Francesca Battistelli - You're Here Lyrics

Hold on now, got to take a deep breath
I don't know what to say when I look in your eyes
You made the world before I was born
And here I am holding you in my arms tonight

Noel, Noel
Jesus our Emmanuel

You're here, I'm holding you so near
I'm staring into the face of my Savior
King and Creator
You could of left us on our own
But you're here

I don't know how long I'm going to have you for
But I'll be watching when you change the world
Look at your hands
They're still so small
Someday you're going
To stretch them out and save us all

Noel, Noel
God with us, Emmanuel

You're here, I'm holding you so near, oh, oh
I'm staring into the face of my Savior
King and Creator
You could of left us on our own
But you're here, you're here

Someday I'm going to look back on this
The night that God became a baby boy
Someday you're going to go home again
But you'll leave your spirit
And flood the world with joy

You'll be here, I'm holding you so near, oh, oh
I'm staring into the face of my Savior
King and Creator
You could of left me on my own
But you're here, You're here

Hallelujah, You're here
Hallelujah, You're here

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Francesca Battistelli You're Here Comments
  1. Faith F. Malcolm

    🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Thank you Jesus

  2. Sunny Anyanwu

    My cars radio sent me here

  3. 619ts

    Family Radio plays this song.

  4. Christopher Shaw

    I looooooooooove this song

  5. Humble PhoeniXx

    ❤️❤️😢 My grandma and I loved listening to Life 102.5, she played the station all day and all night long and she adored Francesca Battistelli as do I. Loved the Christmas songs they played... my grandma passed away in 2016 and this came out in 2012 so I believe she had to have heard this song and if she did, I’m sure she loved it. I know I do and think about her when I hear this on the radio during Christmas time. ❤️❤️👵🏼🙏🏾🙌🏾

    Beti D

    Such an incredible song. I am blessed every time i listen to this💕

  6. Ericka Rhodese

    One of my favs by Francesca.

  7. Sara Candamil

    Prety sing

  8. Lisa A. Villarreal

    God Bless Your wonderful

  9. Bebe Nutall

    🎚 Hallelujah 🙌🏽 You’re Here!!!
    Even the Birds agree... He’s Here, he’s here!
    What a powerful tune to wake up to and on a special day! Thank You Jesus, for your present!!! HB my Libb♥️

  10. Lauren Chace

    Shoot I’ll listen to this all during the year it’s more than a Christmas song

  11. chad leonard

    I,think this is one of the greatest songs ever !, It gives me chills !

  12. germain gauthier

    Adorable so fresh and Beautiful

  13. Gregor Hemp

    Great song for the season

  14. Lynn Sanders

    What a great from Mary’s view about her precious baby who became our Great Lord and Savior! Hallelujah! And what a beautiful voice !!

  15. Tutu Vega

    Right now I'm supposed to be sleeping but I'm still listening to your music. I dunno what I'd do without it, Francesca, you're my favorite artist ever! This song relaxes me and brings tears to my eyes. You have gotta have a concert in Buffalo new York!!!!!!!! 💙💙💙💙 I love you so much and all if your songs make me so happy. Is it sad that I just realized this is a Christmas song? Okay, anyways I love it!!!!!

    Tutu Vega

    Seriously tho, you're awesome!!!!! 💙

  16. Ron Smith

    Beautiful woman

  17. Winston Moore

    Jesus Reigns

  18. Scott Prazak

    Awesome song!!! Although the first time I heard it I thought it was Shania Twain! Francesca usually has a sharp pitch in her delivery. That soft wisp in this one had me going there!

  19. Elena Zumzi

    Amen ! Thank you God that you're so near ♡.

  20. tea time with tabby

    I asked Jesus, "how much do you love me"? Jesus replied "this much", and He stretched out His arms and died. If you love Jesus, post this comment on other christian related videos. 97% won't do it. Only 3% of you will stand up for Him.

  21. Grace Guetschow

    Jesus, you're here <3

  22. Rock Phile

    Christmas eve 2017 a young lady at church sang this and i cried and cried tears of comfort and joy.
    She was so sincere and beautiful and it touched my soul.

  23. AnimeFerrow

    I went because my daughter was singing to in the 3rd grade she's so tall for her age

  24. AnimeFerrow

    I went to this concert and the sixth grade was singing this song but they were kind of off key :#

  25. Emily the random person

    Love it l am going to sing it at my talent show

  26. Authalie Cameron

    My mom loves 😊

  27. Andrew Hendricks

    I love this song

  28. God,s girl God's girl

    i love france Battiselli

  29. Portuguese4Foreigners

    i was searching for this song!

  30. gabe jeffries

    we r singin this at our christmas play a girl i like sings this im tryin to show her i like her what do i do

  31. fatima rocio figueroa rivera

    i love god god is my saver god is strong god is prfect

  32. fatima rocio figueroa rivera

    i like this song i gon sing in church

  33. Groudon11

  34. Elusha

    You're here God bless you

  35. SerenaHulk Lindsey


  36. SerenaHulk Lindsey

    listen to strangely dim

  37. Franco Angeles

    who is still hearing this on February 2017?

  38. Micha Wright

    such a beautiful song, I wish I would have known about it a few months ago.❤

  39. Marc T Payne

    Most Everything God uses Francesca, band members, her family in, been an absolutely wonderful blessing!!! My family is absolutely blessed by your lives, ministry and thank you!!!

  40. Joy Holley

    Pretty Song of Babe Jesus

  41. midnight sun

    I like the song but the face is werd.

  42. naruto jay

    you are so great

  43. Emmanuel K-Amoah

    How did you do this song, Francesca? Awww, its so beautiful! Thank God for His gift in your life. Such a blessing!

  44. Grandmamasings F.

    My new favorite Christmas song .... amazing!

  45. Victoria

    love this song so peaceful

  46. Wolfsky9

    Beautiful ! ----------Wolfsky9

  47. Platnium Squad

    I spent 4 years tryna find this song I would only be able to hear it during Christmas but I finally found it 😄😄😄

  48. Von Hindenburg

    Such a great song

  49. David

    I asked Jesus, "how much do you love me"? Jesus replied "this much", and He stretched out His arms and died. If you love Jesus, post this comment on other christian related videos. 97% won't do it. Only 3% of you will stand up for Him.

    wes stevens

    Thst is rediculous that you judge others hearts by if they forward or like a comment. That is truly an un-Christ like thing to do. Christ didn't operate on guilt or by tricking them into loving him. You are not doing Christ any favors by leaving comments like "if you love him you will...." and yes I love Jesus tremendously He. He is my savior and Lord. He knows my heart not the comments or liking items on the internet


    Hey bro, I'm not judging anyone.Your're right he knows your heart. Do you believe in expressing your love for Christ or do you hide it bro?This comment I copied and pasted from another Christian video that I watched and was inspired. By doing this, its a Christian movement to spread the good news of the Gospel over youtube and to express my love for Christ.

    What's Up With Katherine

    I am part of the 97 percent who want to share my faith without guilt trips - thanks :)

  50. fabiola perez

    i am going to sing this song on Christmas at church ♡♥♡

    Elisabeth Osborn

    fabiola perez me too!

    fabiola perez

    wow really. when? i'm going to do it on 12/15/16.

    Elisabeth Osborn


    Gianna Lucero

    I did last year

    Sydney Irardy


  51. Eddie Rodriguez

    Great song.This song put me in tears and I am a boy and it relly tushed my heart and it made me say a pray of forgives. If u r reading this and it made u cry leave a like. I don't know if u will will believe me but I can see Angle's and FYI there every Ware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Elisangela Sousa


  53. The Skater Chics

    you are amazing

  54. Mark Way Up

    wonderful song

  55. Tori

    I asked Jesus, "how much do you love me"? Jesus replied "this much", and He stretched out His arms and died. If you love Jesus, post this comment on other christian related videos. 97% won't do it. Only 3% of you will stand up for Him.

    SerenaHulk Lindsey

    I'm doing it, Tori.

    Grace Guetschow

    You realize that Christianity isn't just how much you post it right? It's trusting in God and giving him your all. I'm not saying that you think that's what Christianity is, but you don't need to guilt people into reposting your comment. I love Jesus and I follow him and trust in him, but I don't ever repost things. It doesn't mean I love him any less.

    Immanuel Whitefield

    @Grace Guetschow Tru..

    Gianna Lucero

    Amen God bless will do
    Have a wonderful day and if you ever stop in Pueblo colorado stop by my church. Abundant life ministries
    1001 constitution rd
    Have a wonderful day

    Agent 25

    The amount that you love the Lord has nothing to do with the fact that you're willing to post this particular comment on every listen, the amount that you love the Lord has nothing to do with the fact that you're willing to post this particular comment on every YouTube video that you watch. It's all about your heart, and if your heart isn't there then he would rather you not do it. And I understand that you have good intentions, but it seems ineffective to try and guilt trip people into spreading the word rather than doing it because they care about people.

  56. Coralina Grace

    I love this song literally every single time I listen to This song, I nearly cry... sooo powerful... I really want to do a cover on this song.

  57. Kalthleen Behrens

    I love this song. I listen to the Joy FM that how I found this song. I love its so much!!!! <3

    Amanda Wottowa

    I love joyfm ❤❤❤

    Catbytes Nd

    that's how i got here too! I was listening to Joy on the radio and shut off my computer to go to bed, then realized i wanted to know who that was!

  58. This is S&N

    love it

  59. Abbi

    I love this song so much!! I can't even put it into words how much I love this song 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    Joanna Bush

    +Abbi You took the words right out of my mouth. I love tyhis song soooo much during the summer this will be on repeat.

    brittanie sidebottom

    +Abbi Same here!!! :-)

    unicorns onfleek#

    +Joanna Bush.hahaaa saammeee!!!

  60. Lauren Stoops

    I love tgis song so much me and my sister are going to sing ur for our Christmas play and I'm gonna be holding baby Jesus and I'm gonna be Mary
    God bless you

  61. Denise Erby

    If you feel alone tired depressed to fat to this to that you know you need to express to your family and def. Your only true living God ! Trust me I have been there !! Read a Bible and pray for healing !! Worship this works for any age def. Teens!! I love you and God loves you if no one else does !!!!

  62. Jesse Reyna

    What a voice and talent for the Lord.

    Oleksandr Romanchuk


  63. Calvin Christensen

    WoW  this is so beautiful and touching  :)    I think about the joy and love when my two children were born and I love that God came as a tiny Baby to show us the Way to Heaven.

  64. Willy Mpwo


  65. maree hampton

    love youre songs so beautiful god bless you

  66. Jerrica Utley

    I fangirl over her way too much lol

  67. Rachel M

    Love you Francesca Battistelli!!!!!!!!!! God bless you!

    Fanci Scarlett

    Rachel M Noel Noel Jesus our emanueul Rio see I as I ire idii De ieieisksjjsh Dr h Fe u eddkkdkdkekrjdmekemene

  68. Ronald Dix

    Love your music

  69. Autumn Simmons

    I love franciesca batestelli

  70. FluffyCatGirl1

    This song is really nice and all, but why force me to sing it at the Christmas program? Why can't I allowed to choose a song too?

  71. Julie Donn aka Jesa Jones

    This and Mary Did You Know, two excellent, moving, meaningful Christmas songs.
    The true meaning of Christmas is that Jesus Christ came to earth in human form for the purpose of paying the debt all we sinners must otherwise bear.
    I thank Him that the only debts I've so far incurred and have to pay back are student loans. Without His sacrifice, the student loans wouldn't even be noticeable compared to the debt of sin.
    God bless, and Merry Christmas!

    winston moore

    Julie- do you honestly think a miracle making person bloodlet so

  72. C Kendrick

    Love, love this song

  73. MTR Advocate

    Beautifully done!!! I listen to JOY FM in St. Petersburg, FL; went to school with Michelle Tellone, and a wonderful person then too!  In Memory of 'My Best Friend' Momma, and 'Thank You Momma too' for helping us!!!  My Loving Momma!!! MTR & the Kids' & Your L'il Boy Bleau (Miracle this year too, survived major surgery).  Loving You!

    Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday Jesus!  MTR & the Kids'

  74. Robert Pillow Jr.

    Fantastic song

  75. Rachael Stevens

    I love this song SO much! It's such a beautiful Christmas song!

  76. Sadiki Green

    Sounds like Katy perry

    Jerrica Utley

    Well we have to love on those that don't believe or they'll never be led to the truth!

    Mike Cuddihey

    @Jerrica Utley Wise words. Thanx 4 hollerin' back. 

    Jerrica Utley

    Your welcome :)

    Marc T Payne

    I seem to be intrigued by those who sing in her similar voice range I am absolutely blessed by her gifting for music and song She is an inspiration for many in my family and I am blessed at how she and her husband led by the Spirit of God and that is SO Encouraging to me

    Daniel Peters

    No comparison. Francesca sounds like this live. Katy Perry is a manufactured star.

  77. Samantha Hilario

    God bless u with all your songs u do a wonderful job

  78. Fer Heart

    Noel? why "Noel" ??

    Nicole Nowlin

    Noel means "birth of God"

    Gianna Lucero

    It actually means the first Christmas

  79. LMS Studios

    Thank you for giving me a chance to get to watch and listen to my favourite artist Francesca Battisteli.

  80. Darby Potts

    You are such a inspiration to all Christians 😘🙏

    Victoria’s Singing

    Darby Potts and Catholics ❤️🙏

  81. Sillie

    i don't no this one. :/

  82. Emma Rose

    :O too. perfect. i say this alot, but i so mean it right here, right now.

  83. Aurallyn Smith

    Oh goodness I am crying. So beautiful! :,)

  84. Kacy Post

    Love this song so much. Wanted to share it at our MOPS group and couldn't because it's not available on mobile devices. :-(

  85. madison williams

    ur amazing! ur musicis always inspiring me:)

  86. franciwzm

    ...mamma mia fra !

  87. Kenna Bonham

    hey Hes my God too, lets not be selfish :) lol jk


    beautiful voice God continue to bless you in your career, and your family :)

  89. Alicia Deleon

    true that :)

  90. Alicia Deleon

    yea the pic is moving omg :P

  91. Alicia Deleon

    Beautiful voice now that is a gift from God no questions asked once so ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Eli Morgan


    Tausha Scarlett

    Eli Morgan

    Emily the random person

    Me to love

  93. francesca lacivita


  94. francesca lacivita

    My name is Francesca ☺

  95. Elijah Galbreath

    it is!!

  96. Jessy Narváez

    Beautiful!! This song made me cry.