Francis, Connie - Chellá Llá Lyrics

St'ammore mme teneva 'ncatenato
Ma ho detto: "Basta!" e mme só' liberato
Mme pare cchiù turchino 'o cielo
Mme pare cchiù lucente 'o mare
E 'o core canta p' 'a felicitá

Chella llá, chella llá
Mo va dicenno ca mme vò' lassá
Se crede ca mme faccio 'o sango amaro
Se crede ca 'mpazzisco e po' mme sparo
Chella llá, chella llá
Nun sape che piacere ca mme fa
Mme ne piglio n'ata cchiù bella
E chi sulla restarrá
Chella llá, chella llá, chella llá

I have to laugh each time I think about him
He thinks that I could never live without him
He has a very funny notion
That I'm gonna cry an ocean
Because he found himself another dove

Ha, ha, ha - hi, hi, hi
There's more than just one apple on the tree
Gonna find the dreamiest pigeon
And I'll love that turtle dove
Chella llá, chella llá, chella llá

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Francis, Connie Chellá Llá Comments
  1. Cathy 111

    Not karaoke.

  2. dlryder100

    Can you upload the version without the guide vocal?!!!

  3. Laura McKitrick

    In my play my friend is singing this song and I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!! My dance teacher Does to and she is strict!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Amanda

    Used this for a cover gave u credit!

  5. Susan Adkins

    Love this song!

  6. Virginia Holliday

    Great! Except Vocals need to be COMPLETELY removed.

  7. Marrina Hinkley

    This is a really nice video (: