Francis, Oliver - Bacon & Eggs Lyrics

God is in the details
I bought the Supreme resale
Bacon & Eggs my whole team finna eat well
Hate to see me win
They would rather see the dream fail
I float away as I inhale
I watch a cigarette smoke sky fall over the beach
Break it down as I reach for the Backwood leaf
Take a drag let the tide wash over my feet
And in this moment I'm feelin complete
My 1980's Mercedes benz is lookin' clean
Sippin' juice and gin in the 'preme playboy letterman
Rollin up doja
Pint of Hennessey tucked in the cup holder
Just a young soldier
Product of Johnny Knoxville and David Chappelle
Take a pull off the bottle and I face the L
Quotin' Terry Kennedy when we watchin' Baker 3
Dreams of ORV's with LED screens
Its like dat y'all run it right back y'all
These rappers makin' me sick
Boy you are what you sip
Throw my balance and I fall into an endless abyss
Hangin' by my fingertips I lose my grip and I slip
(Yuh, aye)
With twin katanas on my back
Hit the Mazda with a sack of sticky ganja on my lap
Gettin' dollas thats a fact
Boy you fallin' for the trap
Yeah I'm fallin' and I can't turn back
I be where that money at
Press record and run it back
Catch me fucking butt naked in Polo bucket hat
Shawty rub my back
While she pressin' my juice
Dicin' up fresh fruit
Why you sippin' a deuce
Why you lookin' like a goof he wearin' two left shoes
Use my influence to show 'em humility's cool
And I ain't mean to humble brag but I just gots to
Cause all the rest you mothafuckas ain't doin' nothin' new

So go and get your numbers up
Your money slim like shady
All the news is fucked up on the tv lately
They'll leave your body slumped
Screamin' fuck you pay
90's babies in the world gone crazy

Go and get your numbers up
Your money slim like shady
All the news is fucked up on the tv lately
They'll leave your body slumped
Screamin' fuck you pay
90's babies in the world gone' crazy

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Francis, Oliver Bacon & Eggs Comments
  1. JarnoHealth

    I grew up with Baker 3 always repeating these Terry Kennedy lines to the people in my school.. good times !

  2. Mariclaire Goldberg

    The background music is so nostalgic for some reason

  3. KenJuXe

    His best song hands down 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Jonathon is ZA BEST JOESTAR!

    Throwback to previous Oli

  5. Zyno

    Only ogs would know the line from 1:20 till 1:25 "With twin katanas on my back, hit the mazda with a sack of sticky ganja on my lap, gettin dollas thats a fact" from an old song of his




    @intrusted it's from long time. also in long time he says "Gettin' dollars, that's a fact
    I'm just a product of the trap" and in this song he says "Gettin' dollars that's a fact
    , Boy you fallin' for the trap" not sure if it's intended but it's a really nice detail


    @M'lady Yes, it is. You can tell how his flow has changed from long time until now tho he has switched it up in Bacon and Eggs but the part from long time is still the same

  6. The Son of the BattleCry

    Lofi 1 vibe

  7. BlindDELL 14

    oliver is the realist man you could ever meet he stays true to himself and never leaves his boys behind thats true loyalty right there it would be a blessing to meet him some day

  8. elite tysh


  9. Corrupted_ DATA

    Baker 3 and eggs

  10. damon amick

    Only the ogs listening to this rn

  11. Nate Creates

    by far the best song on the album. the beat is INSANE and he flowed damn nice over it. gunna be bumpin this one for awhile

  12. Kado Koy

    I'm just tryna figure out who's the one bitch that disliked the song or any other song. I be stoned tfuck out listening to these slaps. Recognize Ollie when the beat comes on. 💨🛸

  13. Anthony Spring

    I loved this whole album. Never stop making music.

  14. Insertnamehere

    Things aren’t that simple vibes

  15. neeksthecuz

    So this is where that Dreamcast hook ended up

    Adam L

    Hahaha found that out too

  16. OnlyBigHits

    Twin Katanas on my back

  17. MrBanditheart

    Awesome track you couldn't make a bad track even if you tried

  18. TOBIO

    "God is in the details, I brought the supreme resale" I love that line so much 😍😍😍

  19. mman402

    I bought the Supreme resale
    Bacon & Eggs my whole team finna eat well

  20. Daniel Kurland

    Mac Miller vibes

  21. IMStealthySloth

    Best track on the album. 💯

  22. skaterat27

    Terry kennedy clip from baker3

  23. TiKi

    baker 3 baker 3

  24. BLVNK

    Fav track on the album ✨

    Raffaele Manfredi

    1panic attack
    2 bacon & eggs

    for me

  25. Wyatt Soucy

    Oliver shows so much personality here. Love it

  26. Corbin W


  27. kenkaneki

    This brings me into such deep thoughts.. 😭❤️😩

  28. Anthony Steezy


  29. Dylan Matt

    It's a goddamn miracle.

  30. Merse

    old school hip hop vibes. straight fire