up somewhere. My favorite song by far. You’re so good at giving insane inspiration man.

  46. Hip hop Herbytown

    Siping super nova every night

  47. Price Checker

    Another day, another listen and another blunt 🔥🔥

  48. Price Checker

    On a real note I wish I had a bigger following on my main yt channel I would make your music all background music. I sub and do everything on 2 accounts for you fam. Like this song is just amazing. I don't understand how the numbers haven't hit 7 digits yet. The world is on perks fr.

  49. Price Checker

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 845 am waking up to this.

  50. Price Checker

    Sleep on him swear they are on some perks😂🔥

  51. Jared Watanabe

    One of the best producers rn

  52. Filip Poposki

    this video is so perf

  53. F fuckoff

    Still not blown up all the way, surprised. Though it was over when wavy hit a few mill

  54. Price Checker

    This song will never die for me. This is the most flammable substance on the planet. Swear🔥

  55. Price Checker

    Just saying. Went to court. Case got dismissed. Witness failed to show up and no physical evidence. Ya boy free and clear. Fuck Robert Wellbrock<-Snitch. One thing he did good for me was introduce me to this legend. Don't you ever look at me again or it's going down. I'm berserk🔥

  56. benny_bse

    how does this not have like 5 million views

  57. Price Checker

    Been in court all day ain't shit happen. Not one case. Gotta go back tomorrow. Like tf. Feel like I'm bout to go berserk

  58. Price Checker

    Got court in the morning from a ex friend who tryna set me up. So before I go to bed gotta bump this one more time. Don't worry. I be fine. Got a solid alibi.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. Price Checker

    And back again. This song is just pure🔥🔥 one day we will meet and I promise I'll have a blunt or 2. I ain't flexing like you buy I make sure you get your own.

  60. Price Checker

    Every day. I stay up on this. I really wanna make a dance, but so adhd can't stay focused

  61. Price Checker

    Time to cut the grass and what better way to start on this song🔥

  62. ALoungeLizard

    This is nuts dude. Your evolution is like watching my heroes. Sky’s the lImit Oli.


    You’ve been great from the beginning. You’ve evolved so much and I’ve loved every bit of it! Keep up the awesome work Oliver!

  64. Price Checker

    Once again I'm back🔥 lil bitch I'm flexin

  65. Price Checker

    Wake up and hop right back into this song. 🔥

  66. woky beats

    Sound like eli sostre lol

  67. Price Checker

    People are really losing out not hearing this mans. Fam I show all my peeps your music. Been with you since polo socks. Keep up the good work.

  68. Price Checker

    Everyday I've made sure to listen to this 🔥 since this came out I got like at least 10 views a day. This is pure propane. Best punch line I've ever heard is in this song. "I'll cut you up, like Roureni Kenshin " straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. A_aron 37

    Need more videos like this. By far best music video, beats, and lyrics

  70. sharkdawg512

    Looking like Renji

  71. sNoW fLAKe

    Here before that million hits which of course it will 💯


    Been listening since 2013 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  73. Price Checker

    Fam on a real note should pay MGK to do a feature on this joint. Be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 looking out for you. This so his style

  74. Israel Gonzalez

    Bro i can't believe this shot is so epic, nostalgic and mysterious, seems like a blueprint for something or a secret.
    i loved the linkin park t shirt

  75. TJgamesfull7

    after listening to this many times this is definitely my favorite part : 1:21 - 1:32

  76. Fam First


  77. lil loøney

    yoo this song is amazing, sounds insane while being high asf, hella underrated 👌🔥

  78. Caleb

    That meteora shirt is so dope, old LP was amazing

  79. Tixie Czech

    Been on Oliver for a while now. But i swear this is his best song.

  80. Миха Коротенко

    Представим что тут крутой русский комент )

  81. Amatsu Mikaboshi

    Honey swissers 🤢

  82. Christopher George

    I'm going BERSEK waiting for the next release

  83. nosiiaT

    lil bih im flexin

  84. Cbanks56

    why they sleeping on this song this is one of best recent Oli songs and a fucking awesome video

  85. Kamil Liwiński

    I can't stop listening to this masterpiece. Thank You Oliver.

  86. Tommy Murillo

    Most excellent 👌

    Tommy Murillo

    Thanks Tommy

    Tommy Murillo

    Np Tommy

  87. AngelIsSleepy

    Champagne supernova errynight!

  88. Darren Kristianson

    something about his girl smokin mids haha, this song gives me strong xavier wulf vibes

  89. 団結MOHA

    amazing !

  90. alex Villalba

    If the legend Oliver himself comments on this it would make my life

  91. Ray Tindell

    this song was a good comeback. I hope u bring back more of your shadow work rapping about guns too, not just lean. who cares if you don't use or own any of the 2; I don't either, but I really liked all of the music you first started making. I'll always be a big fan!

  92. danielharrison

    you need a cole bennett video

  93. Carter Carter

    Still waiting on Champagne Supernova

  94. Hempman 4:20

    Who ever produced this video I give you a A++

  95. Out Run

    Who else understands the beauty of the vid? Gives me chills.

  96. DystopiaX

    This song been stuck in my head for a week straight and I ain't even mad.

  97. Акакий Дитнехович

    норм трек. Было бы круто, если бы текст песни делал в описании

    Please do the subtitles or text of the songs in the info. I want to know what the track is about.


    Ruski jest ?

    Акакий Дитнехович

    @~VenTar~✔️🌨️ Yes. Russian fan Oliver

  98. Surano

    Glad to see Chris again 😊👍

  99. Martinus Hilhorst

    Just found out your music and I really like it❤️